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The Daily Diviner - Special Edition: Spellbound

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Happy Valentine’s Day, Daily Diviner readers! Or is it? As it turns out, this year the Enchanted Valley needs our help once more. In 2021, fairytale villains were let into the once-peaceful valley, stealing the happy endings of popular fairytale characters! As many of you might remember, Hogsworth students were transported into this storybook land to help put a stop to the villains. Students had to work together with the Fairy Godmother to restore happiness and peace to all the denizens of the Enchanted Valley.

Sadly, this peace has not lasted, and havoc has been wrought once more. As I investigated the return of the villains in the Valley, I made sure to take plenty of notes just for this article. This way, we can all be prepared for what to expect upon arrival and work together to save the Valley again!

My trip through the Valley started in the town center and marketplace, a quaint cobblestone plaza surrounding a large, beautiful tree. However, my attention was quickly turned away from the lovely town when the Fairy Godmother told me that the Fairytale Council once again has a traitor in their midst. The traitor has let all the fairytale villains back into the Valley, affecting even more characters than before.

I learned of seemingly endless characters caught up in their evil and mischief as I wandered the fantastical Valley. Some have been put right back at the start of their stories, sans happy endings, some need help finding or helping their loved ones, and some simply need help with their work now that the Valley is in chaos.

There are plenty of familiar faces, as well as some new ones. Belle has gone missing, with her partner made beastly once more. Ariel the mermaid is separated from her crush, Erica, who is human. Snow White is back in a death-like sleep, with the Sleeping Beauty, Aurora, in a similar situation. Rapunzel is stuck in her tower, Cinderella is without her Prince Charming, and the Twelve Dancing Princesses have had their joyful, dance-filled ending stolen. Jack has had another run-in with the giant, but this time one of his friends has been kidnapped. Gretel needs help finding her brother Hansel, who has also gone missing. Brooke needs assistance cheering up their partner, Red, who lost her grandmother.

Some living in the Valley are in far less pressing situations. You can help Chip with his baking, Pinnochio’s fishing, Phineas’ painting, Val’s bouquets, the Priestess’ offering, as well as helping Sam capture cupids. Even though these may seem small in comparison, helping everyone be happy is worth it no matter the situation!

Though things seem rather dire, the Valley is still celebrating Valentine’s Day. Joining in the festivities is a wonderful way to celebrate the holiday as well as return peace to the Valley. Luckily, Merlin has a scavenger hunt set up around the Valley, and there is, of course, plenty of chocolate to be found as well. You can speak to him at his tower to learn more.

Remember, every little thing you accomplish in the Valley will help you collect what the Fairy Godmother needs to fix everything–Storybook Pages. On top of this, you will be able to earn special tokens which can be exchanged for collectables from the vendors in the marketplace. These will be a wonderful way to help everyone get into the Valentine’s Day spirit and brighten the Valley even more.

That is all the important information I have about the situation in the Enchanted Valley. Despite the terrible circumstances, the forested Valley and the stone-and-wood town nestled within are gorgeous, and seeing it will be a wonderful experience. It will be even more wonderful once we help restore everyone’s happy endings, though!


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The Daily Diviner

New Magician

Hello lovely readers and welcome back to the Editorial column of the Daily Diviner. Valentine’s Day is rapidly approaching, and the students of Hogsworth are eagerly awaiting to see where they will travel to this year! Do not fret, for Headmaster Droobledore has proclaimed that we will be once again visiting the Enchanted Valley and meeting the various heroes and villains of renown stories! For those of you that have forgotten, here is a recap of what happened last time we were here.

Enchanted Valley is where the characters of famous fairytales come to life! The last time Hogsworth students visited the Enchanted Valley, it had been overrun with villains trying to take over. With the betrayal still fresh, villains used the element of surprise to their advantage and attempted to gain victory over their stories. All of the story book pages had been scattered and rewritten by the invading rapscallions. At the direction of Fairy Godmother, students were able to root out the crooked council member and chase them away. Soon after, each student took to the streets to find the townspeople crying out for help.

Some people found Maurice, the inventor who had lost his daughter to a dastardly beast. Turns out this beast was less of a beast and more of a misunderstood, protective, and romantic being. Others found Prince Florian who had discovered that the evil queen had placed another curse on his princess! This curse was more complicated than before, not only placing Snow White into another deep sleep, but also mixing up the dwarves' personalities. Students had to untangle the intricate web of this curse, yet in the end triumphed.

