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(Unofficial) Werewolf Alpha Speeches


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Nominees will post their speeches as a comment here. This way, the werewolf discord chat and the roleplay forum section will not be spammed by posts.

Disclaimer: This is all unofficial!
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Minecraft IGN: OcelotGuardian
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For generations, my family believed that lycanthropy was a blessing from the Nordic wolf-god, Fenris – son of Loki. Eventually, he grew too large, and the gods had him bound in chains in fear that he would become too powerful for them to control.

Nothing is without reason. The Ministry has oppressed us for so long because they are afraid of us. They seek to control those they do not understand. They bound us in cruel legislation designed to keep us inferior to whom the Ministry sees as “normal” witches and wizards. We have endured their prejudice and abuse for far too long. Now is our time to take a stand against our oppressors.

No one should have to live in fear. Together, under my leadership, we can bring equality to our kind. With enough effort, we can convince the wizarding community to see us as equals, not beasts to be scorned and unaided in our darkest hours. If we want to make change in this society, we need to let the world know.

The chains are weakening, my friends. All we must do is break them.

As werewolf Alpha, I will make our biggest goals into reality. We want:

- To give all werewolves easy access to the Wolfsbane Potion and its ingredients.
This includes but is not limited to:
= Cheaper ingredient prices.
= Classes/tutorials about the potion and how to properly brew it.

The use of Wolfsbane Potion allows us to keep our rational minds while in our transformed state. This way, transformed werewolves will not be a danger to innocent witches and wizards. In order to reduce the fears the public has of werewolf attacks, Wolfsbane potion must be accessable to all werewolves. Unfortunately, employers refuse to hire us because of our condition. This leaves most werewolves living in poverty, and unable to afford Wolfsbane Potion ingredients, which are extremely expensive. Making the ingredient prices cheaper would allow more werewolves to obtain the potion.

- To gain rights for all werewolves that are equal to non-lycanthropic witches and wizards.This includes, but is not limited to:
= The right to a fair trial (discrimination causes werewolves to be ruled guilty by the court regardless of evidence proving otherwise).
= Laws against all (disability) discrimination based on lycanthropy (which is a disability: werewolves have a physical [and mental - while transformed] impairment that has a substantial and long-term adverse effect on their ability to carry out normal day-to-day activities).

According to UK law (where the Harry Potter and Potterworld universe takes place), disability discrimination is illegal. The Ministry, as well as possible employers, violate this law constantly without repercussions. This, in addition to our place at the bottom of the social ladder, is unacceptable. The anger werewolves harbor against the public will be greatly reduced - or even eliminated completely - if we are treated as equal to non-lycanthropic witches and wizards.

Together, we can bring about the change we desire.


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Werewolves, witches, and wizards alike, I appear before you today to address a rather upsetting topic. To my brethren of the pack, I assure you that peace shall come in due time for us all. However, to the wizardkind that lives so prosperously above our level, I make a statement I sorely hope to never have to repeat. We live among you not as creatures, not monsters… but as people. The term “Werewolf” is commonly misused to describe a snarling beast that transforms into a wolf and kills. However, this isn’t the truth at all! Being commonly mistaken for such dangerous animals does not define who we are, and in fact represents quite the opposite. Do you think we try to turn every full moon, or even properly educate yourselves on how our people live? That we want to hurt people? These concerns wouldn’t be an issue if you, the community, helped us get what we deserve as suffering people.

I am Nuggie Larkspur, a Werewolf and Professor at Hogsworth. Not a lot of my students may know this, but I feel honored just to have the opportunity to teach so many bright minds at the school. Even though I have the ability to remain at Hogsworth freely, some students suffering from lycanthropy do not have that freedom and thus are forced to keep it hidden. So I stand for you, for my students and fellow Werewolves, so you can be free too. It is for this reason that I request your support in becoming Alpha Werewolf.

Under my leadership, I can assure you unity within our kind and rights among the community. We are seen not as an allegiance such as the Dark Followers, Phoenixes, and Aurorlocks, though we completely deserve to be! Not only do we need your support, but support from the Allegiances would help our cause greatly. Haven’t you had enough of the chaos? There isn’t any more time to hide what we are, and it’s time to speak out for what we deserve!

