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The Daily Diviner - Issue 106

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Server Spotlight


Hopping into Store Springwear
Written by Silquer
Edited by littledead

Hello my dear readers, and welcome to Issue 106 of the Daily Diviner. Winter chills are fading to memory, and spring winds are blustering through March. The Potterworld community has felt these changes as well, most especially in the store. Here are the must-know store items for traipsing into this fresh season on Potterworld.

First are some new additions to the store. The Sanctuary Store Releases, released to Potterworld on March 1, are the perfect package of items for spring. Each item is themed around nature, and players can live in harmony with them by using these items in their everyday playing.

To begin with, the Fairy Sanctuary Scenery looks just like a fairy circle, peaceful and beautiful. The Mushroom Hat is perfect for rainy spring days, forming a natural umbrella with this dome-shaped hat. Finally, the Hive Broom is a great way to show off what spring is all about as one flies through the skies like a buzzing bee.

The most recent release is the seasonal return of the St. Patrick’s Store Releases. These items have returned for St. Patrick’s Day, but these cosmetics are not just perfect for St. Patrick’s; their shamrock and green theming also fit perfectly into spring tidings.

The Staff of Luck is a simple staff, but it is made of wood and has a clover in its center, a reminder of spring. The returning Leprechaun Hat, despite its namesake, has versatile uses for any spring outfit with its spring green color and clover buckle.

The Potterworld store is more than just new releases; it is also full of classic items that simply need to be repurposed into new seasons. There are plenty of old items in the store, perfect for players if only one knows how to look for them.

Hats are a good place to begin with. When I think of spring, I first think of flowers. Then, my thoughts travel naturally to the Flower Crown hats in the store! The Flower Crown hats come in a large collection of colors, from red to cyan to rainbow.

There is another type of hat that immediately makes one think of spring. These are, of course, the Fairy Wings! These also come in many colors so that players can choose based on their preference or their current in-game skin. Fairies are a staple of springtime, making them a natural choice to wear on the server.

Wand appearances are just what every magical person needs come spring. The Dragonfly Staff brings to mind sprawling fields and creatures buzzing over grass and flowers. The Flower Staff is yet another staple of spring and spring outfits. What better staff to wear during the season of new growth than a wand covered in vines and flowers?

Housing sceneries are the perfect way to set the springtime mood in your housing. The Harvest Scenery is a lovely field with plenty of open space and trees to keep spring in the air. The many flowers and trees on the edges of the scenery make it a relaxing place to build your house.

However, nothing can quite beat the Cherry Blossom Scenery in terms of beauty. This scenery always reminds me of the spring event of 2023 at Mahounoshiro, the foreign magical school where the cherry blossoms are in eternal bloom.

Last, but of course not least, are Emote Packages, great for showing off your moods of the season. The Spring Emotes, naturally, are tailored specifically for spring and player interactions. The emotes are adorable and perfect for the season, from Make a Flower Crown to Lay in a Field.

The Camping Emotes are similarly well-made for spring when players are beginning to crave the touch of grass. Catch Fireflies and Go Fishing are perfect spring emotes from this package.

There are a multitude of fantastic and creative items in the store to bring the spring season into bloom on Potterworld. I hope this article served to remind us of these store items, old and new, that breathe life into our server.

As always, a big thanks to the Store team for being amazing and working so diligently. Stay tuned for the next store-related updates!


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The Daily Diviner

New Magician

The Hidden Coupons
Written by autumnngrace
Edited by littledead

Hello to all of you lovely witches and wizards of Potterworld, and welcome to the Editorial column! Have you ever walked around Potterworld and randomly stumbled upon an item that gives you a coupon for the store? No? Me neither, but it is possible, and I will be talking all about it in this article.

As a Store member told me, the first location of the Hidden Coupon was initially completely random and pretty much in the middle of nowhere. After hearing some player feedback, the Store team moved the coupon to a town to hopefully make it less tricky to find.

What is the process of finding a Hidden Coupon, you ask? Well, the Hidden Coupon was once pretty straightforward to find. You would find a clue on the website, and then search around the world for it. Now, there are 3–6 items that you must find via scavenger hunt. In the scavenger hunt, you will be given hints that point to where the coupon may be.

I believe that while they may be difficult for some players to find, searching in a group could increase your chances. It can also add a new layer of competitiveness and fun. However, if you prefer to do things like this alone, more power to you, and I wish you the best of luck with your seeking.

