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The Daily Diviner - Issue 66

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Student Spotlight


Original Works


What's in Store with the Store Team?
Written by Silquer
Edited by Calliequeen

Hello lovely readers, and welcome to the Daily Diviner! The Store team is always hard at work producing new and unique store releases for players to enjoy. Recently, their creative sights have been set on Discord Boosting! In the background, they have been working on a new update to Potterworld’s Discord server boosting system. Let’s take a deeper look into what this service is, how it helps Potterworld, and what changes are coming its way.

For those unaware, the Potterworld Discord server is a hub for all Potterworld players, from staff members to newcomers, that allows people to interact and engage with the wider community.

Discord Boosting is a perk that users with Discord Nitro can use. By boosting the server, these users receive perks and allow the server to upgrade. For example, a level three boosted server has access to over two hundred custom emojis! The Potterworld server is currently level three, and these perks are used in many aspects. Without them, Potterworld wouldn’t be quite the same!

Because of this, the Store team wants to give back to the players who boost the server. The best way to do this is to give those players rewards for using their boost on the server, and that is what this Discord Boosting update will be doing.

Currently, the team has no in-game bonus or reward for the players boosting the server. When someone uses their boost, it gives a few basic perks, such as a badge next to their Discord username and a special role. These are small things, and it seems like the team plans to add to this with special in-game cosmetics and even more bonuses within the server itself. Could there be an in-game pet, or more visibility in Potterworld? We’ll just have to wait and see!

The most important question is: when can we see these changes put into action by the team? It looks like they are planning for a mid-August release for the changes. I await this release in anticipation!

A large thanks to Tang, one of the Store Managers, for providing information on this new update. I encourage players to explore the Potterworld Discord and join it if you haven’t. Please keep an eye out for this release in August, and have a great rest of the month!


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The Daily Diviner

New Magician

Summertime Giveaways
Written by Creme_de_Creme
Edited by bluecherub

Hello, lovely readers! Welcome back to the Editorial column. In recent news, Potterworld’s Art Discord has announced some exciting updates, including sneak peaks of new builds being implemented into upcoming gameplay AND the monthly giveaway!

Now, you may be wondering: what is this “monthly giveaway”? The monthly giveaway is a contest involving submitting an art piece following the prompt of the month into the #monthly-giveaway channel. It could take the form of a photograph, a drawing, a graphic, a render, a poem, a song, or other art forms. The WizNetworker Team selects a winner at random from the list of entries, and the lucky winner is awarded with 150 Potterpoints and 100 House points!

In the past, prompts have revolved around various themes such as faeries, love, and much more! In June, in celebration of pride month, the theme was ‘rainbows’. People submitted gorgeous renders, digital artwork, and even skins! Each submission was stunning and told a story within itself. For the month of June, Hopecute23 was selected as the winner, earning 100 House points for Honeybadgers!

Hopecute23’s art was a hand-drawing of a beautiful person wearing all sorts of different colours of the rainbow. These colours were often posed to look like various pride flags. One of the most noticeable pride flags in Hopecute23’s drawing was the Intersex pride flag. The others were more subtle, embedded into the clothing. I loved the representation, though!

For the month of July, the prompt is zodiac signs! So far, various people have submitted cute graphics, hand-drawings, and digital drawings. I love seeing the different zodiac signs being personified in different forms, whether it be as the animals, or people dressed in clothing that represent their zodiac animal. If this prompt intrigues you, there is still time to submit an entry. It ends on July 29th, so be sure to get an entry in ASAP!

If you aren’t in the Art Discord, make sure you check it out. There are lots of fun features to explore, such as art commissions, sneak peaks, giveaways, and more! Have a wonderful day! This has been Creme_de_Creme reporting for the Daily Diviner.


The Daily Diviner

New Magician

Magnificent Magical Museums
Student Spotlight
Written by kvmw
Edited by Compost__King

Potterworld recently celebrated its eighth anniversary, marking a long history of welcoming community, creative events, and excellent game design that makes up the essence of this server’s appeal. Today, I will be interviewing one of the many players who make Potterworld special: annebanane, also known as Anne. I could say more—or I could let her introduce herself!

