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Winter Waltz 2019

The Winter Waltz is here and this year it is being held at Dormunstrad! Though the people of Dormunstrad were prepared for a wonderful holiday, they’ve come to face a terrible problem. An unknown force has cursed Dormunstrad, freezing many of the main locations of the school with cursed ice. Talk to Kevin, in Hogsworth’s Great Hall Courtyard, to begin your adventure.

Forge Bluefyre in order to unfreeze five key locations in the castle! Bluefyre requires a few items found around the castle, as well as Holiday Spirit, which can be earned from most gameplay in the event. Unfreezing each location will unlock new rewards to purchase with Snowflakes. There are also many puzzles that can be found throughout the castle and a unique Escape Room challenge!

Additionally, Sledding, Snowballing and Wand Spleef has been enabled while the event is active. Enjoy these exclusive minigames for the next month!

Advent Calendar
The Advent Calendar has returned this year! Every two days, a new reward is available to collect from the Christmas trees at the entrance of Dormunstrad.

Old favourites have returned, as well as new ones! The list of rewards is as follows:
- NEW! North Pole Wand Appearance
- NEW! Bluefyre Staff Wand Appearance
- NEW! Wreath Hat
- NEW! Snowman Bag
- NEW! Scarf of Perseverence
- NEW! Bluefyre
- Dormunstrad Staff Wand Appearance
- Mistletoe Staff Wand Appearance
- Christmas Tree Broom Appearance
- Sled Broom Appearance
- Green Christmas Hat
- Cowboy Santa Hat
- Snowman Hat
- Christmas Tree Hat
- Snow Beanie Hat
- Reindeer Lights Antlers Hat
- Holiday Antlers Hat
- Mistletoe Crown Hat
- Christmas Snowball Spell



Minecraft IGN: YeetChris
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Awesome work to all who helped make this happen! Hope everyone loves it as much as I do <3