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Revelius Changelog


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World Map
Hogsworth, along with many other classic builds, have received updates. Most of the world is now connected. You can now fly from Hogsworth to Hogsend and from Hogsend to Griffins Hollow! We've also added many more new villages and towns, as well as more builds, like the Mysterious Manor. Additionally, the world now has a lot more secret rooms and chests than it did before!

We’ve added an online map to help you with navigation! We highly recommend using this if you’re interested in exploring, or if you’re lost. You can find the map at map.potterworldmc.com.

You’ll meet loads of new characters spread around the world who will give you quests. Some of these characters have multiple quests to complete which follow a storyline involving 2 or more quests. You’ll progress through the levels upon completing quests as they reward experience, gold, and sometimes gear. Most quests are located in specific regions on the map such as Hogsworth, Hogsend, London, the Dwelling, and more! All quests and their starting location can be found in the Quest Journal.

Additionally, we have new Daily Riddles on the way! We’ve decided to wait a couple weeks before enabling these, as high level locations are effectively inaccessible without gear. We think it’s necessary to give you all time to gear up before being given high level riddles.

Resource Pack
For Revelius and beyond, we are now committing to slowly update the entire Resource Pack until it is completely custom to us!

We know that this will affect some of the blocks that you have built with on your housing, however, we feel that with the addition of new models and textures, we can further push Potterworld to greater aesthetic heights!

Outside of changing several base textures for things like wood and sandstone, we have made some model updates to a few glass panes and such! Here are some changes that will affect blocks that can be attained:
  • Magenta and Purple stained glass: combined to make a sign holder on walls
  • Droppers: oven/stove
  • Redstone Lamp (on state): a new ceiling lamp combined with a cabinet that emits light
  • End Rods: 3 states, brazier, wall torch, and chandelier.
You might learn upon returning to your housing that some of your glass panes have changed! We certainly do apologize for any inconvenience! We hope that in time, everyone will be willing to ride out the changes with us as we change the textures. You might lose a window pane, but gain a sign holder or an oven and stove! We appreciate your understanding and patience!

Spell Progression and Spell Trees
Many spells have changed around in terms of the levels they’re obtained at, and of course, the damage, cooldowns and more! We encourage you to check out all your spells to familiarise yourselves with them. Most notably, we have changed the following spells:
  • Vermillio/Verdimillio: is now a basic must-have combat spell and acts similar to “auto attacks”.
  • Divindo: now destroys a “tattered” version of the same block.
  • Reductamus/Deprimorda: now destroys a cracked version of stone brick and sandstone.
  • We have renamed two of our spells to better fit with the Revelius Update:
    • 1. Aperio is now renamed to Revelius for two reasons, we felt the name was too close to Appareo when said aloud, and we felt Revelius was better suited for this spell considering we use it to reveal secrets around the world.
    • 2. Former Revelius is now renamed to Revelum, we followed the combat naming of Baulectrium in that this spell is meant for use in PVP combat and so we followed a similar naming convention.
You will no longer be able to cast every single spell efficiently. While you will obtain almost all spells through levelling, you will need to assign spell points to combat spells in order to cast them effectively. We’re introducing this to make players feel more unique. Droobledore might have low cooldown charms, that he’s able to spam and chip away at your health, while Flip has powerful transfiguration spells, which turn the tide of the duel immediately when hit.

We will also be removing a few spells that we deem unnecessary, due to the new spell progression and spell tree systems. These are:
  • Spectrus
  • Inpulsamentum
  • Restringo
  • Emendium
  • Fumus
  • Curego
  • Salvio Optime
  • Conflamora
There are 5 spell trees:
  • Charm
  • Jinx
  • Curse
  • Transfiguration
  • Defensive
Each spell tree has 10 spells that can be unlocked by using spell points, and you can invest up to 3 points in each spell. The amount of spell points put in each spell will affect damage, debuff duration, and more. Each spell can only be assigned points if you meet the level requirements, and you will need to have assigned points to the spells preceding them. You will earn spell points through leveling, and will earn 30 spell points by the time they’re level 80.

You can also reset your Spell Trees for 50 Academic Credits. This will refund all spent spell points and remove them from all spells.

Mobs have three mob drops specific to them, and also drop a variety of other materials for crafting gear and brooms, and most importantly gear and broom recipes. You’re also able to sell your materials to vendors in each town. This is a slower method of earning gold, but we felt it was beneficial to add to the world.

All mobs have received a complete update. They are now smarter, and will react differently based on how you fight them. If you're far away from a mob, it might run faster to get to you. If they're close to you, they might prepare a close ranged attack. Some may even attempt to sidestep your spells. As you fight mobs more and more, you'll be able to learn how they react to certain actions you take and plan accordingly.

This entire update started with reworking Professions, so naturally, they are drastically different to what is accessible to players today. Professions no longer have separate levels, they’re consistent with your regular level, i.e. if you are level 80, you can craft any professions item in the game.

Herbology no longer has planting and only involves harvesting plants. It also no longer has any plants with spells on them. Plants are scattered around the world for the player to collect that serve as ingredients used in cooking or potions. In order to get Herbology materials, you simply need to find resource nodes that are now placed all over the world! Keep in mind there is a much higher density of nodes around roads and creature locations!

Cooking will be all about buffing your strengths and resistances in each type of magic. To cook an item, you will just need the items in their inventory when you interact with a cooking oven, located in most towns. Once you select your desired item, it will cook for 3 seconds and will be ready. At level 80, you’re able to create food that gives them 50% strength or resistance in a type of magic for 10 minutes. This will also be very simple, every 10 levels has the same set of foods at increased durations and potency.

Potions are instant effects and strong buffs. You can mostly brew bombs and healing potions to defeat mobs quickly and sustain through battle. Same as the other professions, potions have the same potions every 10 levels.

