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Suggestions for more pets


Minecraft IGN: _Navyy
Auralock Griffin Phoenix Vampire Werewolf
Wait, you're right. I don't see them on the store either. I don't know if this is a bug or they removed them, but baby dragon pets do exist. I have one myself.

Tara Silvius

Minecraft IGN: TaraTheDragon
Auralock Dark Follower Staff Grounds Keeper Phoenix Serpent Vampire Werewolf Jr. Professor Class Design Sr. Poltergeist Seer
Aloha @Maybroo!

Thank you for making this suggestion! As mentioned, there used to be pet baby dragons on the store, but we've decided to not release them for the time being. Regardless, I'll bring this up to the rest of the Poltergeist team for further discussion, and afterwards, the suggestion will be brought up to the Leadership team. Once they reach a decision, I will return to you with a response!

Have a lovely day and a happy Winter Waltz!