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Beyond The Known

The war has begun,
We all must choose our sides.
May we protect not only one,
But all that reside.

With knowledge to be presented,
And with experiences afoot,
We must all dig deeper,
And fear to not overlook.

Similarities are true,
Some, though, may not be so new.
Differences, however, run deep,
Yet are not quite considered profoundly unique.

One may have to think more,
Why? Not how,
And connect the dots,
For what has happened right here and right now.

So consider the dates,
And look at our pasts,
Who’s taken the risks,
And who’s taken the draught.
i really love this new event! i think its so super duper cool how hard the staff must have worked to put it together!!! thank you so much for all your hard work and dedication to the potterworld community! i feel like this event really strengthens our community bonds! i love potterworld and the potterworld community and the potterworld staff so super duper much! thank you so much everyone for all the hard work that went into creating this event!!
It seems I have forgotten we would have visitors today and have left an item very important to me behind. In fear this message will fall into the wrong hands and that my precious item will be stolen, I've left a message in this for anyone with good intentions. Please do not let it be stolen, an old friend of mine would be very upset.
Hello wizarding community, I am Callie Selwyn, the Werewolf Beta. Today I present to you a serious topic, one that has ruined lives both magical and non-magical across the globe. War. We have all seen events of war, perhaps even took part in them, but now it is knocking on our front door, and we have no choice but to let it in. The reason behind this? A hostile group of creatures you all know, the Vampires. They stole a precious ingredient being used to cultivate a cure for Lycanthropy and refuse to give it back. Already they are setting themselves up as criminals in our world, one that the Werewolves have lived in peacefully until this burglary was committed. Us Werewolves had no choice but to take a stand, as we will not be taken advantage of like this. Do not let these fear mongering fools frighten you! Know that we will come from the battlefield victorious! I stand behind our Alpha Kade Everard and hope that you do as well unless you favor meeting an unfortunate fate on the full moon.
Prepare for War...

Hello witches, wizards, werewolves, and vampires. My name is Chailey Selwyn and I am the vampire queen. It is my duty to protect my kind in every way possible and at all times. We, as a group, are focused on giving vampires a community and a place to be themselves without the fear of what humans and other creatures may do to them. We strive to find a cure that will allow us to reach a nearly human state so we are no longer held back by limitations such as the sun. We do not waste time with silly human governments, unlike the werewolves who are protesting for rights within them. We as vampires stand firmly together in our ideals and we will NOT waver! To all you witches and wizards, this is your warning, do not get involved and do not intervene. We will create this cure and you pitiful humans would merely be a minor obstacle. To all the werewolves, we highly suggest you stand down and walk away before worsening your situation. You already lack a place in the human world, no need to add another target to your back. We will do whatever it takes to get that ingredient, even if it means eliminating you in the process. And lastly, to any vampires out there who have hidden their fangs and forced to live in the shadows, I say no more. As your queen, I urge you to rise and join us in achieving the life that you deserve.

~Chailey Selwyn, The Vampire Queen
Introduction Announcement
Greetings fellow witches and wizards! I am Kade Everard, the new Werewolf Alpha. As your new, and official, Alpha, I will do whatever I can to speak up for our rights and return what has been taken from us for all these years: Confidence, equality, safety, and so much more that we deserve. I have been caged, belittled, and accused of crimes I have not committed. Knowing how bad it can be… and how bad it has been… I will do everything in my power to make this inequality and suffering come to an end. Yes, I will be your leader, but also your friend, ally, and protector. With me, we’ll rise and return from the shadows! Together, we will all accomplish great things, and that includes defeating those unruly Vampires. They have stolen what rightfully belonged to us, and will pay for their actions. The Vampires have stolen a priceless and one-of-a-kind ingredient that will allow us to create a cure for Lycanthropy. As a result, we’re taking a stand against the Vampires and will force them to return the ingredient they’ve so greedily stolen from us. With your support, we Werewolves shall reign victorious over our foes and will show the Wizarding World who they’ve messed with. After all, no night lasts forever, and just as the sun, we shall rise once again!

