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Staff Appreciation Day - Live Competitions


As some of you may know, Potterworld Staff/Team Members have a special week where we have some fun activities for us to do outside of Potterworld responsibilities. We will be having some cool competitions that we will live stream on Discord, and you are all invited to join and watch, as well as hang out with everyone while we host these competitions!

We will be hosting a few of these Potterworld Team-only competitions over the next few days, and we want to give you guys the option to watch as a type of Community Engagement! There won't be any rewards or such, but you're free to spend your time chatting with friends and other Team Members if you have free time! For some of these competitions, you'll have the chance to vote for specific entrees! We will also be editing this forum post after each event with any information you might need, such as: voting forms, voting end dates, and competition winners. We will make updates in #community-updates on the Potterworld Discord after all of the SAD competitions have been complete, so make sure to stay tuned!

Writing Competition Voting

Dueling Competition Winners
1st Place: Badger Duo - Tilllyy & Expiroces
2nd Place: Cracked District 12 - Krixies & Mekala_
3rd Place: Frosts on a Hot Day - Kailen & RelentlessNebula
4th Place: Bleeding Talons - Serienn & jenily

Skin Competition Winners
Best Dressed: xKala
Most Unique: Tangular123
Most Magical: grucifix (w/ help from notswagkas)
People's Favorite: Serienn

Live-Competition Schedule:
Dueling Tournament - Friday July 23rd at 9am PST
Skin Competition Showing - Friday July 23rd at 5pm PST
Flying Tournament - Saturday July 24th at 9am PST
Writing Competition Showing - Saturday July 24th at 5pm PST
Build Competition Showing - Sunday July 25th at 5-6pm PST

You can also view these on the schedule.

These live-competitions will be hosted in the Community Engagement VC; We hope to see you there! Also, don't forget to tell the Potterworld Staff/Team members to have a happy Staff Appreciation Day!
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