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Werewolf Fundraiser Media Competition

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Hello Witches & Wizards!

During the Werewolf Rally at the Ministry of Magicians, our Chief Aurorlock Matt Griffiths passed new laws to protect werewolf lives! We are now handing it to you, the community, to assist the Werewolf community with a fundraiser. Every submission helps us donate 10 bottles of Wolfsbane Potion to a Werewolf in need!

Show your support for Werewolves by submitting any form of art following the Werewolf theme! This includes, but is not limited to drawings (traditional, digital), renders, screenshots/photos, graphics, skins, food/cooking art, and more.

All submissions must be submitted through this form by October 6th at 12pm PST.
Social Media Publishers & Seers will be judging and will pick a 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place.

- 1st Place: 700 Potter Points & a special collectible
- 2nd Place: 500 Potter Points & a special collectible
- 3rd Place: 300 Potter Points & a special collectible

- Social Media Publishers & Seers are not allowed to participate.
- No inappropriate or joke submissions.
- Your submission must be custom made by you.
- All files should be in JPG or PNG.

For any questions or if you want to change your submission, please message the Head of Media via Discord (sunnya#6761).

Good luck everyone and we can't wait to see your submissions!



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Good luck to everyone entering in the competition!

Keira :D

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Can we take a screenshot of a picture online and edit it, or add text and filters and stuff? or is that not aloud