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The Hunt - Stage 3 - Find the Truth

"For Lauren... For Aure... For Andreu... For Sara... Today we take a stand!"
The Hunt: Stage Three - Find the Truth
The Seer team is proud to present the final stage of The Hunt, our Chapter Two Finale. Embark on an epic journey to continue unraveling one of the longest mysteries in Roleplay. Five brand new, challenging puzzles await you, each with its own unique twists that take you on an epic journey to hunt down Grux, the goblin who's been pulling the strings the whole time.

How To Play
Once Again, you'll be able to enter the room behind the mysterious door in the Roleplay Hub and speak to Madame Florence to learn more about the event. You'll also be able to view the current puzzle in the Roleplay Hub, as well as on the website located here.
Each puzzle is extremely difficult and may require items from past Roleplay Events. Several Puzzles also include multiplayer elements that will require you to work together, even across allegiance and faction lines.
Please note, that multiple groups are able to complete each puzzle, although the website page and Roleplay Hub will update when the first person completes each puzzle. There may be a slight delay on the website updating, but the Roleplay Hub in-game will update instantly.

Need Help?
- Each puzzle contains a clue to a specific location in-game, where the gameplay will begin. These puzzles are meant to be difficult and are not meant to be solved alone. Although you can talk and help each other, please do not submit support tickets, or ask staff for help in any way, as we will not be assisting you. If you believe you have encountered a bug, then, and only then, please submit a ticket and a Seer will try to assist you as soon as possible.

- If the community as a whole becomes stuck on a puzzle, we will, at set points, be releasing additional hints to assist you on your way.

Good Luck and Happy Hunting!

As the first group has now finished Stage 3, the event will be live until April 2nd, at which point it will be taken off the world.

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Puzzle Five​
It appears ordering the view out the outside world is a little more complicated than anticipated. Nathan Nakamori took it upon himself to decode the runes, using the handy rune guide. It appears that the translation reads:
Seems like gibberish, but who knows what it might mean?