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Magiventologist Applications

We are excited to announce that the Game Design team is opening Magiventologist applications in search of creative minds to join our team. The Magiventologist Team functions to design and implement all temporary seasonal event content on the server. Members work in collaboration to decide on overall event concepts as well as receive individual writing and implementation assignments.

Magiventologists will be taught and expected to fully learn how to use the Potterworld Technologies to create content for the server. Events are fast paced, demanding, but highly rewarding content to work on. We are looking for those that have passion for game design and willingness to work hard to contribute to our fun events! No previous tech knowledge or game design experience is necessary and we are instead searching for individuals with these very valuable qualities.

Applications will remain open until further notice. If you have any questions about the position or the application, please contact the Events Leads (strudel#0018 or Tekno#7167) on discord.

Click here to begin filling out an application. Please ensure that you meet all of the position requirements before applying.