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The Society Against Werewolf Discrimination (S.A.W.D.)


Minecraft IGN: MattyPoltergeist
Serpent Werewolf

Werewolf - Also known as a lycanthrope, is a human being who, upon the complete rising of the full moon, becomes a fearsome and deadly were-wolf. This condition is caused by infection with lycanthropy, also known as werewolfry. Werewolves appear in the form of a wolf but, there are distinctions between them and regular wolves.

This here is the definition of a Werewolf. You see here that I highlighted the phrases 'human being' and 'condition'. I like to make sure that these parts of the definition are focused in on as for centuries it seems as if the general public has forgotten what they mean. If you are reading this now, that means you are a human being and just like you, so are Werewolves. Now, you may say, "Werewolves are half man and half wolf, it's in the name!". And you would be correct, it is in the name, however you are very mistaken to thinking that they are half man and half wolf. Once a month, on the night of the full moon, a lycanthrope will, as most people know, transform into a werewolf. A werewolf on this night should be avoided, should be feared and should be kept out as if they are not under the influence of Wolfsbane Potion, they cause a serious threat. However, there are 29 other days of the month, where this person is human, completely, ordinarily human. Sure, they may have a few weird habits that is carried on from the disease but we all have our things that aren't especially classed as normal. In these 29.5 days, this person should be, of course, classed as a human. However, they are not: this is where S.A.W.D. comes in.

What is S.A.W.D.?

S.A.W.D. stands for the Society Against Werewolf Discrimination. It is an organisation started by MattyPoltergeist and d3ci back in 2018, however after a few months of blossoming success, it ended. But now, change is required. Since recent events in the Wizarding World between the Allegiances, the Werewolves have been seriously vulnerable to the corruption and tyrannic power of the Ministry of Magicians. Therefore, S.A.W.D. has officially been reawakened and it is bigger and more important than ever. Under the leadership of Matty (I), Llama, Max, Rain and Nuggie, Aurorlocks, Dark Followers, Phoenix Members and Werewolves alike have found a common goal for this short period... Get Rights For Werewolves. Without jobs, homes, kindness or acceptance, there is no way for there Werewolves to live and they die from either unfair death sentences or poverty everyday. S.A.W.D. has set out 5 specific goals and missions:

More Open Jobs

Jobs are sometimes said to be the reason of life and what every person should be focused around and do the best they can in. Unfortunately, many Werewolves do not get the privilege of a career and many will never have the chance to work for anyone. It is mandatory to have lycanthropy labelled on your job application form, therefore many employees start an interview already knowing to turn you down. They think "Well, I just won't give them a job here and they can find and accepting one somewhere else". However, this is what they all think. They are all stuck in the mindset that it's not their job to give an infected, vulnerable and desperate person a job. This leads to the werewolves being unbelievable poor and barely being able to afford food, leading to a slow downwards spiral into depression and in some cases crime.

Fair Trials

All it takes is one accusation to ruin a Werewolves life. For too long the discriminatory and hateful Ministry have been twisting the minds of the Wizarding World to believing that a Werewolves life is set to crime at the very beginning. But this is, obviously false. It's the Ministry's laws and rules that are set in place that drive the people into this life style and the Ministry even enforce false accusations on people to make it seem like the Aurorlocks are doing their job in capturing criminals where in fact a lot are just scared Werewolves. This has been especially amplified in recent months as of the Ministry's falling ethics and collapsing power. They have never wanted evidence in any Werewolf trials as they are willing to send a Werewolf to their death for anything because it makes them feel powerful and just. Their purposefully unfair trials are making people look at Werewolves in a bad light, accuse Werewolves for the silliest of things, make the Ministry hate them and give an unfair trial, making the cycle continue forever. The infamous Werewolf trials of 2016 prove their corruption and madness:

More Accessible Wolfsbane Potion

The Wolfsbane Potion is a potion that allows Werewolves to become aware of themselves during their transformation. Therefore, the Werewolf will be able to easily control how they act to other Wizards and Witches and have no chance of accidentally murdering someone. Sounds easy right? Sounds perfect? Why don't they use it? It's because they can't. Without any employers willing to give them jobs, they can't buy the way overpriced and expensive Wolfsbane Potion. It is also almost impossible to make by yourself, as the ingredients for it are barely made public and either way, they would be very difficult to obtain (especially because you would need 10 potions a month). The Ministry refuse to give it to us for less money as the rich Wizards and Witches who set the price believe it is cheap and easy to get. I have tried many times to make the potion myself to no avail. S.A.W.D. is currently protesting for Wolfsbane Potion to be mass produced. If this potion is gained, lycanthropy may be able to be cancelled out forever and so many homes won't be destroyed every full moon.

Comfortable Werewolf Shelters

Werewolf shelters are many of the lycanthropes homes in everyday life. They are small, crowded and rough. Holes and moss crawls through the ceiling and windows and rain easily makes itself through the cracks in the roof. You may think "Of course, it's in this state, it's a Werewolf's home!". And yes to a large extent you are correct but there are much deeper reasons to why the Werewolf Shelters are so unbelievably terrible and once again it comes down to the Ministry. Their discriminatory and corrupt approach to the Werewolf community make them view them as creatures and beasts and not want them in their 'perfect, pure' Wizarding World. This is why the shelters are so bad, they are purposefully made flimsy and collapsing by the Ministry to make sure that the Werewolves can't get the opportunities or healthcare to make their way up the rankings into the world of jobs and socialising. The Werewolf Shelters supplied also carry absolutely no wolfsbane potion and is drenched in snow every winter. The only people keeping people going in there is the community, however many Werewolves in the shelters are too depressed to speak. Many die of disease, famine and hypothermia in the shelters and their bodies are left to rot in close proximity to the place. S.A.W.D. is currently trying to construct a more suitable shelter, but it is hard to help everyone. Only the Ministry or the ones in charge can truly make a change.

Laws Against Obvious Discrimination Against Werewolves

Last but certainly not least is the most clear goal of S.A.W.D., more rights and less discrimination. Everyday people spit on and make slurs against werewolves in the streets and Aurorlocks simply go by as if it's none of their business, not seeing us as people of rights. Many accounts even report them laughing under their coats. The opportunity to call someone out for being discriminatory to our kind should be accepted and reported to authorities and the ability to sue an organisation or call a trial should be allowed. Decades go by where there isn't the simple talk about how cruel people are against werewolves because everyone treats us like murders and beasts. The end of public discrimination and suppression is the final goal for S.A.W.D.

Why Should You Join S.A.W.D?

S.A.W.D. believes that every person in the organisation counts, whether they be a Dark Follower with skill in dueling, an Aurorlock who can change laws from the inside, a Phoenix with kindness and sympathy or a Werewolf who can relate to our cause. We do protests, meetings, news reports and duels frequently. Though we are still in high development, we have been trying to work for our rights for many weeks now and we have made the biggest lunge for werewolf rights that has been made for a long time. Join us and stop the discrimination.

How Do I Join S.A.W.D?

If you are interested in joining S.A.W.D. and want to fight for our cause, please message MattyCo383#4390 on discord where you can join our organisation.
Be a good person, support what's right.
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