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Potterworld's 7th Anniversary

Potterworld is celebrating its 7th Anniversary! The Ministry of Magicians has opened the doors to a secret expansion of the Clock Room that will enable players to travel back to favorite events of the past. Speak to Kevin outside the Great Hall to join the festivities and take a trip through Potterworld’s history.

Time Travel
You will receive your very own Temporal Turner to travel to six past events including Winter Waltz at Dormunstrad, Halloween in Halloweentown (Trickington), Butterbrew in Hogsend, Carnival, Fine Arts Festival, and the Survival Closing Ceremony.

However, your Temporal Turner won’t work unless you collect Temporal Sand. You can obtain Temporal Sand in 3 ways: completing daily quests, playing minigames, and collecting hidden nodes throughout the Clock Room. Playing minigames generates Temporal Sand over time, so make sure to speak to the Minigames NPC in the Clock Room to check if you have any sand to collect. After you have enough sand, you can permanently unlock the next event location containing more quests and activities. Unlocking each of the past event locations will give access to purchasing a few exclusive rewards.

In your Quest Journal, you will see a new icon for the Anniversary Event. There are seven new main quests including an introduction quest and a quest for each of the past event locations. There are additionally several new daily quests that can be completed once per twelve hours. You can use your Quest Journal to find starting coordinates as well as track your daily quest cooldowns.

You can earn Event Tokens and generate Temporal Sand by playing minigames from past events. These minigames include the Butterbrew Trials Parkour, Big Top Drop Dropper, Castle Halls Maze, Cursed Classroom Dropper, Return to Trickington Parkour, and Walk the Plank Dropper.

In addition to these, the Magical Maze is back! Speak to the Aurorlock at the end of the hallway to begin. Then find your way to the center and earn an exclusive Temporal Scarf reward.

You can purchase several rewards with Event Tokens in the Clock Room. We have a couple old rewards, as well as several new ones available for purchase at the Rewards NPC!

- NEW! Happy Anniversary Emote
- NEW! Anniversary Cake Emote
- NEW! Potterworld’s 7th Anniversary Scarf
- NEW! Vermissile Spell
- NEW! Owl Plushie
- NEW! 7th Anniversary Event Token
- NEW! Anniversary Rememberall
- NEW! 7th Anniversary Banner Collection
- Anniversary Fireworks Spell
- Anniversary Flare Spell

Unlock the following rewards by completing specific event activities. Speak to the Rewards NPC for more information!
- NEW! Temporal Scarf
- NEW! Toy Car
- NEW! Toy Cat
- NEW! Toy Furby

We hope you all enjoy celebrating Potterworld’s 7th Anniversary with us! The event will conclude on June 19.

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