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Winter Waltz 2020

The annual Winter Waltz is upon us, and this year we will be meeting some new friends! Headmistress Yamamoto has invited the Hogsworth students to celebrate the holiday festivities at Mahounoshiro School of Magic in Japan! Speak to the Headmistress just outside of the Great Hall to ride a Giant Storm Petrel to the event. Meet the school’s professors and students as you explore the stunning Japanese Castle.

If you would fit in amongst the other students at Mahounoshiro, you can get your own uniform for yourself with one of our downloadable bases for feminine & masculine presenting students! We’re excited to see you coordinate with the Mahounoshiro students at this year's Winter Waltz!

In your questbook, you will see a new icon for the Winter Waltz Event. This will be accessible throughout the entire event, and will be disabled after the event ends. Upon completing quests, you will be rewarded Snowflakes! All of the quests are at Mahounoshiro.

Repeatable Gameplay
You can complete 3 Daily Activities to earn Snowflakes. There is a Daily Quabbleball Practice, Daily Stocking Stuffer Task, and a Daily Snowman Building Activity.

You can also earn Snowflakes by completing any of the seven mini-games, including a new Storm Petrel Elytra Course and a revamped Cherry Blossom Ice River. Snowballing, Sledding, and Wand Spleef have returned to /games for the duration of the event and playing them will reward Snowflakes.

You can purchase a bunch of rewards with Snowflakes just outside of Mahounoshiro’s Great Hall. We have a few old rewards, as well as some newer ones! Additionally, for every quest and daily activity completed, you will earn one Winter Waltz Exclusive Choco-Hop Card. Complete the full set of 24 cards to unlock a special collectable! You can also trade Snowflakes in for Gold at a 1 to 1 ratio at the Rewards NPC. The list of rewards are as follows:

- NEW! Mahounoshiro Fan Wand Appearance
- NEW! Santa’s Gift Bag (Beaded Handbag)
- NEW! Grinch Predictise Plushie
- NEW! Cherry Blossom Scarf
- NEW! Haiku Scarf
- NEW! Sea Serpent Scarf
- NEW! Scarf of Dishonor
- NEW! Holiday Banner Set
- NEW! Frosted Banner Set
- NEW! Cards Collection Book (To Store 24 Collectable Cards!)
- Dormunstrad Staff Wand Appearance
- Bluefyre Staff Wand Appearance
- Snowman Hat
- Holiday Antlers
- Sled Broom Appearance
- Snowman Bag (Beaded Handbag)
- Winter Waltz Heads/Masks

We hope you all enjoy your time at Mahounoshiro School of Magic! The celebration will end on January 11th at 12:00pm PST

Content Creation:
AshTM, chail3y, chatis1234, HeyLookBunnies, JessicaTM, JustMaxHell, Katallight, Miss_Strudel, Sorcellerie, Swannyyy, and xAutumnn

Event Build:
Droobledore, JustMaxHell, daniloelnino, Blizz, ForbiddenPlaces, LordTelion, 0ceqn, Zis_Craft, tokenace, ArfArfLauren, Aquatia, Skymandingo, xCL_

Bertnana, Sorcellerie, Ralie, kqela, & Katallight

Testing + Feedback:
SysterTM, AshTM, Alexstraza14, KieranTM, viewful, Laingy, FrostyObsidian, daance, HollyHek, SLGMatt, SLGPointsettara, Invisibilia, SLGCurt, MamaDuckie, PinkWeezie, and Motionic.

Mobs - apaulled and Zmooya
Spells - apaulled and Zmooya
Grinch Predictise Model - Droobledore
Winter Waltz Choco-Hop Card Models - Droobledore
Santa’s Giftbag Model - Droobledore
Mahounoshiro Fan Model - Sunnya
Giant Storm Petrel Model - LordTelion
Fried Chicken Model - LordTellion
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