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WizNewsletter - August 2022

Created in October of 2020, the WizNewsletter serves as a way for students and staff to recap on the month's updates. WizNetworkers spend countless hours researching, writing, editing, and implementing each section so that the happenings of the wizarding world do not go unnoticed. Let’s get into the news from the past month!


Application Updates
Interested in joining Potterworld's Media Department? Ever wondered how the Daily Diviner Editions are created or how the lovely Instagram Reels are done? Now's your opportunity to apply to join the staff team as a Daily Diviner Writer or Video WizNetworker!​
Our current open applications are:​

  • Class Helper (Staff)
  • Arena Squire (Staff)
  • Jr. Builder (Non-Staff)
  • Jr. Prefect (Staff)
  • Poltergeist (Staff)
  • Scribe Intern (Staff)
  • DD Writer (Staff)
  • 2D Arithmancer (Staff)
  • 3D Arithmancer (Staff)
  • Skin Arithmancer (Staff)
  • Video WizNetworker (Staff)
  • Java Developer (Staff)
  • Web Developer (Staff)
  • Engineer (Staff)
  • Grounds Keeper (Staff)

Grab your sleeping bags and flashlights, because it's time to go camping with the new Woodland Store Releases! Catch some fireflies with the new Camping Emotes pack and have them float around your head with the Fireflies Hat! Or look through the forest to find the new Bear Cub and Pet Fox pets! From new wand appearances to fun emotes, the Woodland Store Releases have something for everyone. Additionally, until September 12th, all items that aren't under the New Releases category are 40% for the Back to School Sale! And for the first time, this applies to our Drooble's Order packages! However, the sale will not apply to items purchased through the in-game Potter Points shop.​
This season’s Arena Release is Pirates themed! With this release, we have three new maps for every wizard and witch to enjoy! Dive down deep and hold your breath in the Submerged Oasis Dueling Arena, race to win on Peter’s Flight Course as you fly high over London’s skyline, or sail your ship high above the clouds to Squalus Cove and discover hidden treasure in the Pirate’s Cove Flying Course. With many challenges & tournaments to be held in season 3, we hope to see you & your pirate crew there!​
Our wonderful Store Team has recently released the Discord Booster update! This update has been created to thank all of the amazing Discord boosters in our community! Are you curious to know how it all works? Here are some of the basics! Once you have joined our main Potterworld Discord, which you can do by typing “/discord” in-game, you have the choice of boosting the server. Once you have boosted the server your Discord perks will automatically appear! However, there are a few extra steps for the in-game perks, so make sure to have your Discord and Minecraft in-game account connected! Some of the Discord and in-game perks include a pet Wizard Wumpus, Discord Booster Emotes, a hoisted role, role icon, a secret text channel, role color, and more. We hope you enjoy and thank you for supporting our community!

New Head of Media
We’d like to wish a nice farewell to our previous Head of Media, Sunnya, who's entrusted the department to Emily. The decision wasn’t difficult, as Emily’s dedication to the team and server and her years of hard work climbing up the ladder left Sunnya no worries about her choice. We’d like you to thank Sunnya for everything she did for the Media Department, and we are excited to see what Emily does in the future.​
The Guardian Challenge was improved in this most recent update by the Build and Game Design teams! The new quest is located in the Headmaster's Office where it previously was. Don't worry if you hadn't finished the old one yet, just click on the sparking book and it will transfer your progress! If that wasn't exciting enough, we also have 12 newly updated Guardians and Guardian pets! If you bought a Guardian before the update, you now have access to both the old and new models. We wish everyone luck in obtaining Animus Exto and hope you enjoy this new update!​
Housing is now better than ever, with much-needed improvements implemented in the recent update! New commands, as well as multiple quality-of-life additions, are included in this update. These include a revamp of the Settings & Permissions System, to House Residency Management. Be on the lookout for the changes made to the Mine Depot since there’s an all-new colored head shop! Many of the shops found in the Mine Depot have been reworked too. Bug fixes and many miscellaneous changes also come with this update. We hope you enjoy these Housing improvements!​
The Game Designer team has been hard at work lately with some exciting content! Many new things have been added in our August 13th Gameplay Update. Rising Healer had a Sensitivity Toggle added, a Hidden Level 60 Fast Travel Activity has been included, and the Battle of Potterworld Dungeon has been brought back and revamped! Some upcoming content to keep an eye out for includes Phase 2 of Reputation, another New Fast Travel Quest, and... Woodshire? Stay tuned, Potterworld!

Gameplay Updates 1.7.2 & 1.7.3
Tired of having to store items in housing, or perhaps in your beaded handbag? Not to fret! Bizbo Bags has just the right thing for you. By talking to Bizbo Bags at the entrance to the Great Hall or the Carket Market, you will receive a new Enchanted Backpack to store your possessions combined with a Materials and Plants pocket upgrade for free! From there on, you can buy extra pocket upgrades from Bizbo Bags which will appear in your Enchanted Backpack. For all players who previously gained access to the 5 bags before the upgrade of the original release, you can talk to him again to swap out your old Materials and Plants Bag #1. All other old bags should be removed once held. Finally, gone are the days of no more inventory space!

2022 Butterbrew Carnival
Have you heard the Butterbrew Carnival is in Hogsend until October 1st? Two main quests are available and don't forget to grab your 6 daily Game Tokens from Carnival Kevin to play the repeatable games. Additionally, go head-to-head with your fellow players in the Brewing Battles and Petting Zoo competitions! After you're done, take a break and do some shopping at the Rewards NPC. Who knows, you might find some beautiful banners or a sick new staff!

Potterworld Wiki: New Pages & Edits
Refresh your knowledge with the Potterworld Wiki recently updated by our incredible Scribe Team! Some brand new pages have been added that include staff team & Talent descriptions, previous events, Reputations within the towns, and the newly added Rising Healer quests! If you're ever confused about where to find an NPC and what for, have no fear. Some new NPC pages have been added as well! Additionally, some edits were made to formally created pages to better the wiki, so why not take a look through the whole thing? We hope that you enjoy the new, rewritten, and updated content on the wiki!​

Let's give a big round of applause for the hard work of this month's tournament winners! Congratulations to Ismoo, tillquila, iSpitLikeALlama on winning the 3v3 Flying Tournament. Of course we can't forget the 3v3 Dueling Tournament winners, Sametric, jasquas, and tillquila! Another big congratulations to the winners, and we hope to see you at next month's tournaments!​
Head of Media > Ralie​

Class Helper: carlymybeloved​
Arena Squire: Ismoo​
Arena Advisor: Creme_de_Creme​
Jr. Builder: annebanane & JuJu1_0​
Sr. Builder: queenofspacerats, coldplanet, & laurennlol​
Sr. Architect: xFleur_​
Community Management
Jr. Prefect: 20zuzka04​
Scribe Intern: DarktheDino​
Game Design
Jr. Game Designer: Strale_Varulv​
Technology & Development
Poltergeist: Aglyn & CarzyLizard​
Grounds Keeper: Grucifix & juhin​