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The Daily Diviner - Issue 73

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Student Spotlight


Original Works

Lofty November Store Releases
Written by Silquer
Edited by snotflower

November is almost here, dear readers, and October is coming to a close. As always, we have our monthly store release on the way. However, this one is a little bit different. What could the team have in store for us for the month of November? We can’t share any major details yet, but you’ve come to the right place for some speculation.

The first thing on most players’ minds is the theme. The theme of the store release changes from month to month, courtesy of the Store team’s ingenious creativity. For example, last month’s store items were themed around spooky items, such as the Enchanter’s Hat and the Pet Bat Collection. The month before that was based on the Butterbrew Event and carnival items such as The Ringmaster’s Staff and the Pet Baby Elephant.

While November’s theme is currently undisclosed, there is plenty of potential for the upcoming chilly month. Perhaps it has something to do with the sky or the sun. And… is that the sound of music wafting in from above? Whatever the theme is, it’s sure to be something creative!

Besides the theme, we are surely all excited about the new items. There is great potential, from hats to brooms to staffs. Could there even be a new pet? We haven’t had any regular wands for a few releases. There could be a revival!

However, the most exciting feature is the potential for a new Guardian pet. As of a recent update, in-game Guardian pets have been made available on the store. These Guardians are used in a special spell gained through a quest on the server. All of the Guardians currently available are found under the Wand Upgrades section of the store page. The potential of having a brand new Guardian as a part of the Store release is certainly something to think about!

Besides all of this speculation, what else is there to look forward to? Well, new in-game items are always something to get excited about. Players can never have too many cool and adorable cosmetics to personalize their Potterworld experience. We can also expect to see creative twists on common items as all Store Releases are sure to follow through on.

That’s all the speculation we have for today. Are you excited about the November Store Release? What are your thoughts? Whatever you may be thinking, be sure to keep an eye out for the release, and if you ever see the Store team around, make sure to thank them for their hard work. We at Daily Diviner wish you a happy rest of your month and a great start to the next one!


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The Daily Diviner

New Magician

Honeybadgers Reclaim the House Cup!
Written by autumnngrace
Edited by Compost__King

Hello to all of you lovely witches and wizards! As most of you know, Honeybadgers won the House Cup after a long quarter of planning and working together. For today’s article, I’ve gotten the chance to interview many members of the community and ask them a few questions about this quarter’s House Cup win!

Before we dive into the article, I’d like to give a quick thanks to Melioraa, Enzologies, _xnadine, emmamonty18, and Engelhardmarcos for participating in this interview. Without further ado, here is the article!

How do you feel about winning the house cup?
Melioraa: I'm very proud of my fellow Honeybadgers for all of their hardwork. It isn't always about winning, but I'm glad that all of the hard work we put in has been recognised. They deserve it!

Enzologies: it was very rewarding because the last time badgers won was at the start of 2021 so seeing everyone work together to get as many points for badgers was very wholesome

Was there a very active Honeybadger that caught your eye? If so, who?
_xnadine: There sure were a couple of active Honeybadgers, but one that really caught my eye was Engelhardmarcos (Engel_Frost). They've always tried their hardest in classes, earning loads of HP's with their O+'s, and they kept the hype up in the Honeybadger chat as well!

emmamonty18: Undoubtedly, Bread_Honeyduke/x_bread_x! Whenever I had questions of any sort, they were always willing to help me, and frankly anyone else who needed help. They were very encouraging and when it came to classes, they always participated when they could and put their best foot forward.

What did you do when you found out Honeybadgers won?
emmamonty18: I had just gotten home from a stressful job interview, so when I saw that we had won, I actually jumped up and down and picked up my cat to show her. She had no idea what was going on, but she was a good sport! I bought some Honeybadger banners and decked out my housing plot with them and wore my Honeybadger robes around in game for the whole day (and also in irl, I pulled out my House tapestry and wore it like a cape).