Brewing a potion is vastly different too, and various demos were playable throughout the last year. In order to brew a potion, simply find a brewing station in one of the towns and interact with it! Here is a quick run down:

1. You will now notice there are 4 nodes you have to interact with to brew a potion.
  • Cauldron
  • Brewing Stand
  • Chopping Board
  • Furnace
2. Interact with the nodes in the correct order while holding the correct ingredient to successfully brew a potion!

Without gear, you will be the equivalent to a level 1 player in terms of stats. There are 6 gear slots (head, body, legs, boots, hand, trinket), which are accessed by typing /gear or from the /me menu, meaning gear will not be visual like vanilla armour is. Each piece of gear has many different attributes that affect the stats of a player. These attributes include health, damage, defense, cooldowns, and more.

To obtain a piece of gear, you must loot a gear recipe from a mob, hidden chest, or other looting methods. Then, take the gear recipe to a Tailor (found in most towns) and craft the gear using materials and gold. Gear also has durability, so you need to return to the Tailor to repair for a small cost relative to the item. Gear has a 10% chance to lose 1 durability when you are damaged, however dying will remove 10% of each gear piece's durability. The 10% durability loss will not apply in Dueling Halls or classes.

Hidden Chests
There are now 3 tiers of Hidden Chests, which greatly vary in loot quality. All chests include all the new materials, recipes, and professions items. We’ve also reduced the cooldown to just 30 minutes!

Gold is not included in these chests, however, as mentioned earlier, you can sell the materials you obtain to vendors in towns. Additionally, Choco Hop cards are no longer obtainable from chests. We feel that this was negatively impacting the value of these cards, and we have plans to update all our Choco Hop cards in the future!

There are almost 500 to find, with more being added as we continue to release new content.

Fire Dust, Warp Keys and Brooms have changed drastically. Fire Dust is a fairly expensive physical item that you’ll need to carry around in order to use. Fire Dust can be purchased from the elf at each Fire Dust location for 20 gold. These locations are very easily recognisable as they have green fire instead of the regular orange. It will only be accessible from one main location within each region, such as the Great Hall, Broomsticks Inn, the Dwelling, Cauldron Inn, etc. Further distances cost more Fire Dust to travel. Upon entering a location for the first time, you will be rewarded a small amount of experience, and in some cases, unlock the ability to travel there using Fire Dust. As Fire Dust is now a physical item now, all Fire Dust you previously owned has now been converted back into gold!

Warp Keys, obtained in the First Year Struggles quest, now function as a “set home”. If you’re in a town, you’re able to set your warp location to it and return as you please. However, there is a 10 minute cooldown on setting and warping. This time should pass very quickly as you’ll be doing quests, slaying mobs, and exploring the world!

We have made this change to the Warp Key because we want to put more emphasis on physical travel now with the inclusion of the world map! How do you use it? Simply have your Warp Key in your inventory when you visit a town, use it and set your location. Afterwards, as long as the Warp Key is not on cooldown, you can choose to warp back to your saved location!

The broom system is now entirely different. Similarly to gear, when killing mobs, looting chests, or doing other activities, there is a chance that a broom recipe will drop. You must then travel to the Broomsmith (formerly Broomstix) across from the bank to craft the broom. Brooms also cannot be flown indoors in any areas, but can now be easily flown over all buildings!

If you already have a broom, you can exchange it for an updated broom in /me. We’ll leave this exchange available for a few months.

Daily Activities
Most of the Daily Activities have been removed as no longer fit with our world. Quests are now the main source of leveling (along with classes), but there are still some activities to complete.

We’ve reworked how you start out a little, although most of the intro quest is the same. The only notable difference will be the removal of Bloodlines. While this is a cool feature, we’ve noticed it’s quite confusing to new players, and so we decided to change the starting location to Mundane Lane.

Minigames (Elevator Games)
These are currently unavailable, but we will be adding them around the world as we move forward. Instead of them being at the Ministry, you’ll find them at the locations they’re based on! We’ve also removed Game Tokens, and they’ve been converted to gold for you.

Dueling Halls
This is now accessible from the Great Hall. As of right now, all arenas are just a simple join teleport, with no queue or win/loss tracking. We plan to have that return in the near future, but we want you guys to be able to freely test out your spells for now.

We are now allowing housing to be accessed through the main towns! The reason for this is because with the introduction of a continuous world we feel it is important to maintain the reverence of traveling and the feeling of a real world!

Removed Gameplay
  • Hunger: You will no longer need to eat food in order to keep their hunger full.
  • /warp info: All necessary information will be taught to you through quests and will be available in your player profile.
  • Bloodlines: Mentioned in the newcomer section.
  • Codex: We want to encourage exploration, as well as having you learn and remember information about creatures.
We want to emphasize that this is not the “end” of us adding content to the world. We’ve changed so much and this is still quite far from where we want the game to be. So stay tuned as we fill up the world with quests, characters, and magic!

If you happen to find any issues/bugs, please contact us in a bug report here: https://potterworldmc.com/bug

Have fun everyone!


Minecraft IGN: luckiestblock
I am super excited but there are a few features I dislike. I dislike how all the parkours, mazes, and droppers are essentially temporarily being removed and even when added back they will not be accessible from a simple list. I also wish they would make chests contain gold though I do understand it was a bit overpowered. The removal of the codex at first bugged me but then I realized that the map is essentially a codex lite and serves many of the same purposes. Finally (and most controversially) I wish there was some way for lvl 80 players who have essentially "done everything" and their only goal is to collect more gold get warps to general areas to lower wait time and just get to places quick. A warp to the Great Hall and London would be sufficient in my opinion though I know others definitely disagree. Overall very excited for about 90% of it and I am very optimistic about it as a whole!!!!
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