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Playful Pups Store Releases

Greetings, witches and wizards!

The Store team is thrilled to announce this month's release, the Playful Pups Store Releases! Find your perfect match from this array of three new adorable pet dogs, with both puppy and adult versions! Additionally, we have created two new bundles to coincide with the spring season! The items are as follows:
  • Pet German Shepherd: This self-confident friend will follow you on all your adventures fearlessly!
  • Pet Golden Retriever: Have you had a hectic day? This buddy will show you all its care and love to calm you down!
  • Pet Husky: Without hesitation, this high-energy companion will follow you in the chilly mornings, warmer days, and frosty nights!
  • Dog Ears: Disguise yourself as a dog using this pair of ears! They come with and without a snout!
  • Cherry Blossom Scenery: Surround yourself with beautiful blooming cherry blossoms and peaceful temples. The calming breeze is in the air as spring is finally here.
  • Spring Bundle: Equip yourself with some of our spring-themed items for spring! This includes:
    • Rainbow Flower Crown
    • The Flower Staff
    • Spring Emotes
  • Cherry Blossom Bundle: Bring beauty to life with these cherry blossom and pink-themed items! This includes:
    • The Cherry Blossom Staff
    • Cherry Blossom Broom
    • Pink Fireworks Death Effects
For more information, visit the new releases section of our store! You can also view these items in the in-game store before purchasing them on our website or in the Potter Points store!