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the potterworld community is such a wonderous community to beholden! to this day, and as i have always said, the potterworld community is literally the best community in existance! i physically cannot say otherwise!!! everyone in the potterworld community are so nice and helpful and friendly!!!! that is one of the biggest reasons why i love the potterworld community so super duper much!!!! one of the reasons of what makes the potterworld community so great is the potterworld staff!!! the potterworld staff all are so super duper friendly and helpful and nice!!!! in fact, i dont think that i have ever seen them so wrong, and even if they have done wrong, i have no memory of this!!!! no matter how hard i think, i physically am unable to think of a time a potterworld staff member has ever done wrong! that is just how awesome and correct the potterworld staff are!!! i am forever greatful to the potterworld staff members for making the potterworld community so great!!! i love yall so much!!! i love potterworld!!!!!!!!
So much chaos lately. So much upheaval... I have no doubt that with my brother at the helm, the Dark Followers will pursue paths of greater violence and destruction. In these moments I think of where I've come from, and where I am going. I think of a simpler time, when we were students eagerly pursuing knowledge of magic, wanting to understand how this new world we'd been accepted into worked. But then our paths diverged. I took up the study of Alchemy, he searched for dark rituals. I joined the Phoenixes, he joined the Dark Followers. When we lost our last Lord of the Phoenixes in the battle to destroy that Soulcrux, we were lost like a ship without a helmsman. We threatened to dissolve. It became clear there was no one worthy or willing to step up... except for me. The Phoenixes had given so much to me, it was only right I gave them what they needed most at that time: purpose, direction, leadership. I have led the Phoenixes as best I can, trying to see things as objectively as possible. But now the Dark Lord is my own brother, and this conflict has become personal.

Is this the legacy of the Pendragons? Betrayal and murder? Perhaps we are still even now paying for Uther's sin. Yet... I do not believe that is all we have been left. Merlin, the great guide to my ancestors, perhaps he has left behind some clue to guide me now. And after so much searching, I believe I finally know where to look. Past, present, future, all are coming together now.
Who am I?

As most of you know, I am Chailey Selwyn the Vampire Queen. Recently I have been getting many inquiries about how I came to be the queen, and what makes me justified to lead. This is a very valid question so I would like to clear this up. The vampires have been scattered across the globe for decades. Many of them had resorted to living alone and on the move. Some went crazy and some turned to the dark side. When I was 19 years old, I was on a mission for the Dark Followers, the allegiance I was previously pledged to. My best friend Kallista and I were attacked by a rogue vampire who was spewing barely understandable nonsense. He went on about how he was not anything more than a lifeless bloodsucking monster and that he envied humans and their luxury of life. I got away but not without being bitten, and Kallista was not as fortunate. I walked away from that night bitter from the loss of my longest and closest friend. After what seemed like my entire life was ruined, I started to resent the Dark Followers for sending her on that mission. From that day on, I found a fortress in a new community, the vampires. Having seen how the Dark Followers operated, I knew what worked and what didn’t, and was determined to turn the vampire community into a safe haven that the Dark Followers never were. I had a natural sense of leadership and many ideas, therefore the vampires quickly took notice of me and accepted me with open arms. This allowed me to start her rise to power and work very hard to help pick up the pieces of this fallen community and allow us to soar like the bats that we are. Many believe that I was too young, or inexperienced, however, I believe my passion for our community reigns above that. I hope that everyone can have peace of mind in their leader now that you know what brought me to this position.

i love the potterworld community so super duper much!! everyone is so nice and friendly and helpful!!! one part of the potterworld community i love so much is the potterworld staff team!!! thank you potterworld staff team for doing all that you do for potterworld!!! without the potterworld staff team, the potterworld community would not be the same that it is today!!!
the potterworld store is a great way to support the potterworld community!!! without the potterworld store, the potterworld server and community would not have the money it requires to run! this is why i love the new items that have came out in the server store yesterday!!!! i would now like to do a #TBT!!!! this sure brings back old memories of my great experience last year at the christmas event!!!! everyone told me it could not be done, but i managed!!! people said, 'no one would buy bluefyre at 1k each' and i told them just you wait!!! ofc, i knew they were just telling me this from the love of their hearts, as all they wanted to do was to be helpful to me, as everyone within the potterworld community are super duper helpful and friendly and nice!!!! they just wanted to give logical advice to me! however, while i could see where they were coming from, i followed my dreams of selling luxury goods, for quality over quantity, and succeeded! boy oh boy, will I tell you that the fact that I sold 71k worth of bluefyre pre revelius was super duper unbelievable!!! so un believable in fact, that people did not believe that it could be done, and thought that i was doing something else to earn my gold!!!! but i am here to say that it can be done! follow your dreams everyone!!! that is what potterworld is all about! acceptance and positivity and following your dreams!!!! in fact, positivity is in the potterworld rules alone!!!! that is just how important it is, and as an optimist, I fully try my hardest to be as positive as possible! i love potterworld so super duper much!!! all the memories and friends that I have made along the way have been great!!! i love you all, and i love potterworld, and thank you everyone that purchase from my store!!!
Past Regrets

Tomorrow, the 3rd, marks the 4 year anniversary of her death. It doesn't normally affect me, but I recently came across the case file while arranging our storage unit. Sometimes I can't help but wonder if it could have turned out differently if I had just prepared for it a few days or weeks prior, or at the very least, caught the culprit if I'd returned sooner. I can't help but think that it's because of me that she's gone, no longer able to fulfill her dreams and experience life to the fullest. That said if being the Deputy has taught me one thing, it's that dwelling on the past is not something I have the luxury for. The wizarding community relies on our choices and decisions to further better their lives, and even a moment's hesitation can cost people their livelihoods. I will never forget how my choices and decisions caused the grief and heartbreak of families and friends alike, and use that in order to push myself to do better. I will not allow another family or friend to lose the person they hold dear because of a mistake. Not again. It is my sworn duty to protect those who can't defend themselves, and I will never allow myself to be helpless again.
breaking news ! australian witch gone missing, please contact the ministry of magicians (aussie style) if u have seen this wizard!
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aaron ♡
aaron ♡
oh oopsie, wrong witch
man do i love the potterworld community!!! everyone is so super duper awesome and friendly and cool!!! i love the potterworld community so super duper much!!!! amongst the people i love the most within the potterworld community, i must say that the potterworld staff are giant contributors within the potterworld community!!! everyone on the potterworld staff team are all so super duper nice and friendly and awesome and helpful and hardworking!!!! i love that so much!!! thank you potterworld staff team for all your hard work and helpfulness, the potterworld community would not be the same without the potterworld staff team!!! i love you all!!!!!