Hi! I’m Anne! I’m usually a Serpent, but for now, I have temporarily resorted to Honeybadger for the House Cup. I have been playing on Potterworld since 2017, and I've always loved it! The community has always been amazing, and it's the server I literally spend all of my time on. Usually, my time spent on Potterworld is building for myself and doing build commissions for others. When events are out, I spend a lot of time getting all of the collectibles for my housing museum.

Anyone who has had the pleasure of visiting Anne’s housing (and if you haven’t, be sure to do so the next time you are online) would agree when I say that Anne is a spectacular builder. Both her museum and housing look fantastic, displaying a sense of aesthetics that makes it easy to see why she does commissions for others. After I asked how long she had been building and what she did to improve, she said:

I’ve been building for a while but only started getting into it in November of 2021! To improve, I like to go into my super flat creative world and build houses, castles, etc. I also like to watch YouTube videos to see how other people build things so I can take inspiration from that.

Her hard work has definitely paid off, though, of course, it’s not every day that one decides to make a museum. Curious to know where her inspiration came from, I inquired into her museum’s origins, to which she responded:

So I started building my housing during the 2021 Winter Waltz, and I wanted to do something in the basement after I had built the main building. I was walking around the event and I thought that it would be cool if I had done something inspired by Castelomagia, so I got all of the collectibles and built a little room with all of them. So with every event since I have done the same little tradition. It's really fun because it gives me something to do in between quests, and I genuinely love decorating each room.

The inspiration behind each of the museum’s rooms is clear at first glance: for example, the May the Fourth event is modeled after a cozy restaurant, complete with comfortable seating areas, tables laden with food, and a coffee machine displaying the event’s coffee brew collectibles!

Such projects often require tedious amounts of work, though when asked if there were any difficulties when starting her museum, Anne only mentioned having to dig out the entire bottom of her plot. Luckily, she has a couple of friends who helped her out, even if it still took a while.

In a similar vein, I asked her about how she goes about earning all an event’s collectibles. For those unaware, most collectibles can be bought using Event Tokens, which are in turn earned by completing quests and playing minigames. But I’ll let Anne explain a little further.

I will usually attempt to grind the event’s main quests first so I can get a larger amount of Event Tokens. I will then move on to doing the side quests every day (or whenever they regenerate). I will also usually grind mini games! The easiest ones to grind in my opinion are droppers and elytra courses. These all help me get the event tokens that I need to get all of the collectibles, and I will usually finish the exhibit during the event as well.

Anne’s skill and tenacity are impressive, though I'm glad that she has a tried-and-true method for attaining all an event's rewards, which must make things a little easier since she knows that it's only a matter of time before she completes her collection.

Of course, we all have our preferences, and I asked Anne what her favorite Potterworld event was, to which she responded:

My favorite event so far has been the Valentine’s event from this year. I have a soft spot for Greek mythology, and I genuinely enjoyed the main quests and their story. I also got closer to my best friends during that event, so it was just a good time all around!

As someone who tends to burst into discussion the moment Greek mythology is mentioned, I loved that event too! All the references to familiar gods and monsters made the main quests so much fun, so I can definitely understand why it is her favorite event.

When visiting Anne’s museum, I noticed two rooms that were a work in progress—one dedicated to the most recent Pride event, the other empty save for a few chests. When I inquired as to the purpose of these rooms and any future plans for her museum, Anne said:

There’s an extra room in the museum that I want to dedicate to collectibles from each Hogsworth house. I want to decorate 4 different parts of the room in theme with each house and display the house collectibles in their designated spot.

House pride—what better way to celebrate all of Potterworld? After all, nothing galvanizes the community quite like the House Cup.

Finally, to wrap up our conversation, I asked Anne what tips she had for beginning collectors of event rewards.

