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Woodland Store Releases

Greetings witches and wizards! Have you ever wanted to own a Bear Cub? Maybe a Fox? Perhaps you'd like to enjoy the summer night sky with fireflies dancing above your head? Well, the Store team is pleased to announced the Woodland Store Releases! The items included are as follows:
  • NEW Woodland Wand: Topped with leaf-covered branches, and a blue flame sitting neatly in the centre, this wand is most definitely going to give you that naturesque vibe!
  • NEW Flame Wand Effects: This new wand effect is sure to be able to help make you feel all warm and toasty!
  • NEW Camping Emotes: With these new emotes, you can be sure to share a s'more or two with your friends! These new emotes include:
    • Catching Fireflies
    • S'mores
    • Ghost Story
    • Bear Chase
    • Go Fishing
  • NEW Pet Bear Cub: Small and fuzzy, this tiny cub will definitely greet you with the biggest of bear hugs!
  • NEW Fireflies Hat: Small fireflies dancing around your head with the added bonus of including a Jar of Fireflies Warp Key!
  • NEW Pet Fox: Have you ever wondered what does the fox say? Well, now you can ask your very own fox pet!
  • NEW Woodland Bundle: Struggling to choose which is your favourite Woodland item? How about all of them! This bundle includes:
    • Pet Bear Cub
    • Woodland-themed Wand Appearance
    • Camping Emotes
  • NEW Bonfire Bundle: Looking for more warm, cosy feeling items? What about our new Bonfire Bundle! This bundle includes:
    • Pet Fox Flame
    • Wand Effects
    • Jar of Fireflies Warp Key Appearance / Fireflies Hat
We also have a new emote update for everyone! We all currently have a "Ask to Duel" for the duelists among us, but now there's also an "Accept Duel" emote too!

For more information, you can view this release on our store here. You're also able to view these items in the in-game and Potter Points store! Enjoy!



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I love this!! The pets are adorable!