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Lauren's Appointment - Recap 1

Lauren's Appointment - Recap 1
Written by Nathan Nakamori (Roleplay Team)
Date of Plot Point: December 13th, 2019
After a long period of political peace, controversy spiked in the wizarding world. The reason behind this? Lauren Strudel. More specifically, her appointment to Chief Auralock and the new ideas that she brought to the Ministry. With promises to increase surveillance and penalty for crime, some members of magical society saw this as just another way for the Auralocks to have more power over everyone. In her speech featured in the first edition of the revamped Daily Diviner, Strudel mentioned increasing recruitment by accepting more Hogsworth students in an attempt to broaden the workforce to better handle and watch for crime. She also said she would decrease leniency in order to discourage crime and misdeeds. On the other hand, she has received high praise from her co-workers and patriotic members of the wizarding world, who back her aggressive approach against crime. Overall the public seems to have mixed opinions about welcoming the new Chief Auralock, and are waiting to see her first move, should it be as drastic as she speaks about or if she’s just full of words.