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So... Buncha new spell ideas!

What of my spells would you prefer to see in the game?

  • Dragon's Wrath Spell

    Votes: 3 23.1%
  • Inferius Curse

    Votes: 4 30.8%
  • Counter Spell

    Votes: 2 15.4%
  • Cruciatus Curse

    Votes: 4 30.8%

  • Total voters


New magician
Minecraft IGN: AJBN
I have in mind a way to make some new cool spells, that can be done completing some side quests!

1st Quest
Starting- Talk to Droobledore on his room. Level 50+
Requirements- Get him the timber of Whopping Willow. He said he need it to do.. umm... something secret.
Rewards- Dragon's Wrath Spell
Usage- A dragon flies over you and throws a flame in the direction the spell was casted. 60s Cooldown
PS- When the quest is accepted, the Whopping Willow will transform in a level 50 that you will have to defeat.

Dragon's Wrath
Advantages- Attacks from above, so shields will not work against this spell
Disadvantages- Long attack cooldown
Special- Burns

2nd Quest
Starting- Talk to you know who on the graveyard. Level 50+
Requirements- Prove your worth winning 5 consecutive duels. (Or maybe 3, haven't thought about it yet)
Rewards- Inferius Curse (not Imperius)
Usage- Deals a low 4 damage. If this delivers the final hit tho, the enemy will transform into a vanilla zombie with a tamed wolf AI. 10s cooldown

Inferius Curse
Advantages- You can create your very own army
Disadvantages- The zombies are by themselves weak
Speacial- Immune to Contagio

3rd Quest
Starting- Talk to Droobledore on his room. Level 70+. 1st quest completed.
Requirements- Prove your worth defeating 3 Dementares. (maybe just 2 idk how hard it is)
Rewards- Counter Spell
Usage- When you're hit by whatever spell another player sends you, this spell will do ricochet on you, being sent back to the caster. 180s cooldown after the ricochet is triggered. Instant activation.

Counter Spell
Advantages- Ricochet the enemy spells back to the caster
Disadvantages- VERY long attack cooldown.
Special- The enemy will not know whether the spell is active or not.

4th Quest
Starting- Talk to you know who on the graveyard. Level 70+. 2nd quest completed.
Requirements- Get him the Philosopher Stone. He said he need it to defeat Droobledore (this is just part of the story and droobledore will not be killed)
Rewards- Cruciatus Curse
Usage- Hold Left-Click for the spell to take effect. Every second passed will deplete 1/8 of your own magic bar, while dealing a small amount of damage per second. While the enemy is under this curse, he cannot use spells. When the curse is finished, the enemy will still not be able to move or attack, giving you time for a powerful finisher. 60s cooldown after the spell is finished.
PS- When the quest is accepted, the obstacles will transform in level 45-70 that you will have to defeat, in order to advance to the next room.

Cruciatus Curse
Advantages- Bonus time after the spell was lifted to deliver a finisher.
Disadvantages- Long cooldown
Special- The spell can be as long or as short as you like (as long as the duration is between 3 and 8 seconds)

Tamed Wolf AI
attackTamerAggressors (Attack whoever attacks the tamer)
attackTamerAggressions (Attacks whoever the tamer attacks)
followTamer (Follow tamer around)

PS- I will probably update this with more spells later on.


New magician
Minecraft IGN: xAutumnn
Aurorlock Dark Follower Staff Phoenix Raven Game Design Lead
Interesting ideas. I think we've been wanting to use quests as a way to reward different spells.
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