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Summer Beach Party

While Hogsworth is on summer break, join your fellow students having fun in the sun at the Summer Beach Party! Meet the owner of the Kelpie Rescue Facility and complete summer-themed gameplay to unlock an exclusive Sand Bucket Handbag! You can stop by the party by speaking to the NPC outside the Great Hall until August 7.

Side Quests
There are two new side quests available on the beach that can be completed once per twelve hours. The new side quests include:

- Kelpie Care: Complete a different task at the Kelpie Rescue Facility each day.
- Beach Cleanup: Help make the ocean clean for its magical inhabitants by cleaning litter off the beach. The house that picks up the most will be awarded 300 house points!

You can earn more Event Tokens by completing summer-themed minigames. These minigames include: Poseidon’s Treasure Magical Parkour, Kelpie Reef Elytra Course, and Mermaid’s Grotto Dropper.

New Maps
Brand new beach maps have been added to /games. These new maps include: Boardwalk Hide and Seek Map, Underwater Melting Floor Map, and Coastline Flying Map. All modes in /games now reward Event Tokens, which are exchangeable for gold at any rewards NPC.

Complete daily challenges to claim extra Event Tokens by interacting with the Taskboard just outside the entrance to the event.

You can purchase several rewards with Event Tokens from the Tiki Bar or Tiki Huts found on the beach. The purchasable rewards include:

- Sand Bucket (Beaded Handbag Skin)
- Seaside Scarf
- Beach Ball
- Fishbowl Plushie
- Sunrise Banner Set
- Sunset Banner Set
- Summer Fireworks
- Tiki Heads
- Drink Heads

We hope you all enjoy the Summer Beach Party! The event will conclude on August 7.

Content Creation:
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Event Builds:
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Mobs & Spells - apaulled, Joshios, and Zmooya
Banner - Sunnya
Sand Bucket Model - Droobledore
Teaser Video - xAutumnn