Each townsperson, story page, and fairytale was carefully, meticulously, and precisely returned to its rightful place - the good guys winning once more. While it took great effort, I believe that students took away lessons by learning each character’s story, such as never judging a book by its cover like with Beast from Beauty and the Beast.

As we once again make a return to the Enchanted Valley, I think it is best we learn a lesson from history: make sure you keep your eyes peeled for any sinister villains or back-stabbing council members… You never know what might happen. I can already tell it is going to be an unforgettable experience. Have fun exploring and getting your inner fairytale on! This has been Creme_de_Creme reporting for the Daily Diviner.

The Daily Diviner

New Magician

Hello and welcome back to another marvelous Daily Diviner Special Edition! With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, love and excitement are in the air. While exploring the beautiful Enchanted Valley, you might wonder how you would fit into this fantastical world. Perhaps you are an adventurous spirit, looking for your next thrill! Or maybe you would like to settle down and find your own true love? Well, look no further dear reader because this quiz is here to guide you on your magical way!

How are you spending your Valentine’s Day?
A. Playing video games.
B. On a romantic date.
C. With my friends.
D. Treating myself to a spa day.

What part of the event are you most excited for?
A. The minigames, like the Parkour and Elytra courses.
B. All the different NPCs I get to meet!
C. The various collectables and rewards.
D. The quests, of course!

When you make a mistake, what do you do?
A. I just laugh it off. Everybody makes mistakes!
B. I take a quick breather before trying again.
C. I find someone more experienced and ask them for help.
D. I retrace my steps to figure out what went wrong.

What gift are you hoping to receive on Valentine’s Day?
A. Tickets to the newest movie!
B. A heartfelt love letter.
C. A box of delicious treats!
D. A cozy sweater.

When a new event comes out, how quickly do you finish it?
A. After a few weeks, depending on when I have time to play it.
B. Just a couple of days! How can I miss out on such an amazing story?
C. Obviously, I speedrun it and complete it within the day.
D. I’m usually too busy, so I don’t often complete events.

Who are you most likely to have a crush on?
A. The person across the classroom who always cracks jokes.
B. The handsome stranger that randomly catches my eye!
C. My best friend… Don’t tell!
D. Myself. Ever heard of self-love?

What is your preferred method of getting around the event?
A. Sprinting around with Volo.
B. Using Kevin to warp.
C. Using my broom to zoom across the map.
D. Taking my time and strolling to each location.

What’s your favorite Valentine’s Day treat?
A. Bellie’s Multi Flavoured Jellies.
B. Heart-shaped cookies.
C. Chocolate Frogs.
D. Pumpkin Punch.

What’s your favorite romance book trope?
A. Self-insert fanfictions, duh.
B. Forbidden love, Romeo and Juliet style.
C. Slow burn, childhood friends to lovers.
D. Second chances, especially in cheesy Hallmark movies.

And now for the results!

If you got mostly A’s, you are Jack!
You are mischievous and love being silly! You may not always make the wisest decisions, but you have lots of fun no matter what you do! People know you for your adventurous spirit and your ability to always find something new to do and experience.

If you got mostly B’s, you are Snow White!
You are super sweet, and those around you know they can always rely on you. You have a soft spot for animals and are always lending a helping hand. Though many do not know it, you love to be in the spotlight and adore being doted on by your loved ones.

If you got mostly C’s, you are Hansel (or Gretel)!
You never leave your best friend’s side, and everyone knows you are a package deal. You are often known as troublemakers from the adventures you go on and many tricks you play with them! You enjoy a good meal and love sharing your favourite foods with your friends.

If you got mostly D’s, you are the Fairy Godmother!
Many might say you are the “parent” of your friend group – you always make sure those around you are safe and healthy. While you are the wise soul they suspect you are, you also bring the sass. As any good fairy is, you feel very in-tune to the magic around you!

Do you think your character fits your personality? Feel free to send us an owl to our London office! Thanks for reading. We hope to see you again in the next issue of the Daily Diviner! This is snotflower and SnowyKitty, signing off!

The Daily Diviner

New Magician
Hello, my dear readers, and welcome to a special Lifestyle recipe! Love is in the air, and so is the sweet scent of baking confections. Sugary treats are a staple of the Valentine’s season, serving as perfect gifts for the special people in your life. In the magical world, Valentine’s takes on a special twist as spells become involved. Among the magical world’s myriad of delightful delicacies, here are two of the best enchanted treats to bake for someone this Valentine’s Day!

