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WizNewsletter - February 2021

Created in October of 2020, the WizNewsletter serves as a way for students and staff to recap on the month's updates. Social Media Publishers spend countless hours researching, writing, editing, and implementing each section so that the happenings of the wizarding world do not go unnoticed. Let’s get into the news from the past month!​



Early this month, The Media department and Daily Diviner Team opened DD Writer applications! DD Writers are those who write articles for the Daily Diviner while also bringing the community closer together with their creativity and production. Some responsibilities are writing assigned articles, actively communicating with Media Leadership and DD Producers, and working with DD Editors & other team members to create content.​
Look out, the Arena Team has opened up Applications for the Arena Squire position! Arena Squires work with the Arena Masters to host challenges and tournaments, work on making content for the server, and take part in the Tournament recordings and streams. A few of the requirements are that you must be at least 15 years old to apply, be Level 80 on the server, and be comfortable communicating in Discord. Make sure to apply because these applications fill up quickly!​
Scribe Intern Applications have once again opened, this time, to all of the community! Scribes are in charge of organizing information for the up-coming wiki, as well as keeping all included information up to date. Applications close on the 27th of February, and the team is looking forward to welcoming new members into its ranks. We wish anyone applying good luck!​
The Inquisitorial Squad will be moving from the Community Management department to the Game Design department! We are excited to see what more the Inquisitorial Squad in Game Design. There'll still be Community Engagement events but reworked to make them more enjoyable. We can't wait to see more from the Inquisitorial Squad!​
Seer Applications have been reopened to all players on the server! The Seer Team is a branch of the Game Design department responsible for writing, creating, and designing the storyline surrounding the Potterworld roleplay. Some requirements include being at least 13 years old, being at least Level 65 on the server, and being able to comfortably use Discord. Make sure to check out the Application on our website for more information!​
This February we've brought new and amazing items to the store for you to purchase for your in-game experience! Not only are we showcasing Valentine's items, but other items have been added. From Housing Sceneries to Wand and Death Effects, we have it all. Make sure to head to the store soon though because the Heart Scepter Wand Appearance, Valentine's Housing Scenery, and Romance Emote Pack will only be here until the 1st of March! Everything else in this release will be available all year.​
Earlier this month changes to the Flying and Dueling Challenges were announced, including the newly introduced Season Championships! Attending challenges and placing within the top 4 will earn players Arena Points, and the players with the most Arena Points in both Flying and Dueling will be crowned the Season Champion. A few other minor changes were announced, including the introduction of the Arena Shop and the reinstatement of Surprise Challenges. For more information, check out the announcement on the forums!​
We're pleased to announce the addition of the In-Game Store to our server! Here you can try most of our items from the store to ensure you really like what you want to buy, before actually buying it. Some ways you can access this store are through doing /me or talking to one of the various NPCs scattered around the map. With the addition of the store, there comes a new policy. The policy includes things such as having up to 50 characters in your wand name, having as many colors as you'd like in the rename, and saving your wand name!​
On January 30th, the Allegiance and Club Sale was announced to all Potterworld players! This sale includes a 30% discount on the allegiance and club-themed items. Hats, Wands, Pets, Death Effects, and Housing sceneries are just a vague list of everything you can get to show your allegiance and club pride. The sale will be ending on February 13th, so make sure to check out the store before then!​
We are excited to congratulate Autumn (xAutumnn) on becoming our new Assistant to Head of Game Design. She's been a part of Game Design for a while now and has made many contributions since, so we are looking forward to seeing her leading the Game Design team.​

At the very beginning of the month, the Lore team was proud to announce the release of the new and improved Library. The books detail information about the many creatures found around the map, with the sole purpose of assisting Hogsworth students on their travels. If you wish to check out these titles, stop by the library located in the Transfiguration Building of Hogsworth School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.​
The Game Design team has released Gameplay Update 1.2.0! In this update, Mayor Otto of Walden has opened up the town doors to all who would like to visit and explore! At Walden, you can try out 6 new quests and 30 new riddles. Outside of Walden, 6 other quests have been added to Greenshore Harbour. There are also 30+ new collectibles and consumables that you can purchase at Hogsend or Diagonal Lane.​
There are many more other changes that you can check out as well, including smaller ones from Gameplay Update 1.2.1 & 1.2.2.​

This Valentine's Day, the Fairytale Council has invited Hogsworth students to assist them in the Enchanted Valley. There, you can follow the main quest line to help the residents of the Enchanted Valley find their happy endings, complete side quests to earn Storybook Pages and play mini-games to earn Events Tokens and Inspiration Sparks. Inspiration Sparks can be exchanged for Storybook Pages to unlock quests, or to trade them for Event Tokens. Event Tokens can be used to purchase the many rewards for this event, including the Fairytale Scarf, the Enchanted Valley Banner set, and the Tales of the Enchanted Valley Storybook.​
Talk to Rayne outside of the great hall to travel to the Enchanted Valley before this event ends on March 13th, 12:00 pm PST.​
The Inquisitorial Squad hosted this month's Community Engagement event centered around Affirmation Books. During the event, students passed around books with their names on them, and others would write positive notes back to them. Be sure to look out for more Community Engagement events in the future.​
Congratulations to the February Flying Tournament Winners, Tilllyy (Tilly_Solaire) and MagmaC4 (Magma), on pulling through with a strong victory! Likewise, congratulations to Tilllyy (Tilly_Solaire) and Expiroces (Tonk_Alzarin) on winning our February Dueling Tournament! We're grateful to everyone who participated, and we can't wait to see you all next month.​
The arena team has gone through months of feedback and has decided to make a few changes! Firstly, there have been two time-changes; Tuesday's 10 pm PST has been pushed to Wednesday 2 am PST, and Friday's 12:15 pm PST has been pushed back to Friday 11 am PST! This is to benefit both European and Australian timezones. On top of these, the team also introduced 4v4 challenges in replacement of 1v1 challenges happening less often.​
Leadership Team
xAutumnn > Assistant to Head of Game Design​
MaggieChi > Media & Daily Diviner Lead​
Sr. Professors: Sophia_ZJZ, PaulTree, & Ralie​
Jr. Professor: fobsux​
Class Helper: luvaries​
Jr. Builder: RainTM, JC27L, & Tilllyy​
Community Management
Sr. Prefects: Queeeni & xKala​
Jr. Prefects: Sinelius & cqlii​
Game Design
Curse Breaker: Joshios​
Arena Master: Tangular123​
Inquisitor: Sophia_ZJZ​
Expert Magiventologist: Swannyyy​
Magiventologist: krixkal​
Unspeakables: Expiroces, chail3y, & JustMaxHell​
Media & Public Relations
3D Arithmancer: chatis1234​
Potterwatch Director: RelentlessNebula & Joshios (Streamer)​
Performers: _Mackenzie, GeekhellMC, Salmandingo, Vierali, corainth, & AshTM​
Technology & Development
Development Intern: CrymsonTM​
Grounds Keepers: AlexaChi, 0ceqn, Nicoella, ArfArfMatt, & Teheeo​