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community is something that is great. but you know what else is better than a community? being in a community!!! that's right, being in a community is super duper awesome!!! and you know which community is the best community super duper 5ever?!?!!! thats right!!!! the potterworldmc community!!!! boy do i love the potterworld community so so so much!!!! this is why i am so proud to be part of this great accepting inclusive community!!! everyone is so nice and helpful and friendly, it makes me so super happy!!! thank you everyone for making the potterworld community the best community ever!!! without you all and your great contributions to this glorious everlasting community, the potterworld community would not be the same community it is now!!!
More than Meets the Eye
ᛏᚺᛖ ᛊᛟᚱᚱᛟᚹᛊᛖᛖᚱ

It has always been my legacy to become Alpha. Though, I didn’t want the title and respect to be handed to me on a silver platter… It had to be earned. Ever since those cruel trials, I’ve worked in secret to rebuild and support our community in any way possible, and that included creating allies with the Ministry that had previously struck us down, and the Phoenixes to help protect us while we regained our foothold in the Wizarding World. Before my true identity was revealed, joining the Phoenixes was the best thing I could have done to earn the reputation and respect I needed. In the present day, a lot has changed… I’ve changed. In recent months, I had begun to feel more at ease with my destined rise to power. Between all my hard work, and my demonstrated success of the cure, I made sure to blaze a new path for myself. In showing my accomplishment of a new level of power and control, I was able to bring a new set of skills to the table as the first female Alpha.
i love potterworld! today i will be shouting out the great feedback and suggestions forum page!!! i really love how the potterworld staff team always takes in account the potterworld player's opinions when they are creating and releasing updates to make potterworld a even better server than it is right now!!! i love how much the potterworld staff team cares about the potterworld player base, and that they allow us to make suggestions and feedback to the server!!!! this is one of the many many reasons i have that i love potterworld so super duper much!!!!
Not So Innocent...

As announced recently by the ministry, our community has faced another tragedy. On Friday afternoon, there was an attack on the Lorekeeper’s Compendium and there is very little indication of who may cause it. The compendium was thoroughly destroyed and very precious information had been destroyed or has gone missing. The Vampires plan to mind our business where we are not needed but some of my clan has addressed concerns with the Dark Followers recently. There is reason to believe that they are banding with the Werewolves to search for a new cure. I also personally have reason to believe that their leader Joel Crestello would have the motivation to attack the Compendium. The day before the attack, there was a new exhibit released in the Compendium. This was a display of some of Nicholas Flamel’s notes. Considering a certain Dark Lord’s obsession with immortality, would it be all that suspicious for him to want to steal those papers and hide it through an attack? Hmm. I don’t believe so. There has been no report from the compendium of what has come back missing but I think all of you witches and wizards should keep an eye out for those pesky Dark Followers. To the Dark Followers, I say this: not provoke us, as we are not a group you want to face with our current frustrations that need an… outlet.