Engelhardmarcos: I logged in, seeing if the festivities were already open. Sadly there wasn't live, so I decided to make a "mini-celebration" on my Housing, where we played HNS, Simon says. It was given more than 40K gold to everyone who attended (all students from all houses attended.). I also spammed a lot drink of the Kind potion, where I saved for a moment like this!

It’s so heartwarming to see how this victory has impacted members of the community. The last question I asked was to Engelhardmarcos about being number one on the leaderboard for most House Points earned for Honeybadger! Here’s what he had to say:

Engelhardmarcos: Honestly, I'm quite surprised, but happy at the same time. Even though Enzo, Nadine and Ismo earned so many House Points, I got the top earner at the end. Thanks to my dailies, O+ in assignment classes, flying classes, and reporting bugs (Since I've became a Grounds Keeper, I won't be able to earn house points by reporting). At the end, I think I helped Honeybadger win a well-deserved House cup. All badgers did an amazing job to secure this House Cup that seemed impossible with raven dominance.

What an amazing perspective. Congratulations to Honeybadgers! Thank you again to those who agreed to participate in this interview, and thank you for reading this edition of the Daily Diviner!

The Daily Diviner

New Magician

It's Game Changing
Written by SnowyKitty
Edited by Calliequeen

As you may know, Potterworld never stays the same for long. The server strives to keep growing, from mixing things up to improving and adding new content. There have been multiple gameplay updates in the past two months, and the Daily Diviner has been lacking in keeping everyone up-to-date. Everything from this autumn has been astounding, so let’s jump into our review!

Let’s start with the minigames update! The main focus was on Party Games. It introduced two new games and a revamp. Speed Build and Parkour Race are straightforward. The former is a quick game where you recreate a small build from memory, and the latter is exactly how it sounds! Capture the Pixies was updated with a new net, making it easier to catch pixies.

The long-awaited rejoining mechanism was added to the Revenant Gauntlet, the 5th Battle of Potterworld Dungeon, and Party Games. These are long-running activities and are prone to lag out players. If you rejoin the game, you’ll be at the nearest spawn point in the Gauntlet and Dungeon. In Party Games, you’ll be a spectator for the round but rejoin the next one!

The second quarterly map rotation was released! We saw changes in Melting Floor, Hide and Seek, Flying, and 1v1 Arena. Melting Floor saw five revamped and returning maps, and Hide and Seek and Flying received a new map each. Keep an eye out while you’re having fun and completing your dailies!

Reputation Phase Two was released at the beginning of September! Reputation tasks centre around the townsfolk as you gain popularity in the magical world. Towns included in this update were Eldham Ridge, Wigtown, Ireland, Riddleyard, Haggletown, Walden, Gnollberg Port, and Greenshore Harbour. Make sure to check it out!

Droobledore filmed a new Systems Vlog a month ago. Game Design is working on events and completing current projects. While community feedback has been helping, there still seem to be several flaws in some areas of gameplay. Rebalancing experience is in the works, but the main goal is to prepare for the future.

And that future is Systems 2.0: a complete redesign of Potterworld’s core systems. This update will focus on community feedback and gameplay reconstruction. It’ll break down current systems and make a better and stronger foundation for the server. It’ll help us to design new content and make gameplay feel whole, not just multiple aspects smushed together.

The team is aiming to bring more gameplay styles. Right now, it’s inevitable that you’ll have to grind mobs and attend classes to level up. Even dedicated players struggle to keep up motivation with the workload required. We aren’t just a server for one type of player, though. 2.0 will ensure players have more options on how to play the way they want.

Potterworld can be challenging to understand. The First Year Experience has been the first attempt to help gameplay be more consumable, and it's not stopping there. More plans on how they’re aiming to make this happen and general 2.0 information will be in the next vlog!

