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The Reputation Expansion - Phase One [1.6.0] [July 10th 2022]

"Your reputation precedes you"

We are pleased to announce that Reputation is now live! Reputation is a system that allows you to increase your "reputation" with towns across the map by completing simple tasks for its residents. As your reputation grows, you will gain access to more rewards and benefits. This release is broken into two phases and this is Phase One. To begin, head over to any of the towns listed below!

Squalus Cove
Griffin's Hollow

In each town, you will find 6 residents that need your help, each requiring different skill. The 6 skills include Cooking, DADA, Divination, Herbology, Potions, and Transfiguration. Cooking tasks require you to collect ingredients and cook something delicious. DADA tasks require you to face a creature lurking somewhere in the world. Divination tasks require you to seek out a missing person that is nowhere to be found. Herbology tasks require you to venture out into the wilderness to pick various plants. Potions tasks require you to collect ingredients and brew up something useful. Transfiguration tasks require you to make something new and magical with your bare hands.

Each task awards between 10 and 15 reputation for that town. It is much more likely to get a low number than a high number. Your reputation can be viewed at the "Bulletin Board" for that town, which is generally located at the center of the town.
The Bulletin Board is also where the town residents have posted their help notices. Here, you can view all the tasks available in that town, as well as their starting location and required skill. The rewards are also located in this Bulletin Board.

There are 5 tiers of rewards for each town.
Tier 1 (250 Reputation): A "Welcome Care Package", full of locally-sourced goodies from each town, as well as gold and XP
Tier 2 (500 Reputation): A 1.5x XP bonus to mobs near the town
Tier 3 (1000 Reputation): A Legendary Gear Piece & Access to the Town Vending Machine, which contains some fun collectable items specific to that town, including a scarf.
Tier 4 (2000 Reputation): A permanent, no cooldown warp to the town via the Warp Key
Tier 5 (3500 Reputation): A town-specific reward, such as a cosmetic, a scenery, or a unique collectable model
There is no cap on Reputation, though the rewards end after 3500.

The last part of the reward system for Reputation is the leaderboard. Next to the Bulletin Board in each town is a leaderboard, displaying the top Reputation-earners for that town. This leaderboard can also be set to display the leaderboard for any other town, or the Total Reputation Leaderboard.

Additional Changes
- We have added a little unique reward to the Restricted Section Parkour! The reward is unique to your house and is tradeable.
- We have level locked chests in order to balance the access of chests based on your player level. It was never intended to have lower level players open high level chests and access that tier loot.
- There is now a Warp Key at the beginning of the Chamber of Mysteries that you can use to get to the end of the maze if you have already completed the quest.

Project Leadership:
apaulled, chail3y, Lbby, NSgaming
Reward System & Concept Design: apaulled, Lbby
Task Design & Implementation: apaulled, AzureAsh, chail3y, Constelacion, Expiroces, HektorTM, Kailen, Lbby, LeoTheLynx, Joshios, JustMaxHell, scarvlover, Sophia_ZJZ, Sorcellerie, Swannyyy, Wildsam, xAutumnn
Gear Design: apaulled, Thrashaba, _Klene
Gear Implementation: DenizTM
Skins: ateleir, Bertnana, Bwunie, kasologies, queenofspacerats, Ralie, SeoulMates, zZalt
Graphics: Sunnya
Models: Droobledore, Prin_ce
Testing: Alexstrasza14, Teheeo, 0ceqn, Leoceratops, Tangular123, viewful, xFleur_, 20zuzka04, AzureAsh, Invisibilia, KipxSateee, Nives_ninis marmitemira, Mireiia, TaraTheDragon
Stat Leaderboards: Teheeo, DenizTM
Sceneries: eimly, clqiro, Lbby, trashdotcom, Ardnassaz, TheRoyalQueen, AzazelAC. tiffanyphobia
Miscellaneous Builds: Lbby, Sorcellerie
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Is this a variant/expansion of the goodwill system seen in the quest "The Walden Dilemma?"

Jake Cresswell

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Is this a variant/expansion of the goodwill system seen in the quest "The Walden Dilemma?"
It is similar to that quest in the type of quests that take place, but all of the quests can be completed once every 12 hours instead of choosing which ones you complete. You can choose which towns and quests you prioritise though!