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The Deep Forest Store Releases

The Deep Forest Store Releases6.png

Greetings witches and wizards!

The Store Managers are excited to share our newest batch of store releases (and return of the club packages). With our forest-themed release, we have:
  • NEW - Werewolf Scenery: Live amongst other werewolves at their camp. This scenery is perfect for avid roleplayers!
  • NEW - Fedora Hat: Wear this hat for a journey exploring the unknown. Guaranteed to keep out the sun and critters!
  • NEW - The Falcon Staff: Show people your strength with this staff modeled after a bird of prey!
  • NEW - The Wolf Staff: Use this silver staff to show your place in the pack! No one will dare to mess with you!
  • RETURN - Werewolf Club Package: Show your alliance to the Werewolves with an exclusive hat, prefix, & more!
  • RETURN - Vampire Club Package: Show your alliance to the Vampires with an exclusive hat, prefix, & more!

Additionally, we'd like to remind you that our seasonal Halloween items will remain on our store until November 16th! Get them now if you haven't already!

For more information, you can view these items on our store at store.potterworldmc.com/category/new-releases. You can also preview these items in the in-game store! Enjoy!

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New Magician
Minecraft IGN: MrSimonskl
Honeybadger Auralock
I love the brand new ''The Wolf Staff'', it's a really nice detailed wand, I love these red eyes really much. I would recommend it at any way if you search for a new wand! :honeybadger: