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Potterworld Wiki: New Pages & Edits [January 31st 2023]

Greetings everyone!

The Scribe team is excited to release the next set of patch notes for the Potterworld Wiki! It has been a bit since the last patch notes, but this batch will be going through new pages, edits, rewrites, and team changes that have been implemented since October 31st to today, January 31st!

New Pages:
Below is the list and links to the new pages that have been written and implemented onto the wiki!

Rewritten Pages:
In addition to new pages, previously existing NPC pages has been rewritten to include new lore about the NPCs!

Edits Implemented:
Several edits were made to already existing pages due to new gameplay & development changes as well as additional pages being added to the wiki.
  • Removed mentions of the Engineer team from Development and added the team to Game Design
    • Pages Edited: Technology and Development, Engineer Team, and Game Design
  • Updated the Roleplay Hub page to reflect the current gameplay
  • Added the remaining and final Chapter 3 events to the Roleplay page
  • Updated the Weekly Assignments page to include the most recent assignments
  • Updated the House Cup Winners page to include the most recent winner
  • Added information to the Classes page about viewing classes on the scoreboard as well as through Discord
  • Updated hyperlinks on the Quests page to account for the new Quest pages that were written

Scribe Changes:
In addition to new pages and implemented edits, we also have made some internal changes to the Scribe team! We made the decision to combine the two roles of Scribe Intern and Scribe Publisher into one. Through doing this we hope to increase the amount of content and overall quality of our wiki. You can check out the full announcement of these changes here.

That is all for this list of patch notes! We hope that you enjoy the new, rewritten, and updated content on the wiki!

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