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Reinstatement Protocol

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PotterworldMC’s Reinstatement Protocol is a document outlining the department specific circumstances regarding the reinstatement of former teammembers.
This is to give former team members who fulfill the requirements of said protocol, the opportunity to come back in either the same or a lower position.

It is not guaranteed that someone would be able to rejoin the team without starting fresh within the department(s), as it’s evaluated by the Head Staff team based on activity, behavior and the terms of which a former team member left the team.
NB! All former Leads and Head/Assistants will not be able to be reinstated in their old position. They would need to be reinstated in a lower position.

If you are a former team member on PotterworldMC, check out the document found here on what process you should go through. This document will be updated, whenever information becomes outdated, so do check back here before reapplying.
For any questions concerning the reinstatement protocols, please either go to the Head of Department or the Secretary to Headmaster.
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