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PW Properties Housing Magazine


Minecraft IGN: scarvlover
Auralock Dark Follower Phoenix Serpent Werewolf
Hello! I am happy to announce the release of my unofficial housing magazine, PW Properties!
PW Properties operates on a free subscription service. Talk to me on the forums, msg me in-game or on disc (malla the zimp#6160) to be added to the subscription list. Once again this is completely FREE!
Those on the subscription list will receive the weekly copy of PW Properties every Sunday through their mail.

At this moment PW Properties has 3 sections, although we may add more in the future and would love your ideas for future sections.
These are:
-housing tips! This can either be a focus on one specific tip or a list of different tips that you can use. Feel free to share your tips with us and if they get featured you will be credited!
-housing of the week! This is our specially picked housing of the week. We give you a 'guided tour' that you can use to walk around their housing with! We allow nominations of what you would like our housing of the week to be.
-housing prompts! These are prompts for what to include in your housing. These range from a whole theme for your housing or just little additions to an already existing housing. Just like the tips section, feel free to share your prompts with us and we'll credit any features that your prompts get!

If you have any more questions feel free to ask me. First release is TODAY, so get added on the list quick!