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Summer Visual Arts Competition Winners


Hello Witches and Wizards!

Finally, the judging period has come to a close for the Summer Visual Arts Competition! There were so many incredibly talented artists who submitted pieces and choosing the top 3 winners was no easy feat. As a special thanks for entering, we’ve decided to award all participants 100 Potter Points!

Without further ado, the winners!
1st Place: Prin_ce

2nd Place: fleurtje0726

3rd Place: RainbowElfe

But that’s not all...

House Points have also been given to all participants based on how many people of each house entered! Here’s the final scoring.
:griffin: Griffins: 60 HP
:honeybadger: Honeybadgers: 45 HP
:raven: Ravens: 60 HP
:serpent: Serpents: 75 HP

Congratulations to you all! Your respective Potter Points have been awarded for you to use in-game & HP will be going out shortly!



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Congratulations to our winners and a big thank you to everyone who participated!