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Pure Healer (High Heal, Low Defensive CD, Low Charms CD)


Minecraft IGN: Sametric
Auralock Dark Follower Griffin Phoenix Vampire Werewolf S.P.E.W
Gear Pieces:
- Ornament of the Queen (Level 79)
- Robe of Retribution (Level 77)
- Cryptic Legguards (Level 77)
- Boots of Creation (Level 80)
- Philosopher’s Stone Pendant (Level 78)
- Hand of Gaia (Level 80)

- Health: 9459

- Charm: 583
- Jinx: 557
- Curse: 570
- Transfiguration: 778
- Healing: 2685

- Health Regeneration: 548
- Charm: 288 (21%)
- Jinx: -143 (-11%)
- Curse: -418 (-31%)
- Transfiguration: 0 (0%)

- Cast Time: -15%
- Charm CD: -49%
- Jinx CD: 0%
- Curse CD: 16%
- Transfiguration CD: 0%
- Defensive CD: -50%

- Range: 0%
- Radius: 29%
- Gravity: 0%
- Knockback: 0%
- Debuff Duration: 45%

Recommended Spells
- Epifio
- Feruvio
- Vulnamedius
- Fortifius
- Propulso
- Expellimo

Credit: Thank you to @Laurel Solaire, @sushi, @DarrenMp3, and @Arabella (For to these people for using the set I created and testing it out)


Minecraft IGN: Tuna2
Defensive Spell tree/Healer: Power: Charm, Jinx, Curse: D Transfiguration: C Healing: A
Defensive: Health Regeneration: A Charm Defense: B Jinx Defense: C Curse Defense: E Transfiguration Defense: C
Intelligence: Cast time, Charm Cooldown: B Jinx Cooldown: C Curse Cooldown: D Transfiguration: C
Defensive Cooldown: A
Potency: Range, Gravity, Knockback: C Radius: B Debuff Duration: A
And this what I think of how the Defensive Spell/Healer Tree is like to me also S rank is included if you guys want me too


Minecraft IGN: DemetriDemarcus
Dark Follower Griffin
Btw what does these do if charm and jinx doesn't have much damage due to Robe of Retribution and Philosopher's stone Pendant and Ornament of the Queen lowering them?
Propulso is a stun pushing back opponents it's not normally used for dmg. The same can be said of expellimo, but the stun can't be countered if it hits.


Minecraft IGN: Tuna2
Btw there 2 sets that could be good for the defensive/Healer
1: 3 points in Renervo, Purificus, Resolvus, Epifio, Finite Enchantum, Fortifus, Feruvio, Vulnamedius, switch over to the jinx spell tree for Recanto Enchantum for curing status conditions on teammates/friends and getting rid buffs on your foes while having 1 point for: Risomento, Protellomo, and Protellum OR option 2
2. Full Defensive/Healer Spell tree which 1 of these are better? Of counting other's to cure themselves or curing them and healing them at the same time or be full heal and Defensive for your teammates to get the better advantage?