We’ve received information on the Main Storyline, first mentioned in the first-ever Droobletalk in May. It’ll be a series of quests from level 11 to 70 focused on one grand story. Game Design will be moving away from one-shot quests and give you a taste of what attending Hogsworth is like. It’ll introduce new lore, content, and locations.

While this is all exciting, it takes a lot of work. If you think you’re up to the task, I recommend applying for Jr. Game Design. You’ll get a chance to pitch into quests, events, gameplay, and much more! You only need to be at least 16 years old and level 60. Systems 2.0 won’t design itself!

Everything has been keeping me on the tip of my toes. Don’t forget to always keep an eye out because we’re constantly releasing new updates! With the new year on the horizon, the staff team have multiple things in the works. As always, thank you so much to the Game Design and Dev teams for everything you do! May you all have a magical day!

The Daily Diviner

New Magician

Community-Oriented Windows_dog
Student Spotlight
Written by autumnngrace
Edited by snotflower

Hello to all of you extraordinary witches and wizards. Welcome back to the Daily Diviner’s Student Spotlight! The Student Spotlight Column is our way of reaching out to the Potterworld community and learning even more about players and their interests. This Student Spotlight is on one of the richest active Potterworld players, Windows_dog! Windows_dog has been playing on Potterworld for nine months and is in the brave house of Griffins.

What initially drew you to Potterworld? And what keeps you coming back? Why?
I have always grown fond of Harry Potter and I play Minecraft, so what not better to join this server! The community is the pure reason why I haven't left and it's always meeting both veterans and new players alike.

Do you have any goals for yourself on Potterworld? If so, what are they?
Yes, being a part of the Game Design and Prefect team!

What is something you're known for on Potterworld? Or what is something you're proud of having accomplished on the server?
Hopefully someone that's helpful, kind and honest.

What does a normal day for you on Potterworld look like?
Meeting with friends, jumping into calls and taking part of what Potterworld has to offer (events, chest runs, classes).

Do you have a favorite activity to do on Potterworld? What is it? Why is it your favorite?
I do indeed have a favorite activity, its Hide n Seek around the castle or London. It's amazing to do activities with the community and getting to know your fellow wizards and witches.

What is your favorite location on the map? Why is it your favorite?
The Great Hall in Hogsworth. You will most likely catch me there with the amazing community!

Windows_dog has been a marvelous player on Potterworld, and we can’t wait to see what he achieves next. If you see him in game, be sure to toss out a hello. If you’re interested in being featured in the next Student Spotlight, be sure to submit a response to the form below! Thank you for reading the Daily Diviner, and have an amazing rest of your day or night.

Do you want to be featured in a future Student Spotlight article? Fill out our form here for a chance to be our next Student Spotlight!

The Daily Diviner

New Magician

The Evil Witch: Mab Lib
Written by MintyEagle
Edited by snotflower

Greetings, readers, and welcome back to the Daily Diviner! Halloween is an amazing time of year, filled to the brim with spooky stories. What is a better way to celebrate than a holiday-themed Mad Lib? There is a story already laid out, and all you have to do is fill in the parts with orange text with a word specific to the parts of speech given. When you’re done, read over your story once more and have a blast!

It was the night of Halloween when this all went down. You grabbed your bag, put on your costume of a [NOUN], and ran into the dark. The idea of having [CANDY], your favorite candy, passed your mind every minute. As you [VERB] past the [ADJECTIVE] houses, you found a peculiar one. The outside was painted [COLOR] and the hinges on the windows sounded like a screeching [NOUN]. It was [NUMBER] [NOUN] Street, which all the neighborhood children knew not to go near.

However, you were feeling [EMOTION] that starry night, so you knocked on the door. In almost an instant, you were pulled in. Inside, there was a dim light from the candles and a woman sitting around a spruce table with a(n) [NOUN] as the centerpiece. The lady called you to the chair opposite her, and you had no choice but to oblige. When you sat down, you noticed that it was [ADJECTIVE], and you got a bit worried.