-Kade W. Everard
Hello Wizarding community, my name is Aure Pendragon and I am the Vampire Count. If you stand in our way I will not hesitate to do what it takes to give the vampires the lives they deserve. Wizarding governments will not influence us and we will stand our ground. This war is simply a small pebble in our path. After our inevitable victory, they will treat us as we deserve and with the respect we deserve. They have called us monsters, but we will no longer live in the shadows. We will rise above all challenges. Any werewolves should be afraid because we will not stop until we reach our goal . To everyone who considers intervening, I would like to remind you that it is in your best interest to stay out of our way.
I have received a message from Britain. It appears I must postpone my investigations until a later date. The vampires have finally shown their hand, as I suspected they would. But I cannot return just yet. There is one more stop I must make for now, to equip myself with the knowledge necessary to prepare the Phoenixes against what may come. It is time I pay a visit to Germany, and a certain Doctor who has experience with such things.
today my potterworld community shoutout goes to the media team that runs the instagram!!! they are so friendly and nice! they showed us a cool sneak peek of the future of potterworld! i cant wait for the new update! it seems so fun! they even replied to my comment! i love the potterworld community!
For those who believe they would be a good fit for Ursanor, here are some extra details to support your newfound pride. Ursanor's house colors are purple and white, and its crest is a white bear on a purple field with white stars (to represent the milky way). Ursanor's Head of House teaches Astronomy, and Ursanors tend to excel at Divination, Astronomy, Ancient Runes, and the various new magical art classes. The Common Room is located near the clock tower, so that students have easy access to the grounds where they can pursue their arts. The Common Room itself is a large round room with beautiful shifting murals on the walls, easels perched by purple couches, and telescopes pointed towards an enchanted ceiling that shows the stars no matter the time of day.
Utgard prized creativity, spiritualism, and independence, and taught that magic should be used to create beauty and express the soul of the mage. He was famous for his work in divination, particularly Rune-casting which he adopted from Norse wizards and perfected, and enjoyed many talks with the centaurs. He was responsible for creating the Tablet of Ursanor, a beautifully carved stone tablet said to contain numerous prophecies hidden in its runes. Legend says Rowena once attempted to decipher the tablet but failed, and Utgard told her that it could never be understood through logic. The Tablet would of course become Ursanor's house item.
Yet Ursanor's presence could not prevent Salazar from leaving the school. Though he understood persecution, he felt Serpent's arguments were flawed, knowing firsthand that British wizards were just as capable of persecution than muggles. Nor could the presence of Ursanor house change important historical events such as the rise of you know who. However, Ursanor does change some details from the books. Hogwarts would have a greater selection of Arts to support the creative minds of Ursanors and others. Certain individuals may have been sorted into Ursanor instead of their canon house, the most notable of which being Luna Lovegood. And due to Utgard Ursanor's friendship, the centaurs of the Dark Forest were far more courteous to the students of Hogwarts.
(Non-RP) (1/3)

So, I had an idea for a thought-experiment that I wanted to pursue, and I wanted to share my results here. That thought-experiment poses a simple question: What if Hogwarts had a 5th house?
The easiest part of this was the primary house color, which I decided should be Purple. Of the colors not already claimed by a house, this one fits the best with the others and is the most distinct. However the next part, deciding the house traits, was the most challenging. I decided to get inspiration by thinking in terms of elements. The four houses we have are all themed around one of the classical 4 elements: fire, earth, water, and air. Some ancient philosophers proposed a fifth element, Aether, but no one's quite sure what that is. Most interpret it to be the stuff of the heavens, and it's often represented as "spirit" in modern media. Using this as a base, and thinking about what traits aren't represented by the current houses, the answer suddenly became obvious: this house should represent the Creative and Spiritual.
The next question is to decide what animal (and by extension what name) will represent the house. After some thinking, I decided on the Bear. Bears feature prominently in stories of spirits, their hibernation can be representative of spiritual isolation/contemplation, and two important constellations are themed after them. With this in mind I was finally able to flesh out more details for this house.
Ursanor House was founded by Utgard Ursanor, a descendant of Norse settlers in Britain. Utgard received ridicule from "native-born Britons", which caused him to gain an independent streak. Yet he still found friendship among four other mages, and he helped them create Hogwarts school.