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The Daily Diviner - Issue 109

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Server Spotlight


Return of the Fourth
Written by Silquer
Edited by snotflower

Hello dear readers, and welcome to Issue #109. May 4th is upon us at last, meaning a trip to a galaxy far away is in order! The May The Fourth Event on Potterworld is a special event on the server that takes players on a spaceship to explore space and help the universe at large. This year is no different, as the server has returned to the galaxy for yet another year of mystery and space travel. If you are curious about past events and what you can expect when you log on this year, this is the article to read.

For the past few years, the May The Fourth Event has been a staple for interesting new quests and exploration. The event has humble beginnings, going back to before 2020 as an annual celebration on the server. That year, the Millenium Falcon arrived at Hogsworth selling rewards for Star Tokens, which could be gained by playing Star Racing or the (at the time) newly-introduced Star Battle: Domination gamemode.

In 2021, the celebration had a bit of an upgrade, and the Millenium Falcon landed near the boathouse once again to take players to the Cantina in a Galaxy Far Far Away. Alongside a rotation of minigames including Payload and Star Battle, a new escape room quest was released. Not only that, but 2021 was the first time players could craft their own lightsabers by creating the hilt and finding the Kyber on Ilum.

2022 was the server’s first visit to Batuu on the Galactic Edge, a gorgeous hub with plenty to see and explore. A total of three main quests made this event a big one, and the two repeatable side quests added a bit of fun to exploring Batuu. Batuu made its return in 2023, this time with new main and side quests. The Games Master on Batuu offered droppers and mazes for players to explore, and the iconic May 4th minigames made a return!

This year, the May The Fourth Event just released yesterday, on May 4th! There is plenty to see, and limited time to do it. To begin with, the Millenium Falcon has returned us to the outpost on Batuu once again, and if you missed any of the past years’ worth of quests, now is your chance to try them again! There is a new side quest and activity to keep players occupied at the Galaxy’s Edge, and a special new reward lies behind the activity… As always, players can build their own lightsabers from scratch and expand their personal collection. There is much to see and do this year!

I hope you are as excited as I am to explore May The Fourth. Without a doubt, it is one of my favorite events on the server; from the quests, to the special minigames, all the way to the builds, this event has always intrigued me. I can’t wait to see everyone online, and I hope you enjoy your trip across the galaxy!


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The Daily Diviner

New Magician

April 2024 Minigame Map Rotation and Build Team Interview
Written by yakko__
Edited by Immites

Hello, Daily Diviner readers! As of April, Potterworld players have been able to see the new minigame map rotation which will last through June. This rotation has brought back incredible maps as well as adding a few new ones. There are plenty of options for players to choose from, and today I will be highlighting these new maps. But that’s not all! I was also able to interview one of the Build team members who helped work on these maps, Shira (0ceaqn). She was able to give an insight into her building process and what it is like to be a part of the Build team.

Shira has been part of the Build team since November 2019, and worked on two of the three new minigame maps, the Grounds Keeper’s Grounds for Hide and Seek and Grimlotts Vault for Melting Floor, which she worked on with fellow Build team members Snowys and Sorcellerie.

What is the first thing you do when starting on a new build?
I first like to make an outline of the build, and go from there. I tackle it differently on every project - sometimes I'd build a minimap, and other times I would start with a rough terrain. I also enjoy marking where things would go on the map out of wool. It helps me come up with a plan that I can easily change.

How long can these minigame maps take to make?
It vastly varies based on the map, and the elements that are in it. Building a minigame map can take anything between just a few hours, or a few weeks. Detailed maps take longer, while other ones take less time (such as when we use pre-existing locations). Generally speaking, flying maps take the longest.

What is your favorite part of the process?
I really enjoy doing terrain! The maps I attract myself to require some terrain work. I love working with building tools like Voxel Sniper and WorldEdit, find it fun [sic] to create a natural terrain for my maps.

What is the most important thing you've learned since you've started working on the team?
How to work in a team, and how important communication is.

What is your favorite out of the new minigame maps?
I would say the Mahounoshiro 1v1 map! The map was decided on at the very last second, while Harrison and I were implementing the other maps. Harrison brought up that it could be nice to have a spring 1v1 map centered around Mahounoshiro. I recalled that a while back, for one of the staff dances, a map like that was built and never used again. We tried to reskin it and modify some elements to fit the needs of an arena, and I love how it turned out.

Wow! Shira was able to tell me about some of the processes builders may use when constructing maps which I had not known. Hopefully, you were also able to learn something or see your experience as a builder represented.

As mentioned before, the new maps are Grounds Keeper’s Grounds (Hide and Seek), Grimlotts Vault (Melting Floor), and Mahounoshiro (1v1 Arena). The Silvermorne map (1v1) has also received a small update. I personally cannot wait to explore the new maps and see the changes the team made to Silvermorne. The returning maps are great as well (my favorite is Nate Salamander’s Suitcase!), so it’s clear that this map rotation will hold plenty of fun for players.