As I previously mentioned, I work at Hogsworth as a Professor. Not only can I serve as an Alpha to talk to in case of emergency, but I also possess the ability to speak to the Hogsworth Administration about any issues throughout the school. We’re here for you too, young Werewolves, let me be your guide! You, as students, should be provided the opportunity to attend without fear, so let me tell you how I can support that.

As the werewolf Alpha, I would ensure a few new things to ensure your happiness with the community and with yourselves.

To begin I would…

  • Speak to the Ministry of Magicians to elect Werewolves as high officials to speak in our place at trials and meetings.

Yes, having an Alpha will certainly enforce more organization among us. However, it’s important we protest against the Ministry’s lack of a Werewolf representative to speak for us when the rest of us can’t. However, It's important to remain peaceful when we come to speak about our rights, which is what the S.A.W.D. (Society Against Werewolf Discrimination) focuses on. Together, and with their help, we can fight for what we deserve! The Ministry of Magicians can’t hide behind those walls forever!

  • Speak to the Administration of the Hogsworth School to allow more Werewolves into the school and allow them to speak to a knowledgeable and sympathetic Professor, like myself.

Allowing these students to have someone to talk to will not only boost their confidence, but will also provide a safe space to vent and get help from a Professor. That wouldn’t be the only benefit though! Werewolf students would also have easier access to the Wolfsbane Potion since they can’t leave to access it on their own. They would receive this from the Professor acting as a Werewolf representative.

  • Allow easy access to the Wolfsbane Potion ingredients for adult Werewolves.

The Wolfsbane Potion greatly helps us Werewolves during our transformations by allowing us to stay level headed and act within reason. Unfortunately, the ingredients for this Potion are highly expensive, and not every Werewolf can afford a potion or understand how to brew it with the ingredients they get. Clearly, something has to be done about this. I imagine we can examine the Werewolf groups in each community to assess who needs help the most. Of course shops still need the money, so Werewolves with a fine financial status can still pay a hefty amount. Not only would this help the Werewolves, but it would lower the rumors of the “monsters” hurting others.

  • Last but not least, we must fix Werewolf rights. Equality among the community is of paramount importance, especially for a group just as mighty and expansive as any other allegiance, and it’s time everyone finally sees that.

There have been many instances where Werewolves have been called names by others who don’t understand us. However, that’s what they don’t get. These people are afraid of what they don’t understand! In order to help with this, we need to peacefully protest and show that we’re not what everyone thinks we are! If they don’t know we were Werewolves, will their views change? The Werewolf Shelters in Hogsend are absolutely sickening to look at! Do we really deserve that while others get comfy beds? Take a look around the next shelter you come across and tell me if you’d stay there. Witches, wizards, and Werewolves, look at the world around you and realize that action must be taken!

As your Alpha I can create a safe space for the Werewolves and allow a better community for you to live in. We deserve what everyone else has, as we are still people. Yes, we are diseased but it’s not our fault that we’re this way! If we don’t act now, nothing will change. In order to act, we need a Leader. So please, I ask you to consider the options and propositions I’ve given you today, and choose me, Nuggie Larkspur, as your Werewolf Alpha!
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Hello people,
So, you see all these all sophisticated answers above me, and sure, they're impressive and stuff, but let's be real, are they really going to do what they promise? Yeah, that's what I thought. NO. They waste their life writing all these long paragraphs, just to get voted leader and sit back, relax, and do nothing they promised. But for me, I will do everything I promise. That's because I don't promise a lot. Firstly, there's no point in voting for anyone except me, because this is not a democracy. There is no fair voting and that stuff. I already won the election, so don't worry about voting. It's a waste of your precious time. Secondly, I'm not going to promise a lot. All I promise is that us werewolves will be noticed and respected. We'll get all those rights and jobs and potions, that's easy work. However, most of all, we will be FAMOUS. We will have POWER. We will RISE!! The werewolves will never be forgotten. That's all. No long speeches. THE END.