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March Store Releases

Witches, wizards, and other magical folks alike, we’re super excited to release this month's new batch of store items to you all. We know you’re going to absolutely love it!

These items are:
  • NEW Interwizard Cup Warp Key Appearance. This comes with its own teleport effect, and it emits blue particles!
  • NEW Dark Forest Scenery: Just like the one around Hogsworth!
  • NEW Underland Scenery: You can finally host a tea party on your housing, as you’ve always wanted to.
  • NEW Flying Hoops Scenery: Want to show that you’re a master flyer? Or want to practice flying at your own housing? This scenery is perfect for that!
  • NEW Manticore Broom Appearance: A head of a human, a body of a lion and a venomous pointed tail. This is the recipe for the perfect mount.
Temporary items - Get these while you can!
  • Leprechaun Hat: Stop yourself getting pinched! Sport this green hat with a four-leaf clover for some good luck!
  • The Staff of Luck: Wield this stylish staff with a green handle and four-leaf clover at the centre of its head!
  • The Lucky Wand: Equip this elegant wand with a purple base and wrapped in green vines!
  • Pet Leprechaun: Have an adorable Leprechaun follow you around for extra good luck!
  • St. Patty's Day Emotes: Show your friends some love... or just pinch them!

For more information, check out the store at store.potterworldmc.com. These items are also available at the in-game store to try out. :)