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The Daily Diviner - Issue 104

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Server Spotlight


Maps, Minigames, and Arena Updates
Written by Silquer
Edited by Calliequeen

Hello, dear readers, and welcome back to the Daily Diviner! The Academics Department is a massive department on Potterworld. Not only does it include all of the professors that run classes on the server, but it also houses the Arena team and all that entails. They are a big part of in-game player activities. Similarly, the minigames and map rotations are managed by the Tech & Dev and Build departments. My goal today is to highlight what the Arena team has been working on as well as map rotations these past two months and what these departments have planned for the future of in-game enjoyment.

One of the major parts of the server is map rotations. Every three months, the minigame maps you encounter in-game change. Thanks to the hard work of the Build team, new maps are constantly being added. This rotation, the builders gifted the server two new maps. The first of these is the Monde Occulte Library, a Melting Floor map, a build based around the server’s recent visit to the Monde Occult school for the Winter Waltz. Players spent lots of time in the library of the school, so it only makes sense for it to be part of the minigame rotations! The second is a new Hogsend map for Hide and Seek, a lovely addition to the scenic builds to hide in. There are lots of nooks and crannies hidden in this rendition of Hogsend.

Along with new maps, the Build team takes the time to revisit and revamp old maps that need work. Some maps are gaining new features, such as Magical Schools for Melting Floor, which now includes Monde Occulte, and the classic Ministry map for Flying has been updated with post-Revelius locations.

Moving away from maps and minigames, players have been enjoying the Arena Season 1 Releases since the end of January. This season has been filled with new dueling maps and exciting new game modes! Dueling Training Sessions have given players new flexibility with how they practice, and Knockout Dueling is a more fast-paced method of combat.

This begs the question: what comes next? Well, the Arena team has plenty planned! As always, tournaments are extremely popular among players, and the past two months have been full of them. From Flying to Quabbleball, there is no shortage of competition. Keep an eye on the Tournament forums for frequent updates about upcoming tournaments. Information is always released there in advance so players can plan ahead. Similarly, joining the Arena Discord server is the perfect place to stay updated with new changes and tournament updates. We can also look forward to new map rotations coming soon for all of the minigame players out there.

The past two months have been a strong start for Arena and our minigames! From dueling updates to tournaments, it is clear that the team has been hard at work making Potterworld’s competitive scene as enjoyable as possible in 2024. To stay updated with the Arena team, I highly recommend joining the Arena Discord. As for minigames, be sure to keep an eye on the forum updates. Good luck to all competitive players!


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The Daily Diviner

New Magician

A Love Story To Win Them All
Written by Creme_de_Creme
Edited by LMNJ

Hello, lovely readers! Welcome back to the Editorial column of the Daily Diviner. For those of you not in Potterworld’s official Art Discord, some of its most exciting and unique features include the weekly sneak peeks, the monthly giveaways, and even the unique competitions. By being in the official Potterworld Art Discord, you get highlights of upcoming content, the ability to enter into a monthly raffle, and even the event competitions with the chance of winning impressive rewards. You might be thinking to yourself, “A competition? What kind of competition? What are the rewards?” If you want to learn more, then read on!

Potterworld has had various competitions and giveaways that have been partnered with their events. For example, with last year’s Butterbrew event, the WizNetworkers released a unique giveaway that required you to play the quest "Birds of a Feather" and submit a photo of your best-dressed bird. All submissions included birds of various types such as falcons and storm petrals wearing cute or funny hats.

The winner of the Butterbrew 2023 Giveaway received the Sunflower Flower Crown hat or the majestic Falcon Staff wand appearance as well as 200 House Points and 100 Potter Points. Everyone seemed to have a grand time displaying their birds for everyone to see.

This time around, during this month of February, the WizNetworkers are hosting a Valentine’s competition. Any form of artistic medium will be accepted, such as renders, drawings, stories, photography, and even videos! Just make sure that your artwork follows the prompt and the guidelines. The prompt for this competition is to depict a love story. All artwork must be original (no artificial intelligence), appropriate, and submitted on the Art Discord!

Submissions close on February 29th, and afterwards a winner will be announced on March 5th. All submissions will have the chance to win either the Tango Rose Hat, the Backpack Buddy Warp Key, or the Heart Staff wand appearance as well as a Gift Card and House Points. There are three potential winning spots available. I wish you all luck and cannot wait to see each person’s love story.

If you are not in the Art Discord yet, make sure you join! There are so many opportunities available to you there. In the meantime, have a wonderful day! This has been Creme_de_Creme reporting for the Daily Diviner.

The Daily Diviner

New Magician
Learning About Academics

Server Spotlight
Written by SnowyKitty
Edited by littledead

If you have been anywhere on Potterworld, you know of the Academics team. Our Jr. and Sr. Professors bring life to the server – and do not forget their Class Helpers, either. A mere glance at the schedule shows how dedicated they are. With an average of three classes hosted a day on top of their personal lives, it is a mystery how they manage to fit in their other Staff work.

Until today, that is. In this interview, Wizard’s Physical Education Professor Aviann (AviannTheBird) will be sharing an inside look at the Academics team, from the drafting process of lessons to hosting live classes and even how the team goes about grading assignments. Let’s not wait a second more – take it away, Professor Aviann!

What made you decide to become a Class Helper and stick around to become a senior member?
I've always loved attending classes, so I decided to apply for Class Helper. I got on the team, and once I became a Professor, I quickly learned to love hosting classes. Throughout my entire journey on the Academics Team, the thing that made me stick around was being able to interact with Potterworld's community in such a fun way!
What classes do you teach, and how often do you teach them?
I currently host both Wizard's PE and Dueling once a week. In the past, I've hosted multiple different types of notes classes. Recently, I've decided I want to redo a lot of my Lesson Plans or make new ones to host, so I haven't been teaching notes classes for quite a bit. I don't usually write Lesson Plans anymore, but as I said, I'm hoping to start getting back into doing that soon!
How do you decide on the topics of your lesson plans? Namely, how do you develop ideas and then narrow them down?
Whatever I'm interested in is what I tend to write Lesson Plans about. For example, I love a bunch of different types of mythology, especially Norse and Greek mythology. I began making Mythology Lesson Plans for that reason. At another point, I was studying astronomy a lot and started making Astronomy Lesson Plans. I narrow down my topics by picking out the things that I find myself thinking about the most.
What process do you take to research your lesson plans?
Research for my Lesson Plans varies based on what type of Lesson Plan I'm making. For example, if I'm making an LP based on Potterworld lore, I'll check the wiki. If it's Astronomy, I'll probably look on NASA's websites for information. Mythology is a bit more difficult since there are often multiple versions of stories, especially in Norse mythology, which I focus on. I'll usually find as many websites telling the story as possible and use the version that comes up the most!
What do you and your Class Helpers do during a live class?
The first thing that happens during classes is discussing anything important for the class before the queue goes out. This is when we decide who will be asking in global if anyone wants to join class. I'll also send my Helpers the Lesson Plan for the class if they have to grade assignments. If it's an activity class, such as Wizard's PE, we'll decide who is announcing and who is asking trivia questions.
When the class starts, we do the regular introductions before getting into the activity or notes. During activity classes, there tends to be a lot more discussion during this part than in notes classes as we check in with how everything is going. In notes classes, we'll usually talk with each other more when grading assignments. This often includes things such as Helpers asking questions or talking about an assignment they just saw and found interesting.
How does the team grade assignments?
How we grade assignments depends on the type of assignment. For quizzes, we look at how many answers are correct. For opinion assignments, we often look for information to back up and explain one's opinion. Creative assignments are often graded based on the creativity of an assignment and using what was talked about in the notes to write a story. Assignments that are given an O+ are often the ones that show an understanding of the topic and are interesting to read!
A big thank you to Professor Aviann for allowing us to interview him! Even as a Class Helper myself, it was insightful learning about how another team member approaches lesson planning and teaching. If helping with classes sounds fun, I invite you to join us by applying for Class Helper! Thank you all for tuning in, and I hope you all have a magical day!

The Daily Diviner

New Magician

Tournament Success Tips and Tricks
Written by bluecherub
Edited by Silquer

Hello readers, and welcome back to the Lifestyle column. Do you have a passion for competition? Tournaments? Comradery? Perhaps even the epic highs and lows of flying and dueling? Many students do but have no idea where to start! This article is for those students who want to turn their tenth place into a top three placement.

The only way to begin is by beginning, but students can preempt their foray into arena by making a plan and setting achievable goals for themselves. Even the order and placement of spells in one’s hotbar can be instrumental to success in arena events, so setting small goals like organizing a curse-based hotbar can make the climb to the top of the dueling pyramid easier to manage. In other cases, one might benefit from setting a goal like minimizing flight time in minigames. As students proceed, having reasonable boxes to check off their list helps students visualize progress.

Another excellent means of becoming deadly competition in arena is, contrarily, by making friends. More experienced members of the community can be spectacular resources for quick and vast improvement while also providing motivation. The more friends one has at an Arena challenge, the more fun they are to participate in. A great way to meet these students is through the official Arena Discord, where most of the community lives, and there are a number of “Arena-101 guides” available within its channels. On top of that convenient resource, spending time in the Dueling Halls is another easy way to meet active arena participants.

Unfortunately, setting goals and making friends is far from enough to breed success in tournaments. Practice, quite literally, makes perfect. Arena events can feel intimidating, especially when the first few are inevitably spent at the bottom of the proverbial food chain. Nonetheless, the only way forward is through. Every Flying, Dueling, Sledding, or Quabbleball encounter is a stepping stone to tournament victory. One should not allow ideas of innate talent to prevent them from achieving developed skill. After all, becoming a quality broom and wand wielder takes time and dedication.

Most importantly, success in Arena requires a student to have fun with it! One bad performance is not demonstrative of the whole of one’s skill. Once flying or dueling stops being an exercise in excitement, it has evolved to a point well beyond what it is meant to be. It should be a source of joy and community, not a well of pressure and anxiety. Even competitors are allowed to make mistakes, laugh a little, and enjoy the ride.

Anyone can succeed, no matter the tournament style, so long as they follow these steps. Adhering to them will take a student from a novice to a victor. The Arena team is always open to offering more personalized advice, and their Discord is open for every student to join. Whether they love to soar through the skies or demolish opponents across the field, following this advice will take each new broom and wand wielder to the next level.
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