First off are Celestial Conchas! Conchas are a type of pan dulce that originates in Mexico, and Celestial Conchas are a special type of conchas unique to the magical world. There are several different types of this celestial bread, all based on the cycle of the moon, and there are different side effects depending on the ingredients.

The type of concha we will focus on is the New Moon Concha. The New Moon Concha is said to heighten emotions, which is perfect for a Valentine’s Day date. This concha must be baked on the new moon for it to work properly, so you will need to prepare early to bake this!

To make the dough, you will need: 500 grams of all-purpose flour, 125 grams of sugar, 7.5 grams of yeast, 3 grams of salt, 100 grams of unsalted butter at room temperature, 100 mL of eggs, 5 mL of vanilla extract, and 120 mL of warm milk.

For the sugary topping for the shell pattern, you will need: 100 grams of vegetable shortening, 100 grams of confectioner sugar, 120 grams of all-purpose flour, and 10 grams of cocoa powder (or any other flavoring you would like, such as cinnamon). You will also need food coloring to give the conchas their signature bright colors of the New Moon!

Let’s start baking. First, mix the flour, yeast, sugar, and salt in a stand mixer bowl. Then, add the butter, eggs, and vanilla extract, all while thoroughly mixing in the stand mixer. You should then slowly pour in the milk. Beat the mixture for around 7 minutes. All that is left to do is take the dough out of the mixer, shape it into a ball, and let it rest until it doubles in size.

Meanwhile, you can make the topping. First, soften the shortening with a spatula in a mixing bowl; then, you can add the confectioner sugar. Add the flour little by little, still mixing, and then add the cocoa powder. Make sure to mix until it is a paste with a smooth color. Now you can add a bit of bright colors with food coloring!

When ready, take out the risen dough, shape it into 16 balls, and place them on a baking sheet. For the topping, grease the tops of the dough with shortening, then divide the paste into 16 pieces. Roll out each piece into a flat circle before covering each ball. To create the shell-like pattern, use a knife to cut across the top lengthwise along the bun in the traditional shell pattern! After letting the dough rise for another 2 hours, bake the conchas at 325 degrees Fahrenheit for 20 minutes.

Now you have Celestial Conchas! You can very easily preserve the conchas you make with a freezing spell while you wait for Valentine’s Day. This recipe is the more difficult of the two, so it will be easy baking from here.

Secondly are the magnificent macarons from the bakery Monsieur Mercier’s Macarons! This bakery can be found across Europe, and there are two locations close to Hogsworth, located in London and Griffin’s Hollow. Of course, you could go to the bakery and support a small business, but if you want to create something for your loved one yourself, you can always bake their signature macarons yourself! I suggest the Chocolate on Chocolate macarons – nothing says “Valentine’s” quite like chocolate!

For the macarons, you will need: 50 grams of almond flour, 115 grams of powdered sugar, 7 grams of cocoa powder, 57 grams of egg whites, ⅛ teaspoon of cream of tartar, 28 grams of granulated sugar, ½ teaspoon of vanilla extract, and a pinch of salt. For the chocolate filling, you will need: 2 ounces of heavy cream, 2.5 ounces of semi-sweet chocolate, ½ teaspoon of vanilla, and ⅛ teaspoon of salt.

To get started, preheat your oven to 320 degrees Fahrenheit and line half of a baking sheet with a macaron template and parchment. In a bowl, sift together powdered sugar, cocoa powder, salt, and almond flour.

Next is the meringue. Whip the egg whites on low and slowly add the sugar. When the egg whites turn opaque, add the cream of tartar, and mix until peaks begin to form. After mixing in vanilla, it is time to combine mixtures! Fold in the almond flour mixture a third at a time.

Time to bake! Pipe the meringue into the macaron template. Make sure there are no air bubbles! Let the unbaked macarons sit and dry until the surface is crusty. Finally, bake for 14-15 minutes. While those are baking, you will need to make the ganache filling. It is very simple: just melt all of the ganache ingredients together, either over a bowl of hot water or in a microwave. Make sure the mixture is completely cool before piping them between macarons. Enjoy these treats over a picnic date!

Delicious baked goods are my favorite part of the season, and I hope you enjoyed learning about these magical recipes! I encourage you to try them out sometime for your loved one(s). I hope you have a magical Valentine’s Day!

The Daily Diviner

New Magician
It happened suddenly, with little preamble. Lex had been in the castle gardens, tending to the bushes flowering from the spring’s wind, kneeling in the dirt path and whispering to the leaves as she worked. Just as she patted a particularly bright flower with her hand, telling it what a good job it had done at growing, a shadow fell over the gardens.