The Daily Diviner

New Magician

Joking Around With the Joke Shops
Server Spotlight
Written by Silquer
Edited by littledead

Hello, my dear readers, and welcome to a tour-astic Server Spotlight guide! Although April Fools is behind us, it is never a bad time to pull pranks and mischief on willing friends. If you’re in the mood for mischievous items, from one jokester to another, here is a guide to the joke shops scattered around the server, where to find them, and what items they sell.

The first two stops on this tour will take us through Diagonal Lane. There is plenty to see here, and it is no surprise that the two largest prankster shops are in magical London. When you first enter Diagonal Lane, one of the first shops you will see is the Wacky Wizarding Wonders Joke Shop. You would be hard-pressed to miss its bright orange-and-purple storefront! Step inside, and you will find a chaotic room filled with more things than one can process in one glance. Take a good look; bright colors, crates of wizarding supplies, and several stories of pranking items will overwhelm and delight you!

I recommend buying the most mischievous items here, such as the Bombastic Bomb Pack, a pack of fake explosions that will startle your friends (but not hurt them!), or the Dungbomb pack, a bunch of nasty-smelling bombs that will surely keep your friends far away from a room. The last I recommend here is the D’Lighter, a useful item for tricking people. The D’Lighter will sap any light away from a lamp and is helpful in setting up a prank (or executing one)!

A short walk away is Wiseacre’s Wizarding Equipment which sells more than just jokester items, although of that they have plenty! This shop is a little smaller and more quaint, filled with soft purples and yellows, and much less crowded. Jenson Wiseacre is the shopkeeper here, and if you speak with him, you will see the regular stock of joke items and supplies. I suggest buying the practical items here, like the Beaded Handbag, an enchanted bag that is larger on the inside. A magical Harp is also sold, self-playing a special song. Finally, there is the Magical Paper Airplane, a fun distraction during classes. It can fly some distance and can be sent between friends.

Far north of London and just outside of Hogsworth, in Hogsend, is Jasper’s Joke Shop. You will find this shop just past the front gate and before The Three Broomsticks. Like Wacky Wizarding Wonders, it is hard to miss the bright colors of the shop. Inside, tall shelves are filled with items and oddities. Here, there are the Omnioculars, a spying glass just waiting to be used to spy on unsuspecting friends, and two magical items that are sure to aid in tricking others: the Magical Die and the Magical Coin. Both function simply but can be used to mess with the odds in a game of chance.

I hope you enjoyed following along with this guide to mischief. As you explore these for yourself, remember: pranks should be fun and harmless above all else! Make sure to check out these locations if you’re in need of a good prank, and happy pranking!

The Daily Diviner

New Magician

What Wand Appearance Fits You Best?
Written by yakko__
Edited by LMNJ

Greetings, Daily Diviner readers! Today, we have a very fun topic: wand appearances, and which one fits you best. There are so many different wand appearances on Potterworld’s store that it can be hard to narrow down which one you think exemplifies you. Hopefully, with the help of this quiz, you can find one that will almost definitely be just that! Like I mentioned, there are so many different wands–65 as of this article being posted–so I have split them into simple categories and picked one wand appearance to represent the group. Still, there are plenty of wands to explore if you have the time. Let’s get started!

What is your favorite color?
A. Green
B. Blue
C. Lilac
D. Black

What Unmagical animal best represents you?
A. Squirrel
B. Crow
C. Dog
D. Horse

What season is your favorite?
A. Spring
B. Fall
C. Summer
D. Winter

What phrase do you identify with the most?
A. Friend of the earth
B. Bookworm
C. Happy-go-lucky
D. Down to earth

What is your favorite potion?
A. Restoration Draught; heals the drinker
B. Phantasma Vita; temporarily gives the drinker the properties of a ghost
C. Quantum Potion; makes a person or creature temporarily miniscule
D. Containment Concoction; slows the progression of magical diseases/injuries

Which magical creature is your favorite?
A. Bowleaf
B. Predictise
C. Fluffle Puffs
D. Sorrowseer

With all of your answers, you can now learn what wand appearance fits you best!

If you chose mostly “A” answers, then you love nature and spending time outdoors. You’re not afraid of getting a little dirt on your hands. Because of this, the best wand appearance for you is The Woodland Wand. This wand is a large, leafy branch.

If you chose mostly "B" answers, you are probably very studious. You enjoy learning for the sake of learning and are curious about everything. The wand appearance for you is the Enchanted Tome; this wand is exactly what the name suggests: an enchanted book!

If you chose mostly “C” answers, you love to be silly and have fun. Being happy and sharing that with others is one of your favorite things. For you, the best wand appearance is the Magician’s Wand. This classic black and white magic wand has a colorful bouquet of flowers bursting out, which matches this colorful personality.

If you chose mostly “D” answers, you have probably been described as “serious” before. You are more sensible and quiet, but you are also dependable and always have a rational or important addition for a conversation when you do speak. The Resting Raven Staff is best for you, which is a tall, crooked branch topped with a hunched raven. Though it seems ominous and unnerving, ravens are solitary, confident, and loyal birds known for their intelligence.

Do you think the wand appearance you got matches you? I definitely do; I ended up getting the Enchanted Tome appearance, which fits as I love to learn and am sometimes too curious for my own good. I hope you had fun with this quiz, and perhaps even learned something about yourself or the wand appearance you would want to have!
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