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Reintroducing 1v1 Arena

Hey everyone!

It brings us great excitement to announce that 1v1 Arena is making a return to our server! In order to queue for this, simply log on, type /games, and select the game!

It works a bit differently now, though:
  • Gear will not affect these games.
  • Everyone will have +9900 health, +500 healing & +1000 damage.
  • You will still keep your spell trees.

These values are not final and we’ll see how things go, but it is incredibly easy for us to tweak, so please let us know if you have any feedback!

We hope you enjoy seeing this iconic game back once more!
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Love almost everything about this :D my only complaint is having to wait for 1-3 mins to get into a game since the queue system is pretty slow even if there's people in it