The Hidden Coupons have been consistent thus far with what they include, which is a $5.00 gift card to the Potterworld Store. This can be used to purchase any item under $5.00 which would then be totally free (depending on tax), or it can be used to take $5.00 off of any item in the store, and the coupon will stay valid for six months before it expires. I believe this is a great way of rewarding players for their troubles and keeping them engaged in the experience.

I think the Hidden Coupons are a fantastic addition to not only the server, but to the community as well, and I am not the only one who thinks so. I spoke to numerous players on Potterworld, and they all told me they love the Hidden Coupons and the community engagement that comes with them.

The Store team's response to feedback may be one of my favorite things. The evolution of the Hidden Coupons has been built on the feedback of players. The Store team thrives off of feedback, and I strongly recommend if you have any, send it their way! The Store members are always trying their best to make Potterworld a more fun place, and their dedication to answering feedback and making changes based on it is truly admirable.

That is all I have for this Editorial article, so I hope you enjoyed it. Keep an eye out for those scavenger hunt items, and stay tuned for the next edition. Who knows what could be in store? Bye bye!

The Daily Diviner

New Magician

Plant Your Roots in Herbology
Server Spotlight
Written by Creme_de_Creme
Edited by snotflower

Hello lovely readers! Welcome to the Server Spotlight column. In this article, I will be diving into an ever-growing subject– Herbology. Those that study Herbology learn all about the magical properties of plants and ways to use them.

If you think that learning about plants is boring, then I hope you are never petrified, as good ol’ mandrakes will be your cure. Have I caught your interest? If so, read on, as I tell you more about Herbology!

Herbology includes studying plants, how to care for these plants, and how they can be used. For example, there are various plants that are used in magical cuisines and potions. There are currently only a couple of professors that teach Herbology at Hogsworth, including SLGTara and myself!

Some important lessons you will learn in Herbology include balancing how much water to give plants. You do not want to give too much or too little water to each plant.

You also want to be mindful of spacing between plants. For example, when Gurgleweed is planted too close together, the plants steal each other’s resources until none of them have quite enough.

Some magical plants need sunlight, whereas others grow best in the dark. Not all plants grow in the sun, as some Unmagicals may try to fool you into believing!

In Herbology, you will learn how to grow plants such as the Lady’s Mantle, Aconite, and even Bloodroot! Lady’s Mantle is a type of flower whose leaves are used to help heal torn or broken skin and can even help with menstrual pain.

One thing you absolutely have to remember when caring for this plant is that the soil surrounding a Lady’s Mantle must remain moist, otherwise the plant might not survive.

There is so much to learn about in Herbology, and the best way to learn is to come to class! Keep an eye out for when the next Herbology class will be hosted. In the meantime, have a wonderful day! This has been Creme_de_Creme reporting for the Daily Diviner.

The Daily Diviner

New Magician

Charming Chores: Can Duelling Spells Replace Household Spells?
Written by yakko__
Edited by bluecherub

I was a big fan of friendly duelling back in school, and while working in my garden the other day, I was struck with inspiration: could dueling spells be used in place of household ones? This little experiment certainly shook up my daily routine, and the results of some of these spells may shock you!

To start off, I’ll be honest: not all of my spell choices ended up working. One of them was even downright dangerous! Still, part of this experiment was testing these magic life hacks so you don’t have to. With that out of the way, here are the spells to avoid using if you’re trying to actually get your housework done.

The first failed spell was Venenox, which makes the ground it’s casted on poisonous. I tried it in my garden to see if it would be effective as a replacement for pesticides. Unfortunately, when I cast the spell, I forgot to get up on a raised surface to avoid the poisoned ground, so I ended up getting very sick! Luckily, my neighbor saw what happened and was able to expel the poison before any real damage was caused.

Ultimately, Venenox did end up killing the pests on the ground and didn’t damage the plants, but it ended up being too dangerous and didn’t effectively kill pests on the plants themselves. Best to stick with Unmagical or natural pesticides!

For the next spell, I made sure to pick something far safer, but it ended up being as ineffective as Venenox, if not moreso. I wanted to see if Ventimus, which creates a strong wind, would work well to dust off my office shelves. It wasn’t as dramatic as me being poisoned, but it was very good at spreading the dust absolutely everywhere and messing up my papers.

Still, this experiment was successful, as all three of the next spells I tried worked!

