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Winter Game Maps

Hey everyone!

At the start of the event, you may have noticed a few new minigame maps that we've worked on and released! We hope you had a lot of fun with them, whether the map is old or new. However, we have a small treat for you! One NEW snowballing map and one NEW wand spleef map. We hope you can enjoy these through the rest of the festive period!


NEW Snowballing Map: Ice Castle
Travel and fight for your life in the magnificent Ice Castle, featuring grand and royal rooms to behold!
Made by: PotatoEmma, yuckitsemma, Angel, Dani, Zis and Jammi.


NEW Wand Spleef Map: Christmas Village
Behold the festive village surrounded by heartwarming Christmas sights!
Made by: PotatoEmma, Ocean, Zis and Jammi.

Thank you, and keep an eye out for more!
- The Architect Team