My advice is to be patient! You have about a month to get all of the collectibles for an event, so you don't have to rush it. Grinding minigames can be fun and also can get you a lot of event tokens. You should also remember that an event is supposed to be fun! So while you're collecting, make sure to have fun while you're doing it.

I definitely agree—even though the idea of collecting all of an event’s rewards sounds like a satisfying journey, it is one I could never finish. I’d probably get burnt out within a day! But if this is an undertaking that interests you, it is never too late to start.

A special thank you to Anne for giving such thoughtful responses, as well as all Potterworld’s staff members, who contribute to making such special events for the playerbase to enjoy. I hope you all have a wonderful day, and hopefully, I will see you again in the next issue!

A note from the Producers:
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The Daily Diviner

New Magician

A 'Packed' Event
Written by ohKeira
Edited by snotflower

Hello readers, and welcome back to the Lifestyle column! Now that we are in the midst of summer, the possibilities to keep you occupied while school is out are endless. Some may seem obvious, such as swimming, biking, and camping, but what if you are looking for something different? You could try finding a local carnival or fair to attend! A carnival and fair are similar in many ways, usually being events that pop up around various areas. The main difference is that carnivals usually move from town to town, while fairs tend to stay in one location and are community-based. It can be hard to pack accordingly for either of these, so here are a few things we suggest bringing with you when you go on your next fun trip to one of these fantastic events!

Polaroid Camera
First up, we have the well-known and beloved Polaroid camera! Although there are electronic devices to take photos, Polaroid cameras are much cheaper, and you can also print out pictures for decoration! They are also small and compact, which makes them much more suitable for smaller bags. As fun as it may be to bring one of these devices, just make sure that you have enough film before going, or you could miss capturing some valuable memories!

Compact Medical Kit
Next, what about a medical kit? Even if it’s not extensive, something small in an emergency is always good to have on hand! A few of the many things you can put inside the kit include bandaids, gauze, and disposable gloves for minor cuts. You could also swap out some of the medical items for tissues, extra water, etc. If there are any serious injuries, please contact a professional.

You could never forget a pair of sunglasses! Not only do they look awesome while going on rides or even simply walking around, but especially on a sunny day, sunglasses are great to have on hand! They can protect your eyes from the sun and make sure that you look super fashionable while doing it. For a little bonus, you could also throw in a hat with your sunglasses. Even a simple cap can help reduce sunburns and block the scorching sun. If hats or sunglasses aren’t your style, simply applying some sunscreen would also work!

This may seem obvious, but bringing friends can make the experience infinitely more exciting! Not only can you split funds, but you can also make some unforgettable memories. It also opens up a wider variety of opportunities for fun group activities or rides. Just be sure to stick together, as events like these can get pretty chaotic!

With your bag fully packed and prepared, you are now all set to head out to a carnival or fair near you! Remember to pack carefully, stay safe, and invite some friends to have a great time. I hope you have a wonderful rest of your day and that this helped you out! This is Keira, signing off!

The Daily Diviner

New Magician

The Pirate's Life
Original Works
Written by Silquer
Edited by kvmw

The sight of Squalus Cove’s docks was always a pleasure to the pirates of Amar. It was the crew’s resting grounds, the harbor where they nested their weary hearts after a long journey pillaging along the southern coasts.

Clara Bonetide, barrelman of the Amar, stood at the bow of the ship at the end of its return-trip routine, the deck alive with movement behind her as the crew hustled to prepare the ship for docking. Her own duties were over the minute they caught sight of land, and she could simply enjoy the prickle of sea spray on her skin and the scent of the docks in all their fishy glory.

The gulls laughed at the crew as they docked, flocking around the tip of the mast and staring down at them with beady, judgmental eyes. A bell buoy clanged in the distance, chiming its guidance for sailors. The marketplace swam before her eyes. The crew was home.

Clara patted her thick pouch of gold and stepped off of the ship as soon as the ramp was lowered, Cora and Oz following on her heels. They were the designated shoppers this time around.