To calm you down, the woman put a drop of a potion on her hand and a(n) [NOUN] appeared in her palm. As you [VERB], she poured you a nice cup of tea. Then, she offered to play a game with you: if you rolled the die she gave you and it landed on [NUMBER], you would win every [NOUN] the witch owned. However, if you failed to roll that number, you must pay the ultimate price.

Since you were a naive child, you decided to take her up on the deal. The die [VERB] in your hands as you shook it, and you let it go. It must have hit every side at least once, but it eventually landed. As you peered over at the die, you saw that it was a losing roll. Suddenly, the witch levitated from her seat and it looked like a(n) [NOUN] was coming out of her head!

Almost instantly, you got out of your seat and [VERB] through a door into another room. The woman busted through the door, so you grabbed a(n) [NOUN] and threw it at her. Unfortunately, it didn’t seem to do much. Running into the kitchen, you opened the refrigerator. Just like magic, [NOUN] started to fly out, hitting her one by one. While she recovered, you found a set of stairs that you [VERB] up.

On a nearby table, you found a large bowl filled with [NOUN]! You stuffed all of it into your pockets and hid in a wardrobe. The witch came up the stairs and [VERB] every [NOUN] in order to find you. While she was doing that, you snuck out from behind her and ran outside. The night had gone by and the sun was awake in the sky. Although the woman tried to follow you, she [VERB] in the sunlight and retreated back into her home. As you walked home and processed everything that happened that night, you smiled and took a bite out of a(n) [FOOD].

The Daily Diviner

New Magician

Sweet Hidden Halloween Treasure
Written by whoohoo
Edited by snotflower

Hello, dear readers of the Daily Diviner, and welcome to the second Lifestyle article of this issue. Today’s topic is how to host a Halloween candy treasure hunt! There are endless possibilities for hiding places around this magical castle, so let's focus on one adventurous path inside Hogsworth. Make this hunt more fun by playing this route with your friends, and adding rewards!

Tips and Tricks​
Everyone enjoys a good treasure hunt, but how do you put one together? Here I have a few tips and tricks that are crucial for hosting your very own treasure hunt.
  1. Make a checklist of everything you need for your treasure hunt. Think about the reward, the locations, the clues, and most of all, the objects people will be searching for during the hunt.
  2. Plan the route of the activity. This will be the main course for players to get from one location to the other, so make sure people know the route, by using a map or even arrows on the wall.
  3. Make sure you have enough time to do everything. Setting up a treasure hunt takes a lot of time as does carrying one out since you never know how long it could take some people to finish.
  4. Make sure everything is safe and secure, including the locations and objects used in the treasure hunt.

First clue​
The treasure hunt starts in the Great Hall, where papers with the first clue are handed out to everyone that is participating. The first clue is “Through a bowl in a painting after descending down the stairs, you will find bowls of fruits here and there, find it and you’ll be close to where I am.’’ This clue indicates that the players have to go to the Hogsworth Kitchens and look for multiple pieces of candy that are hidden inside the many bowls of fruit.

Second Clue​
Once players find the first pieces of candy, they are given the second clue, which is the following sentence: “Plants, water, yellow and black all around, on the shelf is where I am found.’’ This points to the Honeybadger Common Room, where pieces of candy are hidden among the shelves.

Third Clue​
The third clue is handed out when exiting the room, which says “Red and gold all around, near the paintings I can be found,’’ implying the Griffin Common Room and that the pieces of candy are hidden around or behind the paintings.

Fourth Clue​
The fourth clue is given in the hallway outside of the Common Room, which declares “Blue and silver, wise birds fly high, the books are where I hide,’’ telling players to go to the Raven Common Room and look inside and around the books found all around the room.

Fifth Clue​
The fifth and final clue of this treasure hunt shows to be “Cunning and green, a noble house, around the cauldrons I can be found,’’ stating the last location is the Serpent Common Room, and the candies are scattered around, inside and underneath the cauldrons.

