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Winter Waltz Tournaments

As the holiday season approaches, it is time to prepare for the Winter Waltz tournaments! The way these work are similar to normal tournaments, however you get to pick your teams and there are no qualifiers.

This year, both Dueling and Flying will have two tournaments, Duos and Teams. Duos are teams of two and Teams are teams of four. The Duos tournament will be held on December 7th, while the Teams tournament will be held on December 14th. You can sign yourself and friends up for Dueling here, and for Flying here.

As is now tradition with Winter Waltz tournaments, along with the regular rewards, special collectables are up for grabs! The firework launcher will be given to the winning teams, and a collectable with a custom spell to display the winner's Minecraft heads will be given to the winning duos.

Hope to see you all there!