Lex looked up. That morning had dawned bright and cloudless; it should have been the perfect day for the princess’ nineteenth birthday. The sight of the sky now made Lex’s heart drop. A great cloud covered the sky, hanging low over the castle’s peaks, dark and stormy. There was nothing natural about the sudden darkness.

The gardens seemed to understand this, their happy leaves dropping low and withering to blackened shrubs. A chill entered the air; Lex shivered and leaned closer to the leaves, pressing a gentle hand across the brush. She startled back when the leaf crumpled to dust under her fingertips, and black vines rose up from the ground to curl around the bush, choking it.

Lex backed away in horror. Vines rose from the ground, sucking the life out of the flowers and trees. A heavy mist descended; all was quiet. Lex listened closely for a sound, any at all, but even the birds knew to stay silent.

The cry of a raven overhead broke the silence. Lex looked up. The raven landed on a vine close by, shuffling its feet a little to be closer. She knew this bird well. “What’s happening?” she asked it.

“The princess is in her tower, trapped by vines and her despondency,” it croaked, tilting its head at an unnatural angle, “Didn’t you know?”

“Know what, you pesky bird?”

The raven laughed, the sound of a wispy bough in wild winds. “It's the princess’ nineteenth birthday. The day the witch’s curse comes to fruition. The entire castle is to be trapped in vines for eternity.”


“You’ll have to ask the princess herself.” The bird seemed to think for a moment, leaning in closer to examine Lex. It grinned, feathers around its mouth peeling away from its beak. “You know, they say curses can only be broken by a true love’s kiss.”

Lex threw her gardening tools aside. “I need to see her.”

The raven flapped around Lex’s head, ruffling her long braid. “Good luck with that. Vines have invaded the castle. Everyone is trapped, it seems, but you. You’re lucky you’re silly enough to dawdle in the gardens all day long.”

The princess’ chambers lay at the top of the tower that loomed over the gardens. Looking at it, it was clear the heart of the thorns came from there; vines crawled out of the windows, pouring down the walls like limbs eager for the taste of flesh. The natural footholds they created would aid Lex in her ascent.

As she climbed, the raven flew around her head, sitting in places where she could put her hands safely. She reached the top window of the tower. Shards of glass glistened on the vines, the window having been shattered by the thorns, letting Lex slip in easily. The raven sat on the window and watched.

In the center of the chamber, sitting on the large bed covered in vines, was Princess Briar. She was unmoving in her nightgown. Her short, dark curls covered her face, keeping her eyes from Lex’s.

Lex approached slowly, stepping over the vines that covered the usually immaculately clean floor. She sat on the bed beside her princess, her dear friend, and pushed a curl out of her face. “Briar?”

At last, the princess turned her head to face Lex. Her usually bright brown eyes were dull, her dark skin more ashen, and her regal posture reduced to a defeated slouch.

Lex couldn’t help herself; she reached out a hand and gently touched Briar’s cheek. Her beloved friend sighed and closed her eyes, leaning into the touch. “What is this curse?”

“Three years ago, before you came to the castle, there was a visiting witch from the forest. We grew close during her stay as a representative of the magic folk. But you know me.” Briar paused and gave Lex the smallest ghost of a deprecative grin. “That sort of closeness isn’t for me. She confessed her love, and I rejected her. She called me heartless and set a curse upon me and the castle. On my nineteenth birthday, a dark gloom would cover the castle, and none could leave. The only way to break the curse, she said, was true love’s kiss, knowing it was something I would never want or have. She didn’t specify, but I know she meant romantic love. Even if she didn’t, she was right. I couldn’t expect anyone to truly love me the way that I want.”

“How do you want to be loved?”

“Platonically, with their body and soul.”

“Well,” Lex began. “I love you.”

Briar fell more still than before, if possible. “Oh.” Tears began to fall down Briar’s cheeks, and Lex pulled her into a hug. They said nothing. It wouldn’t matter to the curse; their love wouldn’t be enough.

Lex placed a small kiss on Briar's cheek anyway. Her vision blurred, but that was when a ray of light shone into the room from the window. Lex looked up and marvelled at the small break in the clouds. The patch of vines lit by the sun began to smoke and shrivel. Soon, the whole sky was clear, and the vines retreated through the window. Briar watched in awe beside her.

“It was enough, after all,” said Lex, smiling. Briar, at last looking like herself, beamed back.

“Well done,” the raven cried from the window. “You take care of each other, now.” It flew off, leaving the two alone.

They lived happily ever after.
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