Now, of course, everyone would love a reward for finding the most candies. I would suggest having a few ready for the three people, or groups, that find the most candies. One reward could be a three gold coupon to spend at Honeysweets in Hogsend. Another might be a rare Choco Hop card! And, of course, a scarf knitted into the colors of the four Hogsworth Houses is also a great reward.

That’s all we have on the treasure hunt! I hope you all enjoyed reading. Thank you for reading the Daily Diviner, and until next time!

The Daily Diviner

New Magician

What Does Your Halloween Candy Say About You?
Written by MamaDuckie
Edited by Silquer

Happy Spook-Tober, Potterworld! This month is the most ghoulish of the year and one that everyone looks forward to. From pumpkin spice themed treats and sweater weather, to epic costumes and haunted houses, there’s a little something for everyone to enjoy. It’s also the most popular time of year for eating candy, and that might make you wonder what type of Halloween candy you are. And, of course, what does it say about you? Take the quiz below to find out!

What word describes you best?
A. Adventurous
B. Childish
C. Reliable
D. Old school
E. Predictable

Everyone has a favorite Halloween or scary movie. What’s yours?
A. Literally anything
B. Anything Scooby-Doo related
C. Ghostbusters
D. It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown
E. Hocus Pocus

It’s time to prepare your Halloween costume! What’s your plan?
A. I just grabbed something at random from the store…
B. Store bought and picked by my parents!
C. Same thing as last year, I guess…
D. My parents threw something together for me quickly.
E. I have been carefully planning my costume since last Halloween and will make it myself by hand!

Speaking of Halloween costumes, what are you going as this year?
A. I’m not really sure what this is, but I’m dressed up, aren’t I?
B. A cute and adorable pumpkin! It’s even got a little hat!
C. I’m a witch/wizard like always…
D. An old bed sheet with cut out eye holes. I’m a ghost! Woooo!
E. I’ve spent the last six months making every inch of my favorite horror movie villain costume.

I bet your costume was great! Did you win the costume contest?
A. There was a costume contest? I was just here to party!
B. No, but everyone thought I was totally adorable!
C. I didn’t even enter…
D. I came in second place. People seemed to like the old school approach.
E. Naturally!

We know you went Trick Or Treating! How much candy did you bring home in your bag?
A. About 3 or 4 bags full. I walked a whole lot for this haul!
B. Only a bag full. I had to be home before dark!
C. Uh… I ate most of it while I was out walking around…
D. Bag? I carry around my pillowcase! Or two of them…
E. I didn’t even fill my whole bag, I was having more fun scaring people with my costume!

If you chose mostly A’s, you are some kind of sour candy! You’re adventurous and unpredictable! On Halloween, you go far and wide to enjoy the spookiest day of the year in whatever way you can. You are the first person in your group to go into the haunted house, but it doesn’t scare you at all.

If you chose mostly B’s, you are some kind of chocolate! You’re young and cheerful! On Halloween, your costume is the one that makes everyone else smile because of how cute and innocent it makes you look. You stay away from anything even remotely scary, but you probably love a good mystery.

If you chose mostly C’s, you are some kind of gum! You’re reliable and everlasting! On Halloween, you make sure you have time to spend with everyone, even if you have to party hop and go to three different haunted houses. You might cause a bit of mischief along the way, but it’s all harmless fun.

If you chose mostly D’s, you are a piece of butterscotch! You are all about the classics and simplicity! On Halloween, you aim to have a fun time out and about with your friends or family. You make sure that everyone with you is having a good time, but admire other costumes throughout the night.

If you chose mostly E’s, you are some kind of lollipop! You are predictable and creative! On Halloween, you are all about embracing your inner spook and creating the best costume to go with it. You spend a lot of time planning how to have the best night of your life, but it helps make everyone else’s night better too.

Well, how’d it go? Did you find out what candy you are? Is it what you expected or did you find out something new about yourself? Whatever the case, we at the Daily Diviner hope you had a good time taking the quiz and wish you the spookiest Halloween. Don’t eat too much candy though!

The Daily Diviner

New Magician

Food Fight
Original Works
Written by Creme_de_Creme & bluecherub
Edited by snotflower

Professor Hanigan was walking by one of the student tables when she heard a familiar voice mention her name.

“I can’t believe Professor Hanigan is making us write a whole scroll on the Predictise by Monday,” Aurelia said.

The professor smirked and made her way towards the complaining student.

“If I’m not mistaken, that scroll was assigned two weeks ago, Ms. Aurelia. Do you mean to say that you haven’t begun?”

Aurelia jumped at the sound of Professor Hanigan’s voice.

“Well, if you hadn’t realized, many of us have other classes to prepare for.” Aurelia turned around slowly, half rolling her eyes.

“So you mean to tell me that it wasn’t you who I saw guzzling butterbrew at the recent trip to Hogsend? Surely you were much too busy preparing class materials since you haven’t the time to prepare them for mine.”

“I was celebrating my O+ in a recent Potions quiz. My dad always said to celebrate the little things in life. Obviously, you were raised by people made of stone.”

Before she knew it, Aurelia found herself face-first in the pie she had just taken a bite out of.

She froze. A sudden burst of laughter peeled out of her tablemates and Professor Hanigan was already on her way back to the Professors’ table at the front of the Great Hall.

After the initial shock wore off, Aurelia immediately went for the spaghetti on the plate next to her, chucking it at the professor’s retreating figure. The red noodles landed on a student nearby, missing Professor Hanigan. Soon all hell broke loose as what started as a food fight became a fully-fledged food war.

Each house started to create formations and barricades. Ravens could be heard creating strategies, having prepared their whole lives during Wizard’s chess for this very moment. Honeybadgers were forming alliances, even going so far as to push another student out of the line of fire before going down for the count. Griffins weren’t even defending themselves- They’re quite possibly covered in more food than they’d eaten in the past year, but they took it as war paint, symbols of their service to their housemates. Some paint streaked across their cheeks in patterns with the mashed potatoes. Others had taken to using baguettes as bayonets. Serpents were stock-piling their ammunition, preparing for when- not if, mind you- the others lost their ammo. Soon, they would have reign over the entire great hall, and their reign would be one of terror. Besides that, most took the opportunity of the early confusion to simply leave the mess behind.

Suddenly the Great Hall doors opened and a professor walked into the room. It was Professor McGannon, known for his strictness, eagerness to punish others, and cruelty. A nearby Griffin student was mid-throw and had just released a handful of pumpkin puree when it hit him.

The student cried out, “PROFESSOR MCGANNON! I am so sorry.”

At hearing the stern-faced professor’s name, everyone gasped and came to an immediate halt.

As soon as Professor McGannon gathered his bearings, he asked in a loud, barely-contained rage, “WHO started this?!”

The Divination professor stepped forward, "T'was I."

"Bartholomew, I know for a FACT it wasn't you. Now, WHO did this? Step forward now."

Hanigan and Aurelia stepped forward, heads bowed in shame, but still itching to stick the other’s face into a bowl of soup.

“I should think that the Goodman family would have raised children with finer manners. This behavior, as you should know, is unacceptable. What would your mothers think? You’ll be degnoming the Goodman family gardens all summer if your mothers hear word of this. And Professor Hanigan, as the newly hired professor, you NEED to rise above and show more decorum. You both will report to the Headmaster’s office IMMEDIATELY.”

Both nodded their heads, and as they walked out, they began to playfully elbow one another again.

"You know, cousin, we really should give that ol' geezer a," she paused to consider her words for a moment, "festive surprise," said Aurelia.

"An excellent idea, cousin," said Professor Hanigan, smirking.
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