The market was thriving this early in the morning. It reminded her of her own childhood spent on the docks, pickpocketing with some of her closest friends, now her crewmates. By that stall, there was a sewer, where she and Cali had hidden after stealing a motherload of gold from the attending merchant, and just over there was the spot where she had watched the ships sail by with Hanna when they were kids, wishing they were on one of their own.

They had been a rowdy bunch, Clara remembered fondly, before the Captain offered them a home on the Amar.

She carted her gathered food items, all oranges and lemons to prevent sickness at sea after they ran out of their old supply, with her gold pouch safely tucked in her pocket. That was why, when she drifted through a large crowd and came out on the other side, she felt the exact moment when the weight at her hip went missing.

Someone just pickpocketed her money. And judging by the flash of gold in the hands of a small child to her right, she knew who had done it.

Clara strode over to where the kid was balancing on the posts of the dock, walking along cheerily to the sound of the waves slapping the wooden posts, and yelped in surprise when she stopped in front of him.

“Give that back,” she droned, reaching out a hand to take back what was hers. She had plenty of experience with these kinds of kids and didn’t really have time for this. Unlucky for her, they just smiled and hid the pouch behind their back.

“You’re a pirate, right? Tell me a story, and I’ll give it back,” the kid said with a toothy grin.

Clara, bemused, looked down at the kid. “Is that the reason you stole my gold?”


She had a soft spot for kids; who could blame her? She had been one of them before, curious about the world and the sea at her doorstep.

She sighed and began walking beside the posts. They followed closely behind. She cleared her throat, and began with, “Alright, squirt. Almost a year ago now, there was a prominent smuggling business running out of Squalus Cove along the western coast. They were a big name, the kind you didn’t cross unless you were looking for trouble. One week, my crew was.

“We were antsy, see. Just docked after a long month out at sea. Money was low, provisions were pretty much gone, and we were looking for an easy score. It just so happened that the smugglers were out for the day, their cargo on board, and a few of us snuck in for an, ah, unsolicited pillage. We got such a lecture from the Captain that day.”

“Did it work?” the kid interjected. Clara nodded.

“We got the cargo—some tons of mob drops—that we could sell on the market for good money. Everything went fine, but the three of us who planned the heist were put on cleaning duty as punishment, and we set sail the next morning. We didn’t realize until an hour out of port that we were being followed by the smugglers.

“They boarded us. If glares could kill, the Captain would have been our murderer. They sniffed around our goods, found the mob drops, and the biggest fight you’ve ever seen broke out. It was pandemonium, and we were severely outmatched.”

“Did you win?”

“Listen! We nearly didn’t, although I’m sure I saw Violet and Vine knock several smugglers into the sea. Pirates must be skilled in both magic and swordplay, after all. No, we didn’t win until someone shot a fire spell at the smuggler’s ship, and it went up in flames. I’m pretty sure it was our first mate. It was a glorious display of arson. Any smugglers on the ship were forced to abandon it, and without the support of their cannons, we took the rest of those on our ship as prisoners and dumped them off at the next port.”

She cast a sidelong glance at the kid, who was staring at her with open-mouthed awe. “Coincidentally, that’s also the story of how my friend Cali got her pegleg.”


Clara laughed at their amazement and stopped at the end of the docks. She held out her hand, and the kid dropped the pouch in happily. If she noticed a few pieces had been slipped into their pockets, well, she knew what it was like to go hungry.

“Thanks again, pirate lady.”

“Anytime, kid.”

Reunited with her gold, Clara returned to the ship with a new story to tell and ready to begin a new one.

The Daily Diviner

New Magician

Town Tours: Suthedge
Written by SnowyKitty
Edited by snotflower

Welcome to this issue’s town review! For those of you new to this column, each week a reporter will visit a different location. We’ll give you the know-how and go over some commonly missed hidden gems. For this issue, I visited Suthedge! I took the Fire Dust Network from Diagonal Lane right into Portstead’s warehouse. I had been planning a day trip to the town, so this opportunity was perfect!

