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Lauren's Assassination - Recap 2

Lauren's Assassination - Recap 2
Written by Nathan Nakamori (Roleplay Team)
Date of Plot Point: January 24th, 2020
After the ministry’s reveal of the new Chief Auralock, Lauren Strudel, wizards and witches around the world began the demand for democracy. The people of the wizarding community demanded that they should have a say in the people chosen to lead them. Protests and debates then began sprouting up everywhere over the issue. In the lead of the fight against the Ministry for democracy was a man known as Aviforma. He, alongside a range of others from all backgrounds, fought for the people’s rights. They claimed that they needed someone who was well-known, kind-hearted, and with the ability to avoid being corrupted in order to take on the task. The protests continued, but what happened next shocked the world into silence. Merely weeks after her appointment as the Chief Auralock of the Ministry, Lauren Strudel was found brutally murdered and assassinated. Her death caused unrest and debates among her fellow Auralocks and Ministry officials. With her killer still on the loose, the Ministry began to round up the suspects in hopes of bringing justice to the now ex-Chief. Aviforma claimed that the issue was not Strudel herself, but instead the system. His arrest caused confusion and anger among the general population as he’d been very open with this opinion. The Ministry and the Auralocks had refused to make any comments on the arrests of Aviforma and his fellow protestors, as well as talk of a new Chief. With a vast number of the population behind Aviforma, they all waited until the Ministry made their next move.