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WizNewsletter - June 2021

Created in October of 2020, the WizNewsletter serves as a way for students and staff to recap on the month's updates. WizNetworkers spend countless hours researching, writing, editing, and implementing each section so that the happenings of the wizarding world do not go unnoticed. Let’s get into the news from the past month!​



Application Updates
The Builder applications have opened and will remain open until July 31st. If you were previously on the Build Team, you can also contact the Head or Assistant to Head of Build for the reinstatement application. The Unspeakable applications have opened as well, and will remain open until at least July 9th but may remain open for longer. If you are interested in either of those or in any of our other open positions, please check them out!​
Our current open applications are:​

  • Daily Diviner Writer (Non-Staff)
  • Jr. Builder (Non-Staff)
  • Daily Diviner Editor (Non-Staff)
  • Grounds Keeper (Staff)
  • Jr. Prefect (Staff)
  • Inquisitor (Staff)
  • Scribe Intern (Staff)
  • Lore Keeper (Staff)
  • Class Helper (Staff)
  • Potterwatch Director (Staff)
  • Unspeakable (Staff)
  • Magiventologist (Staff)
  • Seer (Staff)
  • Poltergeist (Staff)
This month’s store releases given to us by our amazing Store Managers are sure to really spice up your Potterworld experience! This month, we’ve been presented with Purple Fairy Wings, Regal Gardens Scenery, and Rainbow Wand Effects to add to Pride month! These three items will be available year-round, but be sure to check them out while they’re new!​

The events team kicked off Pride Month with a beautifully presented Pride Festival! The event allowed players to travel to Diagonal Lane, the festival's venue. During the festival, new quests and rewards were available to players! Some of these rewards were the 2021 Pride Scarf, a Pride Festival Token, and a huge variety of banners for players to choose from. We hope you all enjoyed celebrating this year's Pride Month with us!​
The Game Design team has brought a wide variety of content and changes to the table in their most recent gameplay update! Players now have access to exciting new parkours and droppers, and older players will notice some familiar names! Furthermore, some quests have altered their minimum level requirements. Practical magicians should take note that several spells have changed in this update, so be sure to practice them well! Unfortunately, some content is not guaranteed, but the notes for upcoming content look very promising!​
Continuing the celebration of Pride month, the WizNetworkers hosted a giveaway where participants were asked to share a photo of them enjoying the Pride Event! In the end, spaghettisliert3 was chosen as the lucky winner and was able to receive their choice of the Rainbow Flower Crown, the Rainbow Wizard Hat, or the Rainbow Fairy Wings. We can't wait to see what future giveaways are in store!​
After serving Ravens for over a year, leading them to win 3 House Cups in a row we saw Robo step down from Head of Raven. But we are very excited about our newest Head of Raven... Zach! He is a great representation of all the Raven traits and we are looking forward to the new heights he can bring them to!​
We would like to congratulate all of the winners who participated in this month's tournaments! We would also like to extend an extra special congratulations to Tilllyy, Expiroces, and Maxwhell on winning this month's 3v3 Duelling Tournament and Tilllyy, ISpitLikeALlama, and DemetriDemarcus on winning this month's Flying Tournament! We cannot wait for next month's tournaments and winners.​
This June, the Inquisitorial Squad hosted a series of Pride-themed Community Engagements! Players had the opportunity to work together in the Pride Scavenger Hunt, and a variety of activities were available during the Pride Festival afterward. At the end of the festival, a fireworks show was set off for players to enjoy! It’ll take a lot of ambition to beat this month‘s Community Engagement, but we excitedly look forward to July! We hope you enjoyed it, and we hope you'll partake in next month's activities!​
Leadership Team
NSGaming > Lead Unspeakable​
Sr. Professor: Salmandingo​
Class Helper: KrixYUH​
Sr. Builder: eimly​
Community Management
Prefect: Maxymoos & itky​
Jr. Prefect: vampire127 & Shaanya​
Poltergeist: HektorTM​
Game Design
Lore Keeper: tqrpiar & Serpentella​
High Unspeakable: chail3y​
Arena Squire: Sorcellerie​
Inquisitor: okdvni​
Media & Public Relations
Daily Diviner Writer: Creme_De_Creme​