The first thing I did was stop by Adela’s Pumpkin Punch stand, a cannot-miss while you’re traveling the Suthedge countryside. Adela, its namesake, is a lovely fisher. She’s skilled at angling, but her punch is to die for! This tasty pumpkin brew is made from local ingredients, including fresh produce from Edgebrook. Even better, she’s known to share her unique recipe with those who ask. Though I’ve tried to make it, nothing beats the original.

Adela hangs out on the docks when she’s not at sea, and Portstead’s docks are known to be the perfect spot to fish. If you’re not one for hooking up dinner, there are blacksmith lessons in town. Though be careful! It’s easy to get caught up in the friendly battle between the blacksmiths and the fishers if you step the wrong way.

Blacksmith or fisher, the townsfolk won’t let you leave without hearing about the Kraken. While their rivalry focuses on teasing and pranks, it all comes down to who did the most to defeat the mighty Kraken. Decades ago, Portstead was attacked. Both fish in the sea and wizards on land began disappearing at alarming rates. While many fled in fear, causing the creation of Edgebrook, others stayed and prepared to fight.

Using empty houses for materials, the remaining residents created a ship. Two dozen fishers took to sea to destroy the beast. Over a week later, they drifted in on lifeboats, carrying a large tentacle that now resides in the warehouse. All that remained of the ship was the anchor, now enlarged and mounted in the harbor.

The folklore is fascinating and works well as a tourist attraction. And while I adore the pumpkin punch, I wouldn’t stay here longer than an afternoon. The smell of the sea and fish is nauseating, and the townsfolk are way too comfortable with it.

To escape the briny air, I decided to take a pleasant walk to Edgebrook, which is just up the hill. The path that connects the two towns is as important as the towns themselves. In the autumn, wizards come together to hold a festival spanning the entire road. It consists of a giant feast of harvested goods. I have attended the last few years and it’s not to disappoint.

There’s no need to worry during the festival or when traveling through Suthedge. There are not many local creatures; you’ll have to take quite a walk to find any. Ogres live south of Edgebrook in a pitiful swamp, while explosively-ended newts live north of Portstead. If you venture off path, watch your step! You could lose a shoe to the mud if you’re not paying attention.

You wouldn’t want to be anywhere but Edgebrook, though. The small town is settled within a brush of trees and is the cutest wizard farming town in England. With no major attractions, it is quiet, peaceful, and the best place for retired wizards. Many of the residents are elderly wizards, and they are some of the kindest people you’ll ever meet.

The pride and joy of Edgebrook are their yields. They sell fresh produce as well as grain, ground up in their very own windmill. It’s been around for decades and is proudly a family business. Originally it was run by Tamara and her husband, but fifty years ago sorrow fell on the town. One fateful night, Tamara’s husband drunkenly fell into the town’s well. To this day, the mill remains a sad place for the village.

Currently, the windmill is run by Tamara and her grandson, Felix. Recently, poor Tamara fell sick from the bite of a horned snake. If you’re skilled with potions, Felix is asking for help to create an antivenom. He needs help finding the ingredients because he’s busy with… something in the shed? He’d be grateful if you stopped by.

As I was leaving, I realized Iona had been quietly scuffling around Edgebrook the entire time I’d been in Suthedge. She wouldn’t tell me exactly what she needed help with, but it involved the well. If you have time to spare to investigate, please talk to her. Be careful; some say Tamara’s husband haunts the bottomless well, but I don’t believe in tall tales like that. If you see his ghost, though, I’d love to interview him!

All in all, Suthedge is a very lovely area, though deadlines prevented me from visiting Wightwaye. It has minimal dangers and has a beautiful landscape of rolling fields. It is a wonderful and peaceful place to visit and live. The history is rich, the food is delicious, and the citizens are delightful. I will be giving it a nine out of ten. It is worth your while, and I hope you can catch time to visit!

This has been Ozzie reporting for the Daily Diviner. Have a magical day!

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