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The Weekly Owl ~ Exclusive 7: We Bring News


Minecraft IGN: x_Ivy
Auralock Dark Follower Phoenix Raven Vampire Werewolf SPEW
Written by: x_Ivy
Edited by: Compost__King
Ladies and gentlemen of the Wizarding World, we at The Weekly Owl bring an update of what is currently happening in the world of roleplay. So far there has been the death of Esmay McClanahan, who was a Head of Floor doctor at Merlin’s Magical Hospital in London. Doctor Esmay was the Head of Spell Damage. The pile of ashes found in her home were confirmed to be hers. Also in her home was the body of an unidentified male who was found dead, the cause of death is currently unknown.

We bring you a statement from Esmay’s sister Morgan, “It’s truly hard to believe that my sister is dead. The both of us didn’t always see eye to eye, but we were still sisters, so of course we would always be in each other’s lives. I remember when I got a call from her but she was being paranoid about something. Something about a blue car parked at the end of the street.”

We also had a conversation with the Head of Merlin’s Magical Hospital about the loss of their Head of Floor doctor, this is what they had to say, “Esmay was an amazing doctor and Head of Floor. She helped us a lot, and even though she never showed it, she did care for us. I know that she personally took on Ivy as a Healer to help her through her training to be where she is today. I honestly don’t know how Ivy would react to this news. Nobody at the hospital knows of Esmay’s condition, I found out from her sister.”

We send our deepest regards to Morgan McClanahan and to Merlin’s Magical Hospital. Esmay McClanahan will be missed by both parties. If anyone has any knowledge of who the unidentified man is please reach out to your local authorities or the Ministry of Magicians. This has been x_Ivy reporting for The Weekly Owl.