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Year 5 Quest Dalia's box (Solved)


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Minecraft IGN: DaphneTiger
I am stuck at this quest i have no clue what to do

"Soft to the fingers and as pure as can be. Grows luxurious locks that'll wave around freely. A necessary essential for the drinker of luck. Bring me one of this, and i will unlock to the touch.

Up north in the hills with nests of blue. Growing large or shrimking small as it behooves. Do not touch its treasure it might be the last thing you do."


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Minecraft IGN: cyym
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Hello @DaphneTiger,

If you still need help with this quest. To unlock Dalia's box you need to obtain an occamer egg from occamer mobs that are located to the north, coords are [3000, 157, 8784]. You can see all mobs including occamer by running this command /map.

I hope that helps

Best regards