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Selling New Books


Notable Magician
I am selling two new books:

Full Guide to Mob Materials Year 1 - 46 Pages
Full Guide to Mob Materials Year 2 - 49 Pages

Both books contain every mob material of that year with a description of the Use - Availability - Price - And location for every material.
I sell both books for 2 Gold each but they aren't available at my shops (because you can't sell books :( ). Message me if you would like one to JustinS_2006 or mail me via an owl, or reply to this message! The books are very handy for beginners and contain very useful information. I sell both the Word document and the Minecraft In game book. Tell me which you would like (you can also get both) and I'll reply as quick as I can. Year 3 - 8 will also be made but I'm now working on a Herbology book for every plant and location.