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Vampire Club Package Release


Greetings Wizards and Witches!

The dark night is starting to cover Potterworld, and the bloodsucking creatures are coming out from the shadows... The vampires have arrived! However, they do need some help from you on their journey. Therefore, we will today bring you the new Vampire Club Package in the store to show your loyalty to the Vampires!

By purchasing the Vampire Club Package, you will be granted the following things:
- Vampire Prefix - "(V)"
- Access to the Vampire chat channel on Discord
- A special tag on the website and Discord
- Dark red particles emitting from your wand when held
- Two Exclusive wand names - "Bloodsucker" and "Soulreaver"
- A spell, Vampire Call, that will spiral you in blood-red particles and hiss!
- Two Vampire Cowls - one with teeth, one without!
- An exclusive "Sucks Blood" Emote

Us Store Managers, hope you will all love this new Club Package, and that you and your fellow friends will be able to help the vampires out whilst having great fun!



Minecraft IGN: Cateo
Aurorlock Dark Follower Staff Phoenix Serpent Prefect Arithmancer Poltergeist Inquisitor
WOO AWESOME!!!! Looking forward to seeing where this goes!! <3


Notable Magician
Minecraft IGN: Zmooya
Aurorlock Dark Follower Staff Phoenix Serpent Vampire Werewolf S.P.E.W Store Manager Curse Breaker
Enjoy, everybody! c: