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New Housing Scenery Idea!

Allan Crystalbone

Minecraft IGN: Allannnn
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So I was looking through suggestions that were made previously and saw this one: Previous Suggestion.

Since that suggestion was declined it instintantly hit that potterworld should do a Newt Scamander's Suitcase. We could have it where the rooms could be different biomes for the creatures and others. You could spawn in the little hut as well.

Those were some images I was thinking for the Secenery. We could remove the stairs and have the different doors and the spawn of the housing could be inside the shed. Please leave down below your thoughts and ideas you would like to add one.


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'ello! Once more, thank you for your suggestion! Unfortunately we'll have to decline your suggestion as we don't believe it will match with most peoples housing and it would look messy, deeming it to not be a popular scenery on the store. We would also like to avoid AST's as well as not have sceneries with 'ceilings' as various bugs can be caused by them - something we'd quite like to avoid.

We hope to hear more suggestions from you in the future!