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The Great Potterworld Walk


Minecraft IGN: scarvlover
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Welcome and thank you for taking interest in what I have been planning since I first started playing Post-Revelius Potterworld!
This is the Great Potterworld Walk.

The Great Potterworld Walk is a walk which I have routed myself to start at Hogsworth, go through every single town in a circular route around the map and finish off at Hogsworth again.
I will not be flying this route - I will be walking it all with only the assistance of mobility spells.

I will be updating here on my journey, and also updating in global chat and on the random channel in the potterworld disc where I will be posting screenshots of my journey!

Thank you for reading, and I hope you wish me luck as I embark on the Great Potterworld Walk.

ROUTE: For those interested, the route I have created is this: Hogsworth, Gnollberg, Rushstone, Antrum, Haggleton, Wigtown, Riddleyard, Griffins Hollow, Eldham Ridge, Squalus Cove, Longbay Landing, Tristmoor, Wightwaye, Edgebrook, Portstead, London, Appleby Village, Hogsend, back to Hogsworth!

IMPORTANT: My laptop broke recently, I am very lucky to be able to use my sisters laptop during this time HOWEVER I am no longer able to take pictures and screenshots to post as I don't wish to clog up her laptop with my pictures. This is why I regret to say that after Longbay Landing no pictures will be posted. It may speed up now that I'm not stopping for pictures, and stopping for games, and afking, and visiting the GH to help people out from time to time too! (These are the main reasons I couldn't do the walk in 1-2 days, which I fully believe you could do if you were just purely walking and not stopping at any point.)

shoutout to tang who keeps telling me not to do this
Began journey at 10/13/2020 6:46UTC!
Reached Gnollberg at 10/13/20 7:10UTC!
Reached Rushstone at 10/13/20 7:44UTC!
Reached Antrum at 10/13/20 13:54 UTC!
Reached Haggleton at 10/14/20 6:28 UTC!
Reached Wigtown at 10/15/20 18:05 UTC!
Reached Riddleyard at 10/16/20 6:42 UTC!
Reached Griffins Hollow at 10/19/20 6:41UTC!
Reached Eldham Ridge at 10/20/20 15:45UTC!
Reached Squalus Cove at 10/20/20 16:50UTC!
Reached Longbay Landing at 10/23/20 6:20UTC!
Reached Tristmoor at 10/26/20 16:14UTC!
Reached Wightwaye at 10/27/20 5:56UTC!
Reached Edgebrook at 10/27/20 6:00UTC!
Reached Portstead at 10/27/20 6:09UTC!
Reached London at 10/27/20 6:28TC!
Reached Appleby at 10/27/20 7:46UTC!
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Minecraft IGN: scarvlover
Aurorlock Dark Follower Staff Phoenix Serpent Werewolf Lore Keeper Unspeakable
and yes meeting up at rushstone was very cool even if I fell into a well and couldn't figure out how to get out
Meigs, cyym and I all decided to ambush Malla in Rushstone on her second stop of her journey :sneaky::sneaky: View attachment 869
i loved the rushstone ambush

tiggytk comes to town

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Minecraft IGN: tiggytk
Hello guys! Recently, Malla and other people who wished to go on the walk, went on this walk! Malla went AFK so other people were just wandering around, then Malla came back and we walked somewhere. Then almost everyone left, to eat dinner or other, including me. We have never finished the walk. Will we?