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Star Battle Tournament

With the return of Star Battle: Escort Payload, Domination and FFA this year, we are very excited to announce that we are also hosting three minigame tournaments, one for each game!

These three games will be rotating every single day at approximately 3pm PST starting with FFA, then Escort Payload, then Domination, and repeat.

What is a tournament?

A tournament is a competition in which each player is placed on a leaderboard depending on their wins, kills and deaths. Over the duration of the event, players will keep playing these games in order to attempt to climb the leaderboard higher until the event concludes. The players in the Top 5 positions on all three leaderboards will win special prizes depending on their placing.

How the Games Work

FFA has no team objective. Your objective is to kill any mobs and players in sight - even if they are on your team - in order to earn credits and points. You start only with a ST-4 Blaster Rifle or S-10 Blaster in this game and using credits, you can purchase other items such as guns, sabers, explosives and defensive items. You can constantly switch between these items and weapons. You can join this game by travelling to The Galaxy and entering the Enmor world.

Escort Payload has two objectives, one for each team. The objective of the Rebels team is to move a payload through the course and reach the end before the game ends. The objective of the Imperials team is to disrupt the Rebels from accomplishing their goal. Each team helps accomplish their goal by killing members of the other team. If the Rebels accomplish their goal, they win, and if they don't accomplish their goal, the Imperials win. You can join this game by typing /games.

Domination has the objective of capturing three points around the map in order to earn points for your team. Killing members of the other team will also earn points for your team. The team with the most points at the end of the game or to achieve 250 points first will win the game. You can join this game by typing /games.


Top 5: Toy N-Scope Sniper
Top 1: (Star Battle Champion) Prefix

You can obtain a Toy Speeder Bike reward by unlocking all 30 items in FFA.

Escort Payload
Top 5: Toy N-Scope Sniper
Top 3: Toy Speeder Bike
Top 1: (Star Battle Champion) Prefix

Top 5: Toy N-Scope Sniper
Top 3: Toy Speeder Bike
Top 1: (Star Battle Champion) Prefix

1. You are not allowed to have two accounts in the arena at once.
2. No abusing glitches. If any glitches are found, you must report them to staff members and then leave the glitch alone. Please do not make others aware of the glitch as well.
3. No teaming with other players. This includes working together to kill other players or allowing players to kill you.
4. All other Potterworld rules apply. This includes Minigame Rules. Do /rules in-game to view them or click this link: Potterworld Server Rules

Breaking these rules will result in disqualification from competing in FFA, Escort Payload and Domination, and potentially being blocked from the games entirely. Leadership has the right to determine suspicious or rule-breaking behaviour.

Have fun everyone and may the force be with you!