Next up was Aquatimentum, which creates a powerful water spray. It worked to powerwash my garden’s stone pathway, and helped get some particularly difficult grease stains off of the kitchen floor. You’ll want to be careful with it around fragile surfaces or places susceptible to water damage, but otherwise, this spell gets my seal of approval!

Another helpful garden spell was Blizzix, which creates a small snowstorm. Any home gardener knows that many plants are sensitive to temperature, and this can be annoying to deal with if you want to keep certain plants, especially potions ingredients, growing throughout the year. I set up a little plot in my garden for all of my plants that thrive in cold conditions and cast a controlled Blizzix over the plot. Now, I can grow my cold-weather plants and warm-weather plants at the same time! Just remember to keep the warm-weather plants separated.

Finally, I tried out Pierolotum, which is used to animate suits of armor to assist you in combat. Heirlooms like that are common enough in magical families that I felt it would be worth trying out. I ended up having to visit my friend’s home, as I don’t have a full suit myself, and directed their suit of armor to assist me with some basic cleaning tasks. It ended up working, so I was able to work in one area of the house while the armor worked in another! It can only do Unmagical work, but it definitely cut down on time.

This experiment ended up being a mixed bag. I personally think that any homemakers who want to get more practice at duelling magic would benefit from the three successful spells I tried out. However, if you’re more comfortable with household spells, it’s probably best to just stick with those. They’re more controlled, tend to be easier to master, and are far less dangerous. Whatever you choose to use in your home, just be sure to stay safe, and do not use Venenox as a pesticide!

The Daily Diviner

New Magician

Ireland’s Locker Room
Written by bluecherub
Edited by Calliequeen

In honor of the passage of the great Irish holiday of St. Patrick’s Day, there is no better way to while away the hours than to gather for an Irish tale.

While many aspire to the Quabbleball Hall of Fame, none are quite so often sent there as those on Ireland’s Newcastle Elk. It is indisputable that the Irish outperform all others on the pitch, but their origins were not quite so honorable.

It is in the early days of Kilkenny that this tale takes place, long before they had won so many accolades and long before there was anything worth honoring at the pitch at all.

Amongst the ruins of the old castle, just before Quabbleball first took root, ancient wizards used the pitch as a duelling ground. None were so good as Gareth Moulder, a member of a well-known and wealthy family in Ireland.

There amongst the crumbling spires, he made his stand against countless wizards, both in official duels and otherwise.

While he was a formidable opponent on his worst days in sanctioned duels, he became a deadly competitor when no witnesses were present. No matter how well an opponent had studied his duelling style beforehand, they always wound up as dust in the wind.

He dabbled in the Dark Arts, taking on opponents in secret and incinerating them with a surprise Flamonstrum if he could not manage to maim them in an official duel. It was Gareth who burned his devilish mark into the history of the pitch, forever altering it for the worse.

He, like so many other athletes, chose a favorite locker in the newly rebuilt portion of the castle: No. 13. There, the souls of each duellist whose life his wand claimed were interned for the entirety of his fiery reign. It is said that the spirits screamed from within to be released.

One Kilkenny native, Murlock Domes, was hellbent on exposing Gareth. Using an invisibility cloak, he tracked behind Gareth to collect evidence. Following him to his favorite locker, Murlock intended to confront him but suddenly realized that his locker was strange somehow.

Something about it was warped, misshapen. The numerals scrawled across the front were crooked and scratched as if they were scribbled on hatefully. As Murlock reached for the handle, it suddenly swung open, smashing into his skull and instantly killing him.

Legend says that his soul flew directly into the gaping maw of the locker right as Gareth’s wand rattled to the ground and snapped. Fire burst forth, screaming out in the shape of the opponents whose lives it had once consumed, and it consumed the bodies of both Gareth and Murlock in turn.

When the fire was finished, the room looked the same as it always had, but the pitch was never used as a duelling ground again.

Some say it was out of respect for the lives needlessly and cruelly lost there, but others say that the curses Gareth cast left an indelible mark on the arena for death.

Keep in mind this tale as the notion of the luck of the Irish passes through the air. Should you ever find yourself on their team, keep an ear out for the whispers—nay, the screams—“Free Murlock Domes… Free Murlock Domes!” But never listen. Those who carelessly make use of the accursed locker never return from their matches alive. If you do, the spirits will not be the only ones screaming.
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