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Matt's Appointment - Recap 14

Matt's Appointment - Recap 14
Written by Nathan Nakamori
Date of Plot Point: June 30th, 2020
In the Daily Diviner, Breaking News 4 edition, a Daily Diviner Writer informed the public of the appointment of the newest Chief Auralock, Matt Griffiths. Matt was appointed after the assassination of both Miss Lauren Strudel and the corrupt, self-proclaimed leader, Shakti Bhardwaj. The new Chief Auralock started off his appointment with a speech.

Matt first claimed that the actions that were taken to induce such conflict and destruction on both of the Phoenixes and Dark Followers were not on behalf of the Auralocks and the Ministry, but elsewhere. He included in his speech that Shakti corrupted the Ministry and the Auralocks, as well as exposed the magical world to un-magicals. He added his sincere concern to the “He” that Shakti Bhardwaj included in her last words. Furthermore, it is not only this “He” that Matt was concerned about. Joel Crestello, the Dark Lord, who assassinated Shakti Bhardwaj at the Attack on the Ministry event, led the investigators with no leads and “no possibility of immediate answers.”

The new Chief Auralock finished his speech by talking about his past. Matt stated that he will “strive to do what’s best,” and that everyone deserves multiple chances to “prove themselves.” He was willing to help anyone who has felt wronged by the Ministry, Phoenixes, or even the Dark Followers. His beliefs were strong, and his goals were well directed. Matt was strong to help anybody who was struggling, and let the people have protection and safety! “Together, we can accomplish anything. Together, we are strong.”