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Operation 83-C - Recap 10

Operation 83-C - Recap 10
Written by Nathan Nakamori (Roleplay Team)
Date of Event: May 22nd, 2020​

On the night of the 21st of May, elite groups of Auralocks planned an attack on both the Dark Follower and Phoenix bases. Unfortunately, there were many losses from all of the allegiances. On the bright side, all members of the inner-circle for the Dark Follower and Phoenix allegiances managed to flee before their bases crumbled to rubble. Following the escape that the new Phoenix Songstress, Kade Everard, and the Flamekeeper, Andreu Zoldyck made, the two inner-circle members managed to sneak into the Auralock base and set their imprisoned Lord free!

After all the violence and brutality, the two bases were abandoned to prevent further harm to regular visitors of both bases. Those who entered the bases were instructed to take great caution and not be harmed by the debris or unstable structures presented. At the entrance of these two bases, a High Phoenix and Dark Follower General were stationed to gather help from the public. The high-ranked officers needed those who chose to enter the base to gather 10 items that belonged to the leaders of both allegiances and their inner-circle members that were lost in the attack. The public were able to investigate the bases and find any clues that foreshadowed any other events or surprises that may have arisen.

Multiple members of both allegiances went back after the attack and gathered clues that were left behind or partly destroyed in the battle. For the Phoenix base, members reported multiple crumpled pieces of parchment, clothing items, torn newspapers and posters, secret letters and materials for potions and alchemy. Around the bases, there were said to be many items that shadowed the events from the last night. Two important pieces of writing were also left behind, the Flamekeeper’s Journal, and Joshua’s Writings. Similarly, in the remains of the Dark Follower base, members also reported many lost items. Members found a mysterious blood pact in which the Dark Baron, Noah Pendragon, had made, pieces of jewellery, books, a cloak, multiple riches, photographs and family keepsakes. Furthermore, there were multiple tracking spells cast, as well as written notes found scattered all over the base. Members also reported papers to belong to all three members of the Dark Follower inner-circle.

All of the information found was very important and was used to properly investigate the mishaps of the event. Multiple concerns were given out to those who lost their loved ones.