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Rememberball from Jeremiah


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To help out newcomers even more, how about having the Rememberball as a reward from Jeremiah after you do his quest in year 1 instead of the intro? Would probably make more sense.
Cheers 😊
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I like the idea, cause the current rememberall gives players a few helpful commands when it's used. Plus, he's holding it so maybe the story could be that Jeremiah gives the player his rememberall cause he's not worthy of it since he couldn't find the class schedule... lol

Sidenote: It's sold at the Boundless Books shop in Diagon Alley for 25g


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You have to buy one in the intro (it's required to proceed) so that would mean the player gets two of them o.o


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Heya @Sinelius & readers,

Thank you for your suggestion! We always appreciate feedback from the player base, as it gives us the opportunity to improve Potterworld! Your suggestion has been discussed and unfortunately, has been declined.

We give out the rememberball during the intro quest and we will not be changing it to be given out by Jeremiah. We feel that the intro is a good place for the rememberball to be given out, as this gets players familiar with the item itself and the functions that it can be used for, during the intro tutorial!

If you have additional feedback or questions, please don't hesitate to reach out!

I wish you a wonderful day